One-on-One Light Painting the Still Life Workshops

Photograph by workshop student Canice Dunphy (Ireland)

Instructor:      Harold Ross ~ Photographer
Location:         Pequea, PA  HERE is a map with local B&B’s, campgrounds and hotels.
Tuition:           $2850 USD
Registration:  717-923-0269  or
Schedule:       One-on-One workshops can be scheduled during the week or on weekends, at your convenience.

Learn Light Painting from the definitive source.

One-on-one, intensive three day studio light painting workshops are available for individual learning.

***If you are interested in taking the workshop remotely from your home instead of in person, click HERE for more information.***

(This workshop is designed to teach Light Painting the Still Life in a fine art setting. If you are interested in applying Harold’s process in a commercial environment (commercial product photography or food photography) then you must let us know ahead of time. Please contact us for pricing and information at if you are interested in a Commercial Workshop.)

After the introduction to light painting and slide show of my work, we will spend a few hours in the studio learning about lighting theory and practical application with a demonstration of light painting a still life, followed by a demonstration of the complete post production process.  We will then work on composing and shooting your fine art still life in the studio using light painting. We will supply the computer, software and all light sources for your use; you just need to bring your DSLR camera, a wired shutter release cable (cable preferred over wireless remotes, which can be finicky), and the USB connection cable that came with your camera (you will also need a USB extension, and for a link to the recommended one, see my tools and equipment page HERE). Also, please bring a tripod if you wish, but we have plenty of sturdy tripods here for your use. Contact us if you have any questions about these items. We will be providing a 16GB USB thumb drive so that we can give you all of your files at the end of the workshop. Please scroll to see the Equipment section for more detailed information.

“As a photographer in business and workshop attendee for over 40 years, and having also been an instructor to thousands of photographers for over 30 years, I found Harold’s workshop to be completely off the charts in terms of its organization, content and presentation. What he promises, he delivers in spades. Light painting is a very specialized niche, and Harold is the consummate master of his craft. If you’re looking to enhance your photographic and processing skills, Harold’s workshop will help you get to the next level.”
– John R. Hartman, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, EA-ASP, Wisconsin, 2-on-1 Workshop

NOTE***  I am now offering a REMOTE “pre-workshop” for students who feel that they need to get up and running with basic navigation in Photoshop layers and masking. This session will take place several days before the normal workshop, and will be done remotely over the internet with screen sharing. It will require 1.5 to 2 hours of time. We will install the actions needed in the workshop, create a custom workspace on your computer, and teach you basic navigation in Photoshop, including the layers window, creation of masks and adjustment layers. The cost for this remote session is $140. Check out the “Pre-Workshop” offering HERE. Just call 717-923-0269 or email to arrange it!

On the second day we will work up your images in post production. You will gain hands-on insight into the use of Photoshop layers, adjustment layers, masking and many other image enhancement techniques as they apply to the light painting techniques we’ll be employing.  You will end up with at least one final finished image.

The following is a general schedule (can occur during weekends or weekdays, at your convenience):

Evening – Day 1 –  1:30pm (5-6 hours)

1:30pm:   Harold will photograph a still life, using light painting, to demonstrate the technique and to discuss lighting angles and movement. He will also discuss the best order in which to shoot an image.

Post production of Harold’s image follows. Introduction to sculptural masking techniques. There will be a 30 minute snack break with cheese and crackers, fruit, drinks, etc.

If time allows, the student will begin selecting their Still Life subjects, and possibly begin setting up the still life set.

Day 2 – 9:00 AM -5:30 PM

9:00am:      A short talk on Visual Adaptation, then the student composes and light paints their own still life image.
12:00pm:    Lunch Break (lunch included)
12:30pm:    Continuation of student composing and Light Painting your own still life image.
5:30pm:     Wrap-Up

Day 3 – 9:00 AM-5:30 PM

9:00am:      Hands-on post production of your image, learning Harold’s specialized masking techniques.
12:00pm:    Lunch Break (lunch included)
12:30pm:    Hands-on post production of your image, continued.
4:30pm:     Creation of a “Print Master”, or print-ready version of your image, and a Master Jpeg.
5:30pm:     Wrap-up and review

