Beaulieu R16 Movie Camera

Happy New Year everyone. I hope that you all have a healthy and productive 2018!

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I’ve always been a still photographer, and have never really been into motion imagery, but that said, I’ve always admired the design of certain movie cameras. Some of my very favorites are the vintage iterations of the Beaulieu movie cameras. The design and function of these cameras is unparalleled. In some ways, they remind me of one of my prized cameras, an early 1950’s Rolleiflex Twin Lens, which I used extensively in the “good old days.”

Over the decades that I’ve collected cameras, I’ve not been an aggressive collector. I feel very fortunate that many of my vintage cameras have been given to me by friends, family or clients, and so, I’ve never found a Beaulieu to add to my collection.

My friend Jim Ryan has just changed that! He generously gave me two cameras that he owned (and used) and that represent the pinnacle of their genres; a Linhof Technica V 4×5 field camera, and a Beaulieu R16 (Circa mid 1960’s). Some history of the Beaulieu Company is HERE.

In my excitement, I decided to photograph the movie camera right away! These cameras are now the crown jewels of my collection.

Thank you, Jim!


Harold Ross's Light Painted Photograph of a Beaulieu R16 Camera

Photography by Harold Ross














~ by Harold Ross on January 8, 2018.

15 Responses to “Beaulieu R16 Movie Camera”

  1. Happy New Year Harold! I can never get enough of your amazing work. Another awesome piece.

  2. Nice lighting!

  3. Happy New Year to you and Vera. For sure that you have to be proud to have these cameras in your collection.

    As always professional photos from your Master hands.

  4. Hey, Harold: If you still have that space available in your March 2-4 workshop, I’d be interested. Let me know if I requested this in time. Kathy Buckalew

  5. Cool Beans! I am jealous! ;)

  6. A happy, healthy and “illuminated” new year for you and Vera! As always a great picture! I once owned a Beaulieu Super 8 camera, which was as that time the “Mercedes” of all Super 8 film camaras.

  7. I have a clear memory of my uncle using the Beaulieu to film my cousins synchronized swim competions.

  8. Thanks to Jim who made you smile and stimulated your genious to photograph this jewel. Great.

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