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Still Life with Grapes

If you’re interested in purchasing a fine art print and are planning to be in the Lancaster County, PA area, and would like to make an appointment to come by and see the prints in person, please give us a call at the studio or shoot us an email.

Thanks for your interest.

Harold Ross Studio
Pequea, PA 17565 USA

Studio:  717-923-0269

6 Responses to “Contact Info”

  1. What setting did you use on your camera? Good image!

  2. Holly, In light painting, one has to use a very long exposure, sometimes up to 3 or 4 minutes. I usually use a small f-stop for a lot of depth of field.
    Hope this answers!

  3. Beautiful work Harold. Put me on the emailing list for your workshop. Thanks.

  4. Harold…., Just discovered your absolutely stunning work. Just terrific stuff!

    And speaking of ‘stuff’, I couldn’t help but wonder where you acquire your subject matter. In particular, some of the material in the smaller more intimate Stills….i.e., wrenches, wooden boxes, oil cans, gears…that sorta thing. Do you have an additional hobby of scouring second hand stores, have lots of friends with collections, or……?

    Anything you’d care to share would be much appreciated!


  5. Hi Russ, Thanks for your comment… I love going to scrapyards… industrial scrapyards that are chock full of old tools and machinery. Also, antique stores and yard sales, and auctions. Unfortunately, i don’t have as much time to do this as I’d like, but on occasion, I get out… :-)

  6. Hi Harold.
    What a joy to discover someone who has such a passion and love of fine images. In this day of instant photography and all the hype that goes with it, this is a total breath of fresh air. After spending 25 years plus in commercial photography, I almost feel reborn discovering what you can do with this technique. I’m off to build some tools and get some practice in, pity I don’t live in USA or I’d be first in line for the next workshop. James

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