“My name is Wai from Hong Kong.  I attended the one to one workshop.
The course started with basic principles of light painting and photography.  Then Harold showed me the entire process in producing a light painting image.  After that Harold assisted me in shooting and editing my own image.  His step by step instructions were valuable and very helpful.  
Harold is patient in coaching and teaching.  He is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic in sharing all his light painting techniques and passion for art.  
It was a very intensive workshop.  I felt exhausted by the end of the course.  On my way back home, I was evaluating the whole experience and I told myself that it was all worth it.  And I am truly grateful for this opportunity to learn from Harold.  I am hoping to return in the future to learn much more from him.
Special thanks to Vera, who gave wonderful support and assistance along the way.  Her kindness and thoughtfulness has made the whole journey much easier.”
– Wai Chong, Hong Kong, 1-on-1 Workshop

 “I recently travelled from Australia to Lancaster, PA, where Harold and his wife Vera live and have their studio, to do a four day one-on-one workshop. I think, no matter where one is creatively or professionally, it’s always beneficial to add skills or try something entirely new.
   He keeps his workshops quite small (only one or two students at a time), which is understandable considering how detailed he needs to be in his teaching.
   It’s an advantage to have a photographic background and some grounding in Photoshop; however, Harold is a patient teacher and I imagine he can accommodate a wide range of skills. The important thing is to have personal motivation and drive; like anything in photography, after the initial hurdle of technical considerations, most of the further development comes from practise and application. In some ways, ironically, it may be a benefit to come with a clean slate or little knowledge of lighting in the studio as I found myself having to abandon earlier training and experience.
  Much of his technique (while still bound by the laws of physics!) allows for counter-intuitive and mind bending results that can’t otherwise be obtained by ‘normal’ photography.
   It’s all still within the realm of ‘real’, it’s just that one has a slightly uncanny sense of -presence, is the word that comes to mind. He manages to differentiate both from what is simply skillfully placed lighting and the sundry gimmicks that pass for fine art photography online (e.g. cranked up HDR). That’s not always an easy balance to keep as the tendency is to overcompensate with the powerful tools we have available.
   With Harold’s technique, the path onward leads to subtlety rather than an image that shouts “Look, I did something unusual!”
   Harold was wonderful to work with and learn from. I’ve been fortunate to have a series of good workshop experiences in the past, but also know that photographic skill and mastery doesn’t automatically translate into an ability to teach others. There are things I do every day I’d struggle to pass on to someone else.
   This is a powerful technique with a lot of variables; yet, Harold has managed to distill years of experience into a succinct package that, while not simple, is comprehensible.
   He also has the most important of teaching skills, a humble spirit and good humour! With Harold, I always had the sense he was there as a fellow learner sharing his experiences.
   I work in a large public school teachers union and know what makes for good curriculum and professional development materials. Harold has put together a comprehensive package that one can take home and continue to expand upon; I made minimal notes during the workshop but don’t feel like there is anything missed in the workbook and files he’s provided.
   This is the value of small intensives like this; anything larger and the student can’t be as hands on.
   I did all the lighting and post production under Harold’s supervision rather than just watching him do it whilst sitting in a classroom.
   There is a significant difference as I can now do it myself rather than coming back with a pile of potentially jumbled and unconnected techniques just out of reach.
   Though the workshop was quite full-on as far as information flow, Harold and Vera have created a lovely relaxed atmosphere in their rural home which made for a great learning environment.
   All told, though such workshops are no small expense, I feel this kind of immersion allows for both a renewed creative energy and, if nothing else, an expansion on my understanding of what’s possible. I’m looking forward to delving deeper into those possibilities with my own work and already roughing out how I can return for a follow up workshop sometime in the future.”
-Jason Nicholas, Australia, 1-on-1 Workshop (+ Extra Day)

Course Outline:

Please contact me at: for a complete outline, syllabus and list of training topics covered in the workshop.


Full tuition for the workshop is $2850 and with a required deposit of $400 to reserve your scheduled workshop.  Your reservation is not confirmed until we receive your deposit.

***Any past Harold Ross Light Painting Workshop attendee will receive $75 off of their tuition.

***Attendees must make payment in full 45 days prior to beginning of workshop.

We accept payments by check (preferred), credit/debit cards or Paypal.

