New Light Painting Workshop Dates for summer 2017!

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Photograph by Harold Ross

Our next Light Painting the Still Life Workshops, which will be held here at my home studio (in beautiful Lancaster County, PA) are scheduled for:

~ June 23rd, 24th, and 25th, 2017 **Full. Please contact us for our waiting list**

~ July 21st, 22nd, and 23rd, 2017

~ August 25th, 26th, and 27th, 2017

Class Size: Limited to 2 students.

To sign up please contact us at 717-923-0269 or via email at

Click HERE for the schedule and details of the workshop.

My workshops involve real teaching of the methods I created, and this is a technical and intensive workshop… you will be given the training needed to produce work at a very high level. You will be receiving personal, detailed hands-on (literally!) instruction on proper light painting (not light pointing), and my post production process. You will actually learn the nuances of lighting, and the nuances of using masking to create beautiful images. The subtle nuances of lighting and post production you will be learning (including methods that I developed) are simply not taught anywhere else.

I’ve been using light painting as my main method of lighting for 27 years.

I can only begin to list the other things we cover in the workshop; Visual accommodation (very important!), proper sharpening, lens choice for studio work, diffraction and why it happens, preparing an image for print, and lots more.

You can see my students’ images in my Student Workshop Images page.

“A Harold Ross Workshop is a brief immersion into a special world.  The work space is tailor made for hands-on learning with a dedicated creative environment equipped with the tools, technology and inspiration we needed. His experience, preparation and enthusiasm resonated at each phase of our workshop. Yet it was clear, he was not there to simply lecture – we were there to Do The Work. Each of us took a different creative direction which he supported and encouraged. To me there was an unexpected benefit to a group workshop. We were able to observe how other compositions and surfaces, different from our own, were best sculpted with light and handled in post-processing. For me, this was not simply a workshop. It was a unique view into a world so few get to see up close. And I truly respect the tremendous effort Harold made to make this workshop effective for each one of us.  He was extraordinarily generous in the time he spent, the equipment we could use and the materials we provided for us to use after the workshop. I traveled to Pequea and was welcomed to another universe. This is an experience I will never forget.”
– Pauline Chiarelli, New York, Group Workshop

“I recently had the mind blowing pleasure of attending a Harold Ross Light Painting Workshop. Those three days in Harold’s studio will stand out as one of the best learning experiences of my life.  Harold not only is a Master of Light Painting, he is a Master Instructor, and he and his wife Vera are definitely, Masters of Detail and Organization. And if that’s not enough, they are also lovely and gracious hosts. Right from the beginning it’s made very clear that Harold wants his students to succeed and that the days ahead were going to be packed with the instruction and activities to ensure that success. One of the details I really appreciated about Harold is his focus on teaching us how to create the best possible photo using his specialized lighting technique and the camera, and not how to “fix” the photo later using software. So, if the shot wasn’t right, I’d do it over until it was! It was the same in post-processing, the software tools were only used to compile and bring out the best of an already beautiful shot. Harold has an awesome teaching style that is patient, thoughtful and for me, very effective. I am amazed at how generous he is with sharing his knowledge and skills with his students.  The end result for me was a stunningly gorgeous photo and a passion to practice, learn, and create more painted light. The quality and value of a Harold Ross workshop far exceeds the cost, hands down.” 
-Linda Flicker, Oregon, Group Workshop

~ by Harold Ross on January 27, 2017.

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