Photoshop Training by Harold

Photoshop… it’s a deep and sometimes confusing program. I always hear (and say) that there are 57 ways to accomplish any one thing in Photoshop. Over the years, I’ve been able to boil things down in order to have some mastery over the program, and to maintain my sanity. I’ve developed some fairly simple non-destructive methods for color adjustments and enhancements, layers and masking, preparing an image for print and web (setting proper contrast and brightness), sharpening and more.


Have you wanted to have tremendous control over Photoshop so that you can produce better images, but not interested in learning light painting? I can get you up and running, using a simplified yet powerful workflow.

I can train one person, or several, either remotely over the internet, or at my studio. We can customize our time together to approach whatever aspects you need help on.

Whatever you choose to work on, you are guaranteed to get tons of useful information!

Questions about whether you can benefit? Just email me at

Rates are $200 per information-packed hour.

A partial list of training topics:

Color management

Resolution vs. file size

How to resize images non-destructively

Creating a “test strip” print to zero in on a perfect print more quickly

Sharpening, simple and straightforward

Setting black and white points for final output

Archival print presentation and framing methods, mat layout in PS and mat cutting

Layers and masking basics

Advanced methods in masking

The use of groups… when and why

Creating a simple and appropriate workspace in PS

Setting up an appropriate environment for your computer

Visual adaptation… why it’s a problem and how to mitigate it

“Obviously Harold is an excellent photographer and a master at light painting, but what really sets this workshop apart from others is Harold’s ability to teach. Not every talented photographer is a good teacher. He is relaxed, fun, patient and more than willing to share everything he knows.”… Susan Fleck

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