Send checks to:

Harold Ross, 204 Lakewood Drive -Pequea, PA 17565

“I first discovered the work of Harold Ross about 2 years ago by complete accident. As a newbie to photography and hungry to learn, I spent hours on the internet trawling tutorials etc., and then I came across a picture of some grapes hanging from an old goblet with a pear beside it. I was totally drawn to this image and couldn’t decide whether it was a photo or an oil painting. On discovering it was the work of Harold Ross, and actually a light painted photograph, I had to learn how to do this. I spent a bit of time trying to work it out for myself, and then after failing miserably, made contact with the man himself. I then decided to go over for a one to one course. WOW what an experience. First class hospitality from Harold and his lovely wife Vera. I was made to feel incredibly welcome as soon as I got there. The course itself, albeit intense, was fantastic, and Harold I applaud the patience you showed whilst teaching me!! I came away with prints of my work and I still shake my head in disbelief that I actually did them!!! The only regret I have is not doing the course a whole lot sooner. Thanks again Harold”
– Simon Boddy, United Kingdom, One-on-One Workshop

“When I discovered Harold Ross’ works of art some time ago, I marveled at how he seemingly rendered  objects in 3 dimensions with inviting (the viewer’s eye) richness, depth of color, compositional excellence and tasteful sharpness. Having searched in depth and not finding another light painter as clearly talented, I signed up for his workshop. I had to learn how this work is created. Long before the workshop, Harold communicated with me several times to help him make the most of our upcoming time together, individualized for me.  I have 45 years of photography experience and typically go to two high-end photography workshops annually. In terms of knowledge gained/time, Harold’s Workshop is focused, intense, yet unsurpassed in excellence from any I have experienced. The individual attention is unsurpassed. I am a physician, a teacher of doctoral students, addicted to depth, quality and detail in my teaching. I found Harold to be extremely gifted as an artist, but also unusually energetic, humble, personable, caring, eager and skillful as a teacher. He quickly determined my experience level (image capture and post-processing) and my ability to learn, then pushed me toward excellence with gentle prodding to make sure I was going to take home and own these new skills. His desire to impart to his students what has taken decades of trial and error/discovery to develop, he readily shares like a master sharing with disciples he’d like to carry on the art. While I learned many new skills, I was a bit surprised, as a veteran photoshop user, at his vast knowledge of PS and how much I learned that will help me in my post-processing work in non-light-painting. It was like getting a PS educational bonus. He is a PS Master. The one-on-one workshop seems ideal to me. The value is exceptional – hours and hours working individually with a true master of the art. Extremely high quality bargain. I highly recommend Harold’s workshop to any and all who truly desire to broaden their art of photography and post-processing.”
– Kirby Turnage, Florida, One-on-One Workshop

“In today’s world, given the number of photographers who claim to be professional, it’s not surprising that there are far more workshops than there are quality workshops taught by truly experienced and capable instructors.  Harold Ross is several cuts above 95% of the other photographers whose workshops I have attended.  In my opinion, Harold does several things that distinguish him as a photographer and teacher.  He transmits a true excitement and love of his work, and instills the same feeling in his student.  He focuses on the student, not on his own ego.  Time with Harold is not about him showing endless slides of his portfolio to a script of self-serving euphemisms.  It is about not only giving to a student who wants to learn the tools…hands on…but demanding that those tools be used to a level that Harold demands of himself.  And end of the day, the student, not just Harold, produces an end product that is tremendously rewarding.  I have never spent time with any photographer that was as productive for me, from conceptualization of an image and process, through shooting and post production, to execution of a final product that took me to a new level.”
– John Tebbetts, TX, One-on-One Workshop

“I just completed my second one-on-one training session with Harold Ross in four months. Harold is off the charts brilliant and gifted in his mastery of light: 1) seeing light, 2) the techniques of lighting and 3) and the art of painting with light in Photoshop to create a final image. When training with Harold, be prepared to work. He has taken years to develop the knowledge and skills that he imparts to his students in a few short days. Expect your experience to be rigorous. I’m a medical doctor and have photographed for National Geographic, The New York Times and The Associated Press. Yet I was humbled by the depth and breadth of Harold’s knowledge.  I believe that he is the best in the world at what he does. Look upon time with Harold as a gift. It is worth much more than what he charges for his classes. And when you are at Harold and Vera’s lovely home in the heart of Pennsylvania’s Amish country, they devote their entire focus to you and your learning experience. They are gracious, unselfish and really care about the student. But that said, expect a learning experience that will challenge you to your core, instill knowledge that you will not be able to acquire without Harold’s guidance and leave you with skills that will influence you for the rest of your life. Students regularly travel from across the globe to train with Harold. If you are lucky enough to train with Harold Ross, you will find out why.”
– Jeff Gusky, MD, Texas, One-on-One Workshop

