Remote Workshop – Light Painting the Still Life


One-on-One, Remote Light Painting Workshops are now available for individual learning from your home!

I am using the term “workshop,” but this is more than that. This is more a “Course of Learning” and takes place over an extended period of time (depending on the students’ desires, this can be anywhere from 8-16 weeks). Please contact me at: for a complete outline, syllabus, and list of training topics covered in the workshop!

****Have you already taken my workshop? click HERE for the Master Class now being taught remotely****

Light Painted Image by Harold Ross's student photographer Allan Mendez

Photograph by remote workshop student Allan Mendez (California)

“I used to dream about learning Harold’s method, but now I am living that dream. I really enjoyed and learned a lot from my remote workshop with him, the downside was I didn’t get to meet him both in person and didn’t taste Harold’s famous Cafe Americano, lol. Hopefully I can take an actual workshop/refresher course with Harold in the future, possibly a 2-on-1 with my nephew from the Philippines.
I felt really fortunate to learn Harold’s method. It’s really hard to put a price tag on the things that I learned from him, and on top of that, we had valuable conversations about art and about life. I would always consider him as generous, genuine and a genius! Harold not only placed me on the path of precision, but also perfection and mastery.”
– Allan Mendez, California, Remote Online 1-on-1 Workshop

Instructor:      Harold Ross ~ Photographer
Location:        In the comfort of your home
Tuition:           $4850 ~16-18 hours working together (will vary with individual students) You will also be working on your own for additional hours.  You’ll be saving on airfare, hotels, meals and rental cars!
Register:        717-923-0269  or
Schedule:       Completely flexible, as this will be taught remotely, and at your pace.


“With over thirty years experience at his craft, it is evident from his work that Harold is a real master. But what is not immediately obvious are the years of experimentation and refining of his technique, together with the codification and formation of his entire system into a coherent methodology. He has created an entire system, with its own terminology and nomenclature that takes his student through every step. In addition to this, Harold is an inspiring and patient teacher who explains and communicates every stage of the process. To say that Harold’s course is value for money would be an understatement. I did not anticipate the large amount of written information together with the excellent video tutorials that I received with the course. The Zoom sessions were fun, informative, sometimes ‘mind-blowing’, and always extremely focused. This course is precisely organized, and ingeniously constructed, and I would absolutely recommend it.
-Daniel Remer, Israel, Remote Online 1-on-1 Workshop


I have been teaching my workshop online for several years now, but I never really advertised it because my work schedule was already pretty full, and so, it was reserved for people abroad who couldn’t travel here for various reasons.

That said, I feel very fortunate and honored that I have had many students who were able to travel here from abroad. Students have travelled here to attend my workshop from India, Switzerland, Australia, England, Ireland, Hong Kong, Mexico, Brazil, and Canada!  :-)

Due to the Coronavirus situation, however, I’ve been teaching online to several students that were originally signed up for in-person workshops, but were unable to attend due to the Covid travel restrictions in place. The remote teaching has worked out so welI that I’ve decided to offer it to anyone who is interested!

Light Painted Image "My Father's Pencil Sharpener" by Photographer Harold Ross

 Photograph by Harold Ross

(This workshop is designed to teach Light Painting the Still Life in a fine art setting. If you are interested in applying my process in a commercial environment (commercial product photography or food photography) then you will have to let us know ahead of time, as that demands a longer and more intensive workshop. Please contact us for pricing and information at if you are interested in a Commercial Workshop.)

Essentially, the Remote Workshop is taught using the free ZOOM platform, which allows us to share screens easily, and has a very good video feed. 

Some people actually like the spread-out nature of the Remote Workshop (some people have trouble with the enormous amount of information conveyed in 3 days!). It certainly is more flexible, as we can meet online for sessions that can be any length of time, and therefore the number of sessions can also vary.

Basically, the course is patterned exactly as the “normal” in-person workshops, but it is split up into “chapters”, if you will.

