Yes, that’s right… I LOVE old oil cans!

Hello everyone and Happy 2017! It’s a brand new year and we hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season!

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It’s no secret; I have a thing for old oil cans. There is something appealing about their simplicity of purpose, and yet, how vital they were for the maintenance of complex machinery.

My friend, co-instructor and photographer John Corcoran owns this example from the 1920’s, an Eagle #66.

The many years of use is evidenced by the gorgeous patina.

To see a few more examples of this series, click HERE.


Photographer Harold Ross' Light Painted Image "Still Life With Oil Can and Brass Ring"

Photograph by Harold Ross

~ by Harold Ross on January 5, 2017.

4 Responses to “Yes, that’s right… I LOVE old oil cans!”

  1. Hello Vera, hello Harold,

    a happy 2017 to you!

    As always: A great composition and a great way to set these things into the right light. Hope to see more of this in 2017!

  2. Amazing as always from a master’s hands & eyes. *****+

  3. The metal ring is interesting. It’s just the right diameter! It looks like a bow and the oil can nozzle looks like an arrow. The backdrop color seems to bring out the color in the oil can. Oil cans look great when they’re light sculpted!

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