Video illustration of flashlight adaptor / diffuser

This is a precision machined black anodized aluminum adapter, which allows very fast changeover of my light diffuser hoods. The adapter, custom designed by John Corcoran, my good friend and fellow light painter, fits a 0.9″ bezel flashlight (such as the O Light SR10 III that I recommend HERE) and has two “O” rings for a simple yet secure push fit into my diffusers. We also have the 1.0″ adapter that fits a 1.0″ bezel flashlight (such as the Surefire lights) It has a Nylon screw so it won’t scratch your flashlight. The adapter comes with two Extra “O” rings (which should never have to be replaced, but we want to include them anyway, because that’s how we roll) and an extra thumbscrew.

The adapter and set of diffusers are for sale on my ETSY page.

Make sure to click the HD button just after the video starts!

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