“I have been a professional photographer in some form or another since 1986.  I currently shoot high volume e-commerce photographs for major online retailers.  I took Harold Ross’s workshop as a lark, for fun not really anticipating learning too much.  Boy, was I wrong!  Harold Ross’s vast experience both as a commercial photographer and artist will benefit the amateur and professional alike.  There isn’t ANYONE who can’t learn something  and benefit greatly from this workshop!  I went, and as a result have had my desire to create beautiful images totally energized.  I couldn’t wait to get home to start practicing what was gleaned from the workshop!  I plan on going back again soon!!”
– Curtis Hustace, Indiana, One-on-One Workshop


This will be a Digital Capture ONLY workshop. While you may not be an experienced light painter, it is expected that you can operate your DSLR camera in manual mode with longer time exposures, and have an understanding of the relationship between f-stop’s and shutter speeds.


You are required to bring a DSLR or camera with Digital Back with a WIRED shutter release (wireless shutter releases are somewhat unreliable, and we need to minimize technical troubleshooting), tripod (We can provide a tripod at no charge if you let us know ahead of time so we can reserve it for you), all necessary cables/cords to shoot tethered (shutter release, USB camera cable, and USB extension) and CHARGED batteries, as well as your battery charger.


In order to keep things running smoothly and efficiently, we will be supplying the computer and software needed to the student for the workshop. It reduces the number of variables that we have to deal with, such as different cameras,  different OS’s and different versions of Photoshop.  You will be using our computer as your tethered capture workstation as well as for the Photoshop classroom part of the workshop. We will be supplying a 16GB USB thumb drive so that we can give you all of your files at the end of the workshop.

NOTE: Attendees need only have a basic knowledge of Photoshop tools, menus and navigation. We will be teaching the advanced use of blending layers, masking and other advanced image enhancement techniques as they apply to the image(s) you will be shooting at the workshop, so knowledge of layers and masking is NOT needed prior to the workshop. If you need “brushing up” on Photoshop, or would like to gain an understanding of layers and masking prior to the workshop, please check out the “Pre-Workshop” offering HERE.


You will be shooting tethered (if your camera supports it) to our computer, as opposed to shooting to a memory card. Shooting tethered gives you much greater control in evaluating your image and lighting while shooting.

**NOTE: Some cameras may not support tethering and this is fine… we will shoot to the card and use the camera’s screen for exposure verification. That said, most likely we will have a workaround for your particular camera.


For use during the workshop, we will supply each attendee with a soft light source and LED hand held flashlight with accessory attachments for detail work.

“I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who understands light as well as Harold does and in the course of the 2+ days I spent with him, I began to notice properties of light and shade that had previously been too subtle for me.  He has a great appreciation for the richness of detail.  If you are looking to expand your expressive capacity, I don’t think you could do better than Harold’s workshop.  He is by turns passionate and disciplined and always generous.  He and Vera are wonderful hosts.  Highly recommended.”
– Robert Jacobsen
, New York, One-on-One Workshop


CLICK HERE  for a map with local B&B’s, campgrounds and hotels.

If you like, there are also unique places to stay for rent on AirBnB. Click HERE and type in Pequea, PA or Lancaster, PA to find locations.

MEALS: Lunch will be provided each day.

CANCELLATION POLICY: In the small likelihood that the workshop needs to be canceled by us, your tuition/deposit will be refunded in full if you paid by check, or less a $25 processing fee if paid by credit card or Paypal.

Should you have to cancel 30 days or less from the first day of the workshop, no refunds will be given. We understand that sometimes emergencies arise, and although you would not be getting a refund, we will hold your tuition for a year so that you can reschedule your workshop.

