Reminder: Please Join Me For The Night Photo Summit, Feb 3-5, 2023


Light Painting Photographer Harold Ross' "Light Painting the Still Life" Presentation for Night Photo Summit

Connect with and learn from the world’s best night photographers.

Hello everyone! Just a reminder about the upcoming Night Photo Summit 2023 online conference!

This is an online conference where over 35 photographers gather to give live presentations from Friday, Feb 3rd through Sunday evening, Feb 5th, 2023.

Although I do create Light Painted landscape images, my talk will focus on Light Painting the Still Life.

My “Light Painting the Still Life” presentation is scheduled for Friday, Feb 3rd, at 2:30PM Eastern, and you can sign up using my personal link HERE.


Here’s a video by Matt Hill describing the Summit:


In my presentation, I’ll discuss why the distance, angle and motion of light are all very important things to consider when light painting. I’ll show examples of how the proper application of light results in what I call “The 3Ds”: depth, dimension and detail. I’ll talk about the inexpensive (and minimal) lighting tools needed for still life work, and why knowing about the physics of light is more powerful than owning any one piece of lighting equipment. I’ll also touch on exposure evaluation, and how shooting tethered is such a big step toward technical excellence.

AND…I will also have 4 giveaways for people that attend my presentation! To qualify for a giveaway (after you register) be sure to add my talk to your schedule and follow the instructions so that you will be eligible.

3 attendees will each receive a copy of my LensWork Monograph “Stillness & Light”, and 1 attendee will receive an 11×14 signed print of one of my images!

Harold Ross LensWork Monograph Stillness & Light

There are presentations for all levels: Basic, Intermediate and Expert. And if you’re new to Night Photography, they’ll have a series of 5 presentations to cover the fundamentals, and all attendees will have access to them before the Summit begins.

There are over 35 speakers specializing in high end Time-Lapse, Lighthouses, Milky Way, Exploring Responsibly, Light Painting, and more.

Every presentation has a live chat and Q&A time at the end. There are social events as well, such as panel discussions, virtual parties, and networking where you can join in with some of the presenters to chat about photography.

In addition to mine, there will be dozens of giveaways from the sponsors and the other speakers!

Please join me for what promises to be a fun and valuable learning experience!

You can learn more about it and see the schedule of the sessions and the speakers HERE, as well as register for this event. Again, if you decide to register, please use a link from this post.

The fee is $399 USD for over 45 hours of night photography education, plus all sessions are recorded and available for 12 months after the event. You’ll also receive a custom-printed glow-in-the-dark Summit T-Shirt! (If you are located outside of the US and would like a T-Shirt, please contact their customer support to arrange for shipping.)

Harold Ross Night Photo Summit


Register and be part of a community as passionate about photography as you are.

Mark your calendar and register for this exciting event HERE.


~ by Harold Ross on January 24, 2023.

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