Articles & Press

A listing of articles and press about Harold’s light painting photography:

Luminous Landscape – The Sculptural Aspects of Light – June 2017

The Royal Photographic Society, The Journal, April 2017 Volume 157

Take & Talk Pics with Rob Krueger Episode 251 November 2016

LENSCRATCH: The States Project, Pennsylvania April 22, 2016

Digital Photographer Issue 172 March 2016

LensWork #121 Nov-Dec, 2015

The Fireside Network – This is the Photography Work That You’ve Likely Never Tried – October 2015

Professional Photographer Magazine – July 2015 (Click for PDF version)

Progresso Fotografico (Serie oro 34) – Techniche per Diventare Fotgfrafi Esperti- June 2015

“How to Photograph Everything” in conjunction with Popular Photography Magazine  – December 2014 – November 2014

Popular Photography Magazine – May 2014

Luminous Landscape – Sculpting with Light – November 2013

Photography Week Magazine – Issue 45 – August 2013

PetaPixel – July 2013

Colossal – Art & Visual Ingenuity – July 2013

Shutterbug Magazine – Web Profiles, The Fine Art of Fine Photography, Joe Farace, January 2013

Open to Interpretation: Intimate Landscape Book Launch, November 2012

Centennial Juried Exhibition – Delaware Art Museum, Press Release, May 2012

Photographer Magazine, Ukraine Edition, March 2012, Beautiful 12-page layout, PDF download

Sculpting a Photograph With Light – The New York Time LENS Blog, Fred Conrad, Kerrie MacDonald, January 5, 2012

Wall Space Gallery – New Directions 2012 – Crossing Territories,  January 3, 2012

Klompching Gallery – FRESH 2011, Lenscratch Magazine, W.M. Hunt, 2011

Griffin Museum – 17th Juried Exhibition, The Dedham Transcript, Chris Bergeron, 2011

Photo National 2011, Bangor Daily News, Ardeana Hamlin, 2011

LensWork #93, Mar-Apr 2011

The Tuesday Conversation: Catriona Fraser,, Jordan Edwards, 2011

Fogged Clarity: An Arts Review, 2011

Ten Light Painting Tips From A Master William Sawalich, 2011

Scared of the Dark, aCurator, Julie Grahame, 2011

Light Painting with Harold Ross, Digital Photo Magazine, William Sawalich, 2010, John Young from Tikaro, 2008

Boing Boing, Cory Doctorow, 2008

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