The Persistence of Life

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Recently, we had to take down a tree that was growing just two feet from the foundation of our house. Left unchecked, the roots would have begun to work their way into the foundation and cause cracking and other issues.

This particular species, called Paulownia, or Princess Tree, is actually considered a “weed tree”, and grows at a very fast rate.

In fact, this particular tree grew over 25 feet in one season!

In some parts of Asia, the wood from this tree is prized, and is used for making small boxes and furniture.

After taking down the tree, we noticed that several of the logs were still putting out new growth!

This made me think about the persistence of life. The basic will to survive can be very strong. Whether we are talking about plants, animals, or humans, there is an inherent will to live.

I have my own reasons for photographing this tree trunk with its sprouting leaves, which didn’t appear until weeks after the tree was taken down. My goal was to try to capture this in an image as a reminder to myself about the delicacies of life.

Photographer Harold Ross's Light Painted Photograph "Persistence"


Photograph by Harold Ross

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~ by Harold Ross on July 25, 2018.

15 Responses to “The Persistence of Life”

  1. Happy to see you photographing nature!

  2. It’s amazing, too, to see little flowers popping out between narrow crevices of rock.

  3. Interessante Geschichte wie man von der Natur was lernen darf. Deine Umsetzung ist eine desonderes Handwerk der Fotografie,Gratuliere. Herzliche Grüße vom Bodensee. Ingo

  4. What a beautiful statement, Harold! Great image, as always.

  5. Same here….we have this tree around the edges of the Farm. And you can cut it to the ground and a sprout like the one your photographed pops up in a day or two. It has beautiful blooms.

    • They’re really something else. We’ve never seen it in bloom in person, just in pictures online. The base where we cut it down already has multiple new twigs growing out from it. :-)

  6. Great shot and perfect name for this image. Nature is so incredible!

  7. Did the arborists that removed the tree and stump provide the species of the tree?

  8. And like a dear loved one who passes on, as that once ambitious tree has…their influence in our life “sprouts” on, and on, and on… So long “Paulownia”, it was a pleasure to have known you. ;)

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