“They’re a few moments in the life as a photographer when you see the light. Even when you think you see it you realize there is more to explore. The light of inspiration dawned on me when I saw Harold’s magic pictures in a publication. Checking his website he offered a workshop where he would share his working method! Harold has a rigid workflow and well thought methodology to teach his process. If you take his workshop, be prepared to take in a lot! His material and assignments are the best in class. Which also means that you will want to do your best. It is almost a miracle that you can learn and share work across an ocean, but Harold takes the role of a conductor with patience and firm guidance.After the workshop, I’m still learning and exploring on my own, I also look at light and shapes with different eyes.Thanks!”
– Staffan Ehde, Sweden, Remote Online 1-on-1 Workshop

Light Painted Image "Italian Coffee Grinder" by Photographer Harold Ross
 Photograph by Harold Ross

One might think that a remote workshop means less work for me, and therefore would cost less, but in truth, the remote workshop actually requires more work (and time) for me. There is preparation that I have to do ahead of time before I work online with a student, and there is a lot of time involved providing the plethora of follow-up material, both in written form, and in the form of custom videos that I have created specifically for my students. In some cases, I’ll actually create custom videos for individual students if needed. 

Keep in mind that this learning can be stretched out over time if that suits you, or it can be done in a more accelerated manner. In fact, it can be done at any pace that you prefer!

Initially the workshop may sound like a lot of money to invest, but the knowledge you’ll learn from it will stay with you for your lifetime. :-)  Many people are willing to spend many thousands of dollars on a new lens or a new camera, and often, these are considered obsolete after a few years.

I firmly believe that learning is much more valuable than a piece of equipment. And keep in mind that you’ll be saving on airfare, hotels, meals, and rental cars, which is very helpful.

“Most photographers are familiar with the famous quote of George Eastman:   “Light makes photography. Embrace light. Admire it. Love it. But above all, know light. Know it for all you are worth, and you will know the key to photography.”  What Harold Ross teaches makes this quote a reality.  Take this course—you will not regret it.  Harold Ross is a master teacher who has that rare ability to make the ordinary extraordinary—an exceptional gift!

– John H. Gerber, NY, Remote Online 1-on-1 Workshop

“As a painter I have always been interested in still life painting and as a photographer have followed Harold Ross for years.  I have meant to go to a workshop but have not had the time to travel.  When I found out an online option was available, I jumped on it.  An understatement would be to say the experience was amazing.  Not only is Mr. Ross a great photographer, but is an outstanding teacher.  I was worried about the online forum, but it turned out to be great.  Not only did I learn about the basics, and not so basic, techniques involved with light painting, but also learned and reinforced basics of photography (that I thought I knew) as well as extensive Photoshop review and learning.  As is evident from the class, the structure of the workshop is outstanding.  Mr. Ross is exceptionally organized and proceeded in a manner that goes from basic to advanced.  The value of the workshop is phenomenal!  I got to sit with the premier light painting photographer and learn and Mr. Ross was always willing to get on to a Zoom call at anytime to help with even the littlest detail.  I know that I have merely scratched the surface and look forward to taking another workshop in the near future!”
-David Kovaleski, South Dakota, Remote Online 1-on-1 Workshop

Course Outline:

Please contact me at: for a complete outline, syllabus, and list of training topics covered in the workshop!

Photograph by Harold Ross

I will also review and teach visual accommodation, management of depth of field, pre-sharpening (my way), and much more! The workshop is full of great technical information and photographic training. 

Again, these are very boiled-down descriptions; each session will be filled with tons of learning.

**** Very important***: In addition to the training, you will be provided with lots of backup information; an updated and comprehensive set my Photoshop actions, updated written step-by-step directions for every phase, links for needed (minimal) equipment, updated sharpening (my own method) instructions, and private tutorial videos which you’ll be able to refer to after the workshop, and much more.

