A Still Life Lighting Animation

Now and then, I make a lighting animation to see how the light plays through a still life photograph. It’s fun, and it’s easy to make these animations, and it gives me an idea of how the light is working. These animations almost feel like videos shot from the camera’s point of view!

There are two pencil sharpeners in this image; the small green one on the left has such an unusual shape, and I love the color. The larger sharpener was given to me many years ago by my father, and although it’s just an object, it’s a sentimental one which I’ve photographed before. It really is a small machine (and it has gears!), and I admire the thought that went into its design.

Photographer Harold Ross' Light Painted Image Still Life with Pencil Sharpener and Bottle

Photograph by Harold Ross

Here’s the video animation, which gives an idea of how the lighting looked as I applied it:

~ by Harold Ross on November 26, 2016.

7 Responses to “A Still Life Lighting Animation”

  1. Perfect work and it is really nice to see how its done. But I would appreciate a slow motion version of this video, maybe 4 times slower so you can really see what the light does.

    • Hello Jo, good to hear from you in Germany! The video animation is actually made up of still images. Slowing it down would yield no more information than if you paused it at various points. Also, some people watching the slower video might fall asleep! ;-)

  2. Very dramatic to see the effects of the changing illumination. Well done!
    R/ Chris

  3. Very original to see the effects how it was illuminated,and original idea.*****

  4. Beautiful and informative! Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. Harold very nice and interesting as each piece of work you produce and share with us

  6. Really Gorgeous! 

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