Student Images From Recent Individual Workshops

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Today, I’m posting images that were shot by students who attended a One-on-One and a Two-on-One workshop. Soon, I’ll be posting recaps of our recent group workshops.

Francine and Roberto Zavala, travelled from San Fransisco, CA. We’ve had several couples take the workshop together and it’s always fun!

Roberto chose some challenging subjects; the gas lamp and binoculars in particular have a lot going on in terms of reflection. I also love the earthy quality of the books in his image.

Photograph by workshop student Roberto Zavala

Photograph by workshop student Roberto Zavala

Francine chose to photograph several of my favorite subjects; garlic, tomatoes and a beautiful container of vinegar. These are great teaching tools, as they are all challenging in terms of lighting, and the end result is really beautiful.

Photograph by workshop student Francine Zavala

Photograph by workshop student Francine Zavala

Great work, Francine and Roberto!

Curtis Hustace, a career commercial photographer, came to us from Evansville, Indiana.

Curtis came back for a second workshop with me. He brought along a beautiful teapot, and a really gorgeous tea strainer, which is several decades old! As you may know, I love teapots, and Vera and I have a collection of them, so I was happy to see this beautiful example!

Curtis wanted to keep it very simple (always a good idea), yet the teapot, being quite reflective, provided plenty of lighting challenges!

Photograph by workshop student Curtis Hustace

Photograph by workshop student Curtis Hustace

Terrific work, Curtis!

The workshop is not about making a masterpiece, but is designed to teach a process and a way of thinking about light. I believe that my “Sculpting with Light” process is very transformative, and the images of ordinary objects shot by my students is a testament to that.

All images from students over the years are HERE.

To sign up for a currently offered workshop, click HERE.

~ by Harold Ross on April 26, 2017.

13 Responses to “Student Images From Recent Individual Workshops”

  1. Beautiful as always!!

  2. Lucky those students that had the opportunity to learn under Harold Ross. For sure they gained a lot of experience on this matter. I had the opportunity to learn from him, but unfortunately I can’t attend his workshops as I live far away. Still have to find the time to put in practice what i had learned from him.

    I strongly suggest those who want to learn light sculpting to attend his workshops.

    Mario Mifsud

  3. Some wonderful images here!

  4. Very beautiful work.

  5. Always, inspiring images!

  6. Wonderful images that are a testament to the instructor and his methods! Strongly recommended!

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