I picked up my ruler… and saw…

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It’s no secret; I LOVE vintage tools. There is something about the beautiful design that went into utilitarian objects from the past. This saw is no exception; the handle is so gorgeous that when I found it at the scrap yard, I just had to take it home with me!

Of course, I used light painting to reveal the full depth and detail.

The ruler is also something I admire, and I remember the days before the laser measuring devices that many of us use today!

Light Painted Photograph "Still Life with Ruler and Saw" by Photographer Harold Ross “Still Life with Ruler and Saw”

Photography by Harold Ross



~ by Harold Ross on October 3, 2018.

8 Responses to “I picked up my ruler… and saw…”

  1. As usual, super nice!

  2. Excellent photo from a masters hand. A real master on this type of photography.

  3. Lovely find!

  4. Very impressive!

  5. Beautiful!

  6. Thought that is what the ‘blind man said…as he picked up his hammer and saw!’ A long time word play joke for the family. Always enjoy seeing your work. Headed to Moab for a night time photo conference. Hope all is well.

    Donald Crais


  7. Another masterpiece

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