Light Painting Workshops by Harold Ross

Learn Light Painting from the definitive source.

Learn to see and to feel light.

Photograph by workshop student Cindy Hartman

For almost 30 years, Harold has been using light painting as his only method of creating images. When digital photography arrived, He developed a process allowing tremendous creative control, and therefore, he knows the nuances like no one else.

Harold has a comprehensive understanding of light, composition and post production methods which allows him to effectively impart this powerful and transformative process to his students.

The workshops are offered in a few different ways: We schedule regular workshops for two people, or you can schedule a One-on-One workshop for individualized instruction.


And now we are teaching the workshop remotely as well!


2 Person Weekend Workshop  –  Light Painting the Still Life Workshop

Per Appointment  –  One-on-One Light Painting Photography Workshops

Remote Workshop Online – One-on-One Remote Light Painting Workshop

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Photograph by workshop student Wendy Belkin

“When I take a workshop, whether I have a great image at the end of the workshop isn’t as important to me as whether I have learned the techniques and skills to take better images in the future. Your light painting workshop didn’t disappoint and far exceeded my expectations. From the first hour to the last, you and John Corcoran delivered more information in an hour than many workshops deliver in an entire weekend and that information was explained in simple terms that made the concepts easy to grasp. Moreover, your and John’s patience in guiding me through the process, particularly in lighting my still life, was exemplary. Thank you for the new tool set for creating beautiful light painted images.”
– Brian Zwit, Virginia, Group Workshop

“Writing a testimonial has never been easier. What an amazing workshop … not a moment wasted … not a moment without a learning experience. How great the reward – the experience – leaving with an image I had in my mind the day I registered. This workshop taught me all that light painting can and should be … and what to do to create astonishing images. Thanks.
And the Americano was pretty terrific. Great barista.”
Jack Schachner, Ontario, Two-on-One Workshop

“Harold, just a quick note to say thank you for a great workshop. Hospitality, hands on teaching and learning style (I know, I know, you working on my image to show me what we’re trying to achieve and then deleting {the modifications} is for my own good!!!) all brilliant. I wasn’t sure that I had it in me to get those results and at the end of the day, the sense of satisfaction at pushing new creative limits was wonderful. The trouble is, I’m now having dinner with my wife and seeing light painting opportunities in the restaurant!”
Gareth Callaway, Ontario, Two-on-One Workshop

Images created by alumni of Harold’s Light Painting Workshops can be viewed by clicking this link: Student Workshop Images

Deposits and payments can be made by cash, check, PayPal and credit or debit card.

6 Responses to “Light Painting Workshops by Harold Ross”

  1. Hi,

    My friend Deane Hall recommended your sites. He is taking the August landscape workshop. I am also interested in taking it. I would like to room at the site if possible.



  2. Your work is Amazing I’m from baltimore md and would like to know the cost of you lightpainting workshops the one thats limited to 6 and the dates.I took a short class with dave black at photoshop world in D C but I still need lots of workI

    • Hey Jonathan, I just read your comment and must say, you’re in the right place. I have taken light painting classes with both Dave Black and also Harold. Although I enjoyed Dave’s workshop and techniques, you will learn much more from one workshop with Harold. Harold’s workshops are a lot of fun and the techniques you learn are way more extensive and unlike Dave, Harold also has a great grasp on Photoshop which gives you more control over your final picture. I would recommend Harold’s workshop to anyone that enjoys lightpainting and wants the skills to do them on their own.

  3. Hi Jonathan, all pricing information is here:
    Hopefully, I’ll be announcing a new workshop soon… still moving 21 years of stuff collected at the studio!

  4. Are you still doing workshops ???

    • Yes, just click the link in the right hand column and click through the links, depending on whether you want to attend an individual one or a 2 person workshop.



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