***Workshops*** Light Painting the Still Life, In-Person and Remote

Learn Light Painting from the definitive source.

Learn to see and to feel the light.

Photograph by workshop student Carol Ward

For over 30 years, Harold has been using light painting as his only method of creating images. When digital photography arrived, he adapted and developed a process allowing greater creative control. As the originator of this process, which he thinks of as “sculpting” using light, Harold knows the nuances like no one else.

Harold has a comprehensive understanding of light, composition and post production methods which allows him to effectively impart this powerful and transformative process to his students.

The workshops are offered in four ways: Remote One-on-One workshops, Regularly Scheduled Two-on-One workshops, Custom Scheduled Two-on-One workshops (for you and a friend or partner), or you can schedule a Custom Scheduled One-on-One workshop for individualized instruction.

*Due to the amount of information that Harold conveys in this intensive hand’s-on workshop, we limit the seats in a group workshop to 2 people.*

For Remote One-on-One workshops (taught by Harold online) click HERE

For Regularly Scheduled (each month) Two-on-One workshops click HERE

For Custom Scheduled Two-on-One workshops (you and a friend/partner/spouse) click HERE

For Custom Scheduled One-on-One individual workshops click HERE

For Master Class Remote Workshop for my Alumni click HERE

(This workshop is designed to teach Light Painting the Still Life in a fine art setting. If you are interested in applying Harold’s process in a Commercial environment (commercial product photography or food photography) then you must let us know ahead of time, and this must be done in a 1-on-1 workshop environment. Please contact us for pricing and information at harold@rossstudio.com if you are interested in a Commercial Workshop.)





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