Still Life with Eggs… and Solvent?

When photographing something that inspires me (in this case, some eggs from a local farmer), I sometimes find that the composition demands another element for balance, and more often than not, the size, shape and color of an object becomes more important than the object itself.

While working on this composition, I remembered my “Squirt” solvent dispenser, which I’ve had for 20 years and still use routinely. Its conical shape and the height of its spout were just the right thing to balance this image. The color was a bonus!

Does one normally think of a solvent dispenser as “going with” organic eggs, or food of any kind? To the contrary!

In fact, I often purposely use elements in a composition that don’t relate at all. These unexpected relationships can be delightful and fun!

Light Painted Photograph "Still Life With Eggs" by Photographer Harold RossPhotograph by Harold Ross

~ by Harold Ross on December 14, 2016.

10 Responses to “Still Life with Eggs… and Solvent?”

  1. Great image! Where’s the goose that laid those golden eggs?

  2. Sounds like DaDa to me. Hope things are doing well there. Continue to rave about the course, your teaching, Vera and my picture. Crescent City Donald

  3. Beautiful light! Br Nils

  4. Love the composition, especially the egg “outside” the plate and on the other side of the oil can!

  5. Hi Harold,I like it very much which I agree that the “Squirt” solvent dispenser has nothing to do with eggs. But as you said it’s the idea of the photographer which counts.

    Well done for your work.


  6. So very beautiful!

  7. Will you be doing anything Christmassy? 🎄💖

  8. Thanks so much for your comments, everyone!

  9. Every time I look at one of your creation it inspires me to run to my staging table a try something. I like the idea of unrelated subject matter….switches attention to object vs. theme. Best to you and family in the new year.

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