Attend my Light Painting Demonstration in Downingtown, PA!

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The Chester County Camera Club in West Chester, PA has asked me to present my extended talk and demonstration of my image making process, which I call “Sculpting with Light”. I’ll be setting up a still life, photographing it (using light painting of course), and creating a final image in Photoshop. The entire program will be projected.

The Camera Club has been gracious enough to open the program up to non-members!

The six hour presentation will be open to anyone; you don’t need to be a club member, but you do need to sign up ahead of time (and there is an admission fee).

Light Painted Photograph "Still Life with Copper Vessel" by Harold Ross

“Still Life with Grapes and Copper Vessel” by Harold Ross

This will be a program rich in technical information and aesthetic inspiration! Watch live as I light paint a still life, and as I use my specialized masking and layering techniques to create the final image from multiple captures in Photoshop. Questions will be welcomed as I work, and you’ll see the step-by-step approach that I use in each image I make. You’ll also see my use of the very simple (and very few) lighting tools that I employ.

The presentation will be on Saturday February 29th from 11AM to 5PM at the Messiah Lutheran Church in Downingtown, PA. The cost is $40 per person. We do ask that there be no video recording of my presentation.

Light Painted Photograph "Japanese Brushes No. 3" by Harold Ross

“Japanese Brushes No. 3” by Harold Ross

You can find all of the information about how to register for the event at the Chester County Camera Club website, or you can email Ginia at

Light Painted Photograph "Still Life with Copper Pot" by Harold Ross

“Still Life with Copper Pot” by Harold Ross

For more information on where I’ll be speaking and giving demonstrations in the future, please go HERE.

Light Painted Photograph "Blood Oranges and Grapes" by Harold Ross

“Blood Oranges and Grapes” by Harold Ross

For more information on my work please see my blog HERE .

For my workshop information please click HERE .

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~ by Harold Ross on February 15, 2020.

4 Responses to “Attend my Light Painting Demonstration in Downingtown, PA!”

  1. it’s a shame for me considering the distance … otherwise I would have come

  2. Those are some lucky folks that will see the master at work!

    Soon I will be sending you a few photos of ways I am using the silhouettes created in my shoots in new ways…wallpaper murals and scarves. There is no end of possibilities to make wonderful things. Some people have a bucket list of places they want to travel. My bucket list is how many different surfaces can I print on.

    More to come. Best to you and Vera, Deb


  3. Hi Harold,

    Too bad you can’t record this and then present it on your website for everyone who would like to see it. You could charge them $40 to view it.

    *Larry Fields


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