In Washington D.C. for the STANDOUT Photo Gallery event.

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If you are in the nation’s capital today (Tuesday, Nov. 14th) please stop by the Stand Out Photo Gallery event. See top of the line equipment demos by Digital Transitions, Large Format Aluminum Dye-Sub prints by Blazing Editions, Phase One cameras, Eizo Monitors, and more. And meet the wonderful folks behind these great brands.

There will be four speakers (myself included) throughout the day, starting at 1:30PM (doors open at 1:00PM). Click the banner below to see the lineup.

It’s at Studio52 DC, 1508 Okie Street NE, Washington, D.C. 20002

In connection with this event, I (just last week) had to opportunity to test drive the amazing Phase One XF Camera System. What a camera this is. It even has a built in seismograph to check for floor stability! The files are incredible, and at 100MP, like nothing I’ve ever seen.

I decided to photograph a vintage fire extinguisher, as well as a “construction” that I made, and I also shot a short video of some of the light painting of the latter. You’ll hear the metronome that I use to help me count as I light paint. In this video, I’m using a wand to light the gear and “wing”, and I’m trying to get the correct ratio (for me) between the edge highlights and the softer frontal light:

And here are the final images (click to see larger):

Harold Ross's Light Painted Image "Construction #1"

“Construction #1”

Photography by Harold Ross


Harold Ross's Light Painted Image "Vintage Fire Extinguisher"

“Vintage Fire Extinguisher”

Photography by Harold Ross

To see more of my work, please visit














~ by Harold Ross on November 14, 2017.

6 Responses to “In Washington D.C. for the STANDOUT Photo Gallery event.”

  1. I am so sorry to miss your presentation today. I was in DC last Tuesday, but not today :-( I know it will be very informative. Love the fire extinguisher!



  2. Wish I could be there. Those who will attend sure they won’t be disappointed.

  3. Very well balanced light! Fantastic! Br Nisse

  4. Very enjoyable. Well done.

  5. The fire extinguisher is incredible.
    How did you shoot this?

    • Carlo, thanks so much for your comment! Unfortunately, I wouldn’t have the time or space to explain it entirely, but I can say that I used a light wand and a diffused flashlight. The copper is relatively reflective and needed a softer light, hence the wand.

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