“I (Light) Paint What I See” (from the poem by E.B. White)

My grandfather, Albert Iten (with whom I was very close), was Swiss, and was trained as a blacksmith in the Swiss Journeyman tradition. Years ago, he taught me how to weld and how to work with metal. I love to make welded sculpture, sometimes incorporating very simple blacksmithing techniques. Although I could never approach his level of skill, it is a gift for which I am very thankful, and his inspiration is with me every day.

Not long ago, I was in my shop after working on a project, and as I often do, I used my magnetic pickup tool to clean up the metal shavings from my drill press area.

I was just about to drop the shavings into a container when I noticed how interesting the shapes were! I decided to photograph it (using light painting, of course). Photographic opportunities are everywhere!

Light painted image by photographer Harold Ross

Photograph by Harold Ross

A close up of the metal shavings:

Light Painted image (close up) by photographer Harold Ross

Photograph by Harold Ross

 *From the poem by E.B. White.

~ by Harold Ross on July 6, 2016.

4 Responses to ““I (Light) Paint What I See” (from the poem by E.B. White)”

  1. Showing off again!!! Beautiful! Anyone can photograph, very few can come up with interesting ideas and bring them to life. You my nephew are very gifted. Mike

  2. Lovely. Amazing what light painting can do.

  3. Amazing and professional as always.*****+

  4. Yes, opportunities are everywhere! An interesting abstraction, Harold.

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