Testimonials from alumni of Harold’s Light Painting Workshops:

“I traveled from the UK to learn more about Harold’s amazing light sculpting process and have just completed a one-to-one workshop. For me personally it was the best possible training experience ever. Harold is not only a true master of this unique art, he’s a great trainer and coach. He puts you at ease straight away and tailors the course content to suit your competence, then develop your skills. I was over the moon with the support, and hospitality I received, nothing was too much trouble. I finally left with a great image, stacks of information and all of my objectives fulfilled. I would score the course 11/10 for content, hospitality, facility and satisfaction. Thanks Harold.”
- Will Rose, UK, One-on-One Workshop

“Harold’s light painting workshop was knowledgeable, insightful and filled with fun. His passion to ensure that the participants leave with everything needed to create fine art is evident in the images produced by the end of the workshop.The additional tips provided by John and the hospitality by Vera was the cherry on top. Thanks to all for an unforgettable weekend.”
- Sujinder Pothula, Maryland, Group Workshop

“When I take a workshop, whether I have a great image at the end of the workshop isn’t as important to me as whether I have learned the techniques and skills to take better images in the future. Your light painting workshop didn’t disappoint and far exceeded my expectations. From the first hour to the last, you and John Corcoran delivered more information in an hour than many workshops deliver in an entire weekend and that information was explained in simple terms that made the concepts easy to grasp. Moreover, your and John’s patience in guiding me through the process, particularly in lighting my still life, was exemplary. Thank you for the new tool set for creating beautiful light painted images.”
- Brian Zwit, Virginia, Group Workshop

“I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who understands light as well as Harold does and in the course of the 2+ days I spent with him, I began to notice properties of light and shade that had previously been too subtle for me.  He has a great appreciation for the richness of detail.  If you are looking to expand your expressive capacity, I don’t think you could do better than Harold’s workshop.  He is by turns passionate and disciplined and always generous.  He and Vera are wonderful hosts.  Highly recommended.”
- Robert Jacobsen, New York, One-on-One Workshop

“Writing a testimonial has never been easier. What an amazing workshop … not a moment wasted … not a moment without a learning experience. How great the reward – the experience – leaving with an image I had in my mind the day I registered. This workshop taught me all that light painting can and should be … and what to do to create astonishing images. Thanks.
And the Americano was pretty terrific. Great barista.”
- Jack Schachner, Ontario, Two-on-One Workshop

“Harold, just a quick note to say thank you for a great workshop. Hospitality, hands on teaching and learning style (I know, I know, you working on my image to show me what we’re trying to achieve and then deleting {the modifications} is for my own good!!!) all brilliant. I wasn’t sure that I had it in me to get those results and at the end of the day, the sense of satisfaction at pushing new creative limits was wonderful. The trouble is, I’m now having dinner with my wife and seeing light painting opportunities in the restaurant!”
- Gareth Callaway, Ontario, Two-on-One Workshop

“This workshop is the best I’ve ever attended, and a HUGE value!  Harold and John are fantastic instructors.  They show you the best way to capture the images, and then how to easily put them back together in photoshop, which is where all the magic happens.  I would highly recommend this seminar to anyone interested in learning how to paint with light.”
- Sean Hoover, Utah, Group Workshop

“Harold Ross and John Corcoran are excellent instructors and make a great team:  personable, knowledgeable, and, even more important, blessed with the ability to clearly explain the principles and techniques involved in light painting. The workshop flowed very smoothly from abstract concepts such as lighting theory and composition to the hands-on techniques for capture, and finally post-processing to completed images. I am not a Photoshop “power user,” but Harold’s workflow is logical, straightforward and actually fun!  This workshop reinvigorated my interest in photography, and I would highly recommend it to any photographer wanting to rekindle their creativity.  Harold and John:  Thank you both again – I have enough (light painting) projects lined up to keep busy for some time.”
- Dan Gerth, New Mexico, Group Workshop

“You and John made a good team, specifically because you both approached the methods and processes of light painting from different directions. For me this added dimension to the presentation, creating a realm of possibility and exploration, realizing that there are many ways to accomplish the final product, and that over time I will develop my own style.  I liked that.
 Thanks Harold for giving us your time and energy.  The workshop was a success for me, and I look forward to trying out what you showed us and gaining a bit of experience.”
- Rob Goldsborough, Massachusetts, Group Workshop

“What an amazing experience it was to work with Harold and John! They have remarkable command of light painting techniques and both of them are thoroughly committed to the success of each and every student in the class. There was lots of friendly teamwork. We all worked hard and had fun. The results were just amazing.  Everyone’s project was unique and interesting. And, due to the vigilance of the instructors, by the end of the weekend, every participant demonstrated command of the techniques. It was a truly exciting, inspiring, rewarding and outright amazing weekend. Highly recommended!”
- Steven Maxx, New Jersey, Group Workshop

“I made some attempts at light painting and ran into a variety of problems on my own. I learned everything I needed to know from Harold. He’s very patient but exacting in the lighting session, and has a very easy-to-follow system to put the images together in Photoshop. My friends are amazed at what I brought home!”
- Will Doak, Pennsylvania, One-on-One Workshop

