Equipment Requirements for Harold Ross Workshops

****We will be supplying all computers, software, lighting and Wacom Pen Tablets. You need only supply your camera, the necessary cables (see below) and optionally, a tripod (we can supply one for you; just let us know ahead of time).****

TECHNICAL and EQUIPMENT REQUIREMENTS: This will be a Digital Capture ONLY workshop. While you may not be an experienced light painter, it is expected that you can operate your DSLR camera in manual mode with longer time exposures, and have an understanding of the relationship between f-stop’s and shutter speeds.

CAMERA: You are required to bring a DSLR or camera with Digital Back with a WIRED shutter release (wireless shutter releases are somewhat unreliable, and we need to minimize technical troubleshooting), tripod (We can provide a tripod at no charge if you let us know ahead of time so we can reserve it for you), all necessary cables/cords to shoot tethered (shutter release, USB camera cable, and USB extension) and CHARGED batteries, as well as your battery charger.

COMPUTER AND SOFTWARE: In order to keep things running smoothly and efficiently, we will be supplying all computers and software needed to the students for the workshop. It reduces the number of variables that we have to deal with, such as different cameras,  different OS’s and different versions of Photoshop.  You will be using our computers and software as your tethered capture workstation on Saturday, as well as on Sunday for the Photoshop classroom part of the workshop.

NOTE: Attendees need only have a basic knowledge of Photoshop tools, menus and navigation. We will be teaching the advanced use of blending layers, masking and other advanced image enhancement techniques as they apply to the image(s) you will be shooting at the workshop, so knowledge of layers and masking is NOT needed prior to the workshop. If you need “brushing up” on Photoshop, or would like to gain an understanding of layers and masking prior to the workshop, please check out the “Pre-Workshop” offering HERE.

**SHOOTING TETHERED:  You will be shooting tethered (if your camera supports it) to our computer, as opposed to shooting to a memory card. Shooting tethered gives you greater control in evaluating your image and lighting while shooting.

LIGHTING: For use during the workshop, we will supply each attendee with a soft light source and LED hand held flashlight with accessory attachments for detail work.

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