Atwater Kent Radio, and New Workshop Dates!


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Many years ago, my brother gave me a beautiful vintage radio. The radio, which used six large tubes, was manufactured by the Atwater Kent Company, of Philadelphia, PA. Here’s an advertisement from those days:


Interestingly, this radio, a “Model 40”, was made the same year as my father’s birth, 1929. Unfortunately, I don’t yet have the speaker which was intended to be used with this radio, so as another compositional element, I decided to use this beautiful old globe, given to me by my friend and fellow light-painter, John Corcoran.

Light painting allows me to render these beautiful vintage objects with texture, dimension and depth, which can’t be achieved with “normal” lighting methods.

Light Painted Image by Photographer Harold Ross

Photography by Harold Ross

I like to say that the workshop is not about making a masterpiece, but is designed to teach a process and a way of thinking about light. I believe that my “Sculpting with Light” process is very transformative, and the images of ordinary objects shot by my students is a testament to that.

If you would like to learn my image-making methods, and much more, there are three ways to take a workshop with me, and we have just added more dates for 2019.

For workshop information please click HERE .

All workshop images from my students over the years are HERE


~ by Harold Ross on March 13, 2019.

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