Light Painted Image "Still Life with Copper Pot" by Photographer Harold Ross

Photograph by Harold Ross

To my students that have already signed up for the workshop, if you are a beginner in Photoshop, I do offer (and many students take this) a Pre-Workshop introduction to Photoshop (includes introduction to layers, masking and groups, as well as adjustment layers). This is a 90 minute Zoom session, and can be taken at any time prior to the workshop. This is recommended only if you don’t have a good basic knowledge of the Layers window in Photoshop.

Light Painted Image "Still Life with Postage Scale and Scissors" by Photographer Harold Ross

 Photograph by Harold Ross

“Just a quick note to thank you again for being such a good teacher.  I feel by taking your class, my photography will make a quantum leap forward.  Now, the hard work begins by putting everything you’ve taught into practice where the results will really shine.  I look forward to seeing you again and showing you some of my work that include all the steps you’ve taught. Thank you again!”

– Ella Schreiber, Arizona, Remote Online 1-on-1 Workshop


Full tuition for the workshop is $4850.

***Attendees must make payment in full prior to beginning of workshop. If you have problems with this, please contact us to discuss.

We accept payments by check (preferred), credit/debit cards or Paypal.

After inquiring with us, if you want to pay by check, please send checks to:

Harold Ross, 204 Lakewood Drive -Pequea, PA 17565


Because this is a remote workshop, the cancellation policy is quite flexible. If you need to cancel any time prior to a month before the agreed first online meeting, there is only a $50 cancellation fee.

If you have to cancel within 30 days of the first workshop session, we cannot issue a refund due to the fact that we will be sharing a great deal of proprietary workshop information with you during that time. We understand that sometimes emergencies arise, and although you would not be getting a refund, we will hold your tuition for a year so that you can reschedule your workshop.

Cancellations cannot be accepted after the workshop starts, as you will be provided with lots of proprietary information at that time.


Thank you for visiting! To learn more about my image making process, please see the Tutorials page of this blog, or consider taking a workshop!

For workshop information please click HERE .

All images from students over the years are HERE.


“The workshop with Harold taught me so much more than I thought was going to be discussed. The 1 on 1 was priceless. Harold was precise and organized with the entire light painting process. I can tell he has been a professional photographer for a long time by the amount of knowledge he has about all aspects of photography. This is not an easy class and there is a lot to learn, but despite that, he put me on a path that allowed me to learn this complex process as long as I put in the hard work. One of my biggest problems was organization. Harold taught me to be organized. And the most important part for me was the organized process from beginning to print using Photoshop. The information gained about light painting, being organized, and really understanding the craft was invaluable. This is not information you can pickup in a book or magazine, it can only be gained by a teacher that has thought outside the box and has perfected his craft with years of trial and error. He then put much of that information in a well organized process that is easy to understand, but is still very challenging. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone that wants to experience a photographic process that is transformative and that allows you to produce intriguing and high quality images in a whole new light.” 
– Steve Jimenez, North Carolina, Remote Online 1-on-1 Workshop

“Hi Harold, I wanted to drop you an email and express my thanks to you for the wonderful gift of your time, expertise and encouragement in the art of Light Painting. To me, it was so much more than just the light painting. It solidified so many of those basic concepts that you learn in theory but don’t really ever think about using in a practical way. Sort of like algebra and physics. In algebra you learn the formulas and how to solve equations but in physics you learn the practical ways to use them. I have to admit I was thoroughly intimidated most of the time and found myself babbling like an idiot but you didn’t seem to mind. You were so gracious… Believe it or not those Harold-isms keep popping up in my mind as I’m working through issues. So much so I think I could play Harold Ross Bingo…. At any rate I didn’t want too much time to get by before letting you know what an honor and pleasure it was to be one of your students. I want to do another one in the next year or so if you’re available as I’m certain I’ll have developed some habits that may need reigning in and perhaps some good ones that need refining.” 
– Mark Hutto, Louisiana, Remote Online 1-on-1 Commercial Workshop

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