Should you have to cancel 31-90 days from the 1st day of the workshop, refunds will be given on the following basis:

-There will be a $300 cancellation fee, unless you reschedule the workshop to another date, in which case we will hold your deposit and apply it to another agreed upon time. Please contact us at

Should you have to cancel 91 or more from the 1st day of the workshop, refunds will be given on the following basis:

-If you have only paid the deposit, there will be a $50 cancellation fee.

-If you have paid the entire tuition, there will be a $100 cancellation fee.

After the workshop begins, no refunds will be granted should you need to withdraw.

We will not be responsible for any cancellation due to medical or other reasons.

We highly recommend that you purchase refundable tickets and/or trip insurance to protect yourself in the event of an emergency that prevents you from attending.

TRAVEL: The studio address for Google Maps or GPS units is:

Harold Ross Studio
204 Lakewood Drive
Pequea, PA 17565

There is ample free parking. The workshop is in the beautiful countryside of Southern Lancaster County, PA. Please watch for Amish buggies as you drive to the workshop!

“Some time ago I came across the work of Harold Ross. When I learned  that he conducted light painting workshops and saw all the positive reviews from previous workshop participants I decided to enroll. Having just returned from the workshop I can only say that all the positive comments really are 100% genuine. Harold is a true professional, as a photographer and a teacher. His knowledge and insight into lightpainting and photography is astounding, but the thing that really impressed me most was Harold’s ability to break down the components of lightpainting into a simple and understandable process. Harold’s instructions were very detailed throughout the whole process and his workbook made the process easy to follow when I returned home from the workshop. I emailed Harold whenever I was unsure of something and he always managed to provide a solution to my problem. Harold’s studio is located in a beautiful rural setting and the food and hospitality provided by Vera completed a truly remarkable and rewarding experience. I have no doubt I will participate in a future workshop conducted by Harold. Thank you Harold and Vera for your kindness and hospitality. You have certainly  set a very high standard for others to follow.”
Canice Dunphy, Ireland, One-on-One Workshop

“I traveled from the UK to learn more about Harold’s amazing light sculpting process and have just completed a one-to-one workshop. For me personally it was the best possible training experience ever. Harold is not only a true master of this unique art, he’s a great trainer and coach. He puts you at ease straight away and tailors the course content to suit your competence, then develop your skills. I was over the moon with the support, and hospitality I received, nothing was too much trouble. I finally left with a great image, stacks of information and all of my objectives fulfilled. I would score the course 11/10 for content, hospitality, facility and satisfaction. Thanks Harold.”
Will Rose, UK, One-on-One Workshop

“Writing a testimonial has never been easier. What an amazing workshop … not a moment wasted … not a moment without a learning experience. How great the reward – the experience – leaving with an image I had in my mind the day I registered. This workshop taught me all that light painting can and should be … and what to do to create astonishing images. Thanks. And the Americano was pretty terrific. Great barista.”
Jack Schachner, Ontario, Two-on-One Workshop

“Harold, just a quick note to say thank you for a great workshop. Hospitality, hands on teaching and learning style (I know, I know, you working on my image to show me what we’re trying to achieve and then deleting {the modifications} is for my own good!!!) all brilliant. I wasn’t sure that I had it in me to get those results and at the end of the day, the sense of satisfaction at pushing new creative limits was wonderful. The trouble is, I’m now having dinner with my wife and seeing light painting opportunities in the restaurant!”
Gareth Callaway, Ontario, Two-on-One Workshop

“Thank you for the wonderful experience at your workshop.  The teaching was superb and the vast selection of objects to photograph was amazing.  Your knowledge of Photoshop and the post-production work was also great.  Another item that stands out from other workshops I have attended is your acceptance of follow up questions and help, long after the workshop ends.  Vera and you were very hospitable.   I would highly recommend the workshop to anyone interested in light painting.  Thank you again.”
Tim Hacker, Ohio, Two-on-One Workshop

“Harold, I want to thank you for your recent two-on-one workshop. The organization was top notch and the content will have an ongoing large impact on my photography both in composition and an improved understanding of Photoshop.
We especially enjoyed the low key approach that made the experience fun. We also appreciate how you’ve made yourself available since the workshop for some trouble shooting. Finally thanks to both you and Vera for your wonderful hospitality. We really felt welcomed to your home.”
Fred Shiple, Ohio, Two-on-One Workshop

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