Blazing Editions PhotoPlus NYC!

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If you have a chance to to go to Photo Expo in NYC this weekend (October 24-26) at the Javits Convention Center, please stop by the Blazing Editions booth!

I’m very honored that the folks at Blazing Editions chose to display one of my images!

It’s one of my favorites; The “A-Frame Steam Pump”.

I’ve had several pieces printed by them, using their Dye-Sublimation Aluminum process, and I can’t say enough about their quality and their customer service.

It really is unparalleled.

Unfortunately, I am in Seattle and can’t attend, but the folks at Blazing sent me some pictures:

Blazing Editions Photo Expo 2019 "A-Frame Steam Pump "Harold Ross Photographer

Blazing Editions Photo Expo 2019 "A-Frame Steam Pump "Harold Ross Photographer



For workshop information please click HERE .

To see images from workshop students over the past years, go HERE.



~ by Harold Ross on October 25, 2019.

23 Responses to “Blazing Editions PhotoPlus NYC!”

  1. Congratulations Harold!!

  2. Your image looks great!l

  3. That’s awesome Harold! Congratulations!

  4. Harold I hope the show goes well for you. Love your work.

  5. My favorite Photographer of all times, genius

  6. Beautiful!!!

  7. Hi Harold,

    As always no words to es press your ability for this kind photography. I recommend that those who want to learn they should attend to Harold Ross courses.

  8. Harold-

    Congratulations! Love the image, the old brass… but what type of machinery is it?


  9. What I really mean is what does it (or did it) do? I imagine that it is not very big if you did this in-studio, which was my first assumption, then I looked again and began to wonder… If it’s outside and light painted, it could be very large…. I’m guessing the lights in the picture are reflections on of lights in the gallery showing up on the aluminum media.

    I’ll understand if you don’t have time to reply… but maybe you’ll enjoy the intrigue of the uninitiated in the world of steam pumps!


    • Hi Sandra, thanks for your kind comments. It is a steam powered water pump, and the height of it is about 8 feet. It is in a museum which houses a lot of steam powered equipment. You can see the image on my website to see that the lights are reflecting into the surface of the print, and aren’t in the image itself:

  10. Congrats, Harold! That really is an exceptional rendering. It looks like it’s carved out of the wall.

    I think of you often. My son and his family are now in Annville PA. If I get a chance, I’ll phone ahead and try to come visit you.

    All the best,

    — Steve


  11. I was there Thursday. I missed your print😩

  12. Hey, Harold: That’s cool! Congrats. Kathy

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