“Thank you for the wonderful experience at your workshop.  The teaching was superb and the vast selection of objects to photograph was amazing.  Your knowledge of Photoshop and the post-production work was also great.  Another item that stands out from other workshops I have attended is your acceptance of follow up questions and help, long after the workshop ends.  Vera and you were very hospitable.   I would highly recommend the workshop to anyone interested in light painting.  Thank you again.  Happy New Year.”
- Tim Hacker, Ohio, Two-on-One Workshop

“Harold, I want to thank you for your recent two-on-one workshop. The organization was top notch and the content will have an ongoing large impact on my photography both in composition and an improved understanding of Photoshop.
We especially enjoyed the low key approach that  made the experience fun. We also appreciate how you’ve made yourself available since the workshop for some trouble shooting. Finally thanks to both you and Vera for your wonderful hospitality. We really felt welcomed to your home.”
- Fred Shiple, Ohio, Two-on-One Workshop

“In today’s world, given the number of photographers who claim to be professional, it’s not surprising that there are far more workshops than there are quality workshops taught by truly experienced and capable instructors.  Harold Ross is several cuts above 95% of the other photographers whose workshops I have attended.  In my opinion, Harold does several things that distinguish him as a photographer and teacher.  He transmits a true excitement and love of his work, and instills the same feeling in his student.  He focuses on the student, not on his own ego.  Time with Harold is not about him showing endless slides of his portfolio to a script of self-serving euphemisms.  It is about not only giving to a student who wants to learn the tools…hands on…but demanding that those tools be used to a level that Harold demands of himself.  And end of the day, the student, not just Harold, produces an end product that is tremendously rewarding.  I have never spent time with any photographer that was as productive for me, from conceptualization of an image and process, through shooting and post production, to execution of a final product that took me to a new level.

None of this happens by accident.  Every detail is planned, structured and executed by the adept team of Vera and Harold (in that order). The combination of hospitality, grace, and professionalism is unique.  Essential tools and information are codified to make learning easier. The sequence in which Harold presented information, applied it, reinforced it, and then reiterated its effect on the final product were truly unique in my experience.  I walked away confident that I “get” the concepts, can’t wait to try to apply Harold’s techniques to my own work, and am grateful for the experience.  That hasn’t ever happened to me to the same level in any other time with a photographer/teacher.

The value?   For the first time from a workshop, I came home with new tools and processes that produced an end product–an image and print of that image that is truly unique, of a quality that sets new benchmarks for me, and one of very few images I have ever shot that I look forward to looking at again and again.  That’s high value for me.”
- John Tebbetts
, Texas, One-on-One Workshop

“Thank you for a great workshop! I learned a lot, about light painting, about highlights, and about post-processing. I appreciate that you went the extra mile for us, I can tell that you put your all into everything that you do! I will definitely recommend your workshop to other people! People with little photoshop masking experience and people more familiar with Photoshop alike will get a lot out of it. I will definitely be using many of the tips that I learned from you in all of my post-processing. Some of those small tips were icing on the cake! I know that what I learned this weekend will affect everything that I see in the future. I will see everyday objects in a new light. You are a wealth of knowledge and it is refreshing that you share what you know so readily. I have been on some workshops where the leader left out so many of the important parts that it was like getting their cake recipe with the amounts and ingredients changed. “
- Lisa Cuchara, Connecticut, Group Workshop

“The workshop was everything I hoped for and more. Harold is an excellent teacher and goes above and beyond to help. He is so patient! He explained light painting in a way that I can understand. I felt “right at home” the minute I walked thru the door. The attention I received before the workshop helped me to prepare for the class and the knowledge I gained from the workshop is priceless.”
- Pam Bredin, South Carolina, Group Workshop

“I would recommend this workshop to anyone who is interested in the art of Light Painting.  Both Harold and John are excellent instructors, they are patient beyond words, great communicators and very willing to share their knowledge.  The workshop covered all aspects of Light Painting, from lighting concepts, composition, camera settings, image capture and post processing.
After taking Harold’s Light Painting Workshop, I have found that both the handout material and the Photoshop actions we received have been invaluable tools in my photography.
In short, the Workshop exceeded my expectations, I had a great time, learned a tremendous amount, the cappuccinos were excellent and I hope to take another workshop with Harold in the near future. Thanks again.”
- Ron Studebaker, Colorado, Group Workshop

“Absolutely loved the workshop…it opened a new door to release the vision I have always had in my head. All in all, I loved the workshop and would recommend it to anyone.”
- Lynn Cromer, Texas, Group Workshop

“It’s impossible in a brief testimonial to say enough good about the one-on-one workshop I attended. Obviously Harold is an excellent photographer and a master at light painting, but what really sets this workshop apart from others is Harold’s ability to teach. Not every talented photographer is a good teacher. He is relaxed, fun, patient and more than willing to share everything he knows. I was very impressed with the way he tailored the workshop to me and what I knew and wanted to learn. I hope this workshop is the first of many with Harold. PS-The cappuccinos alone are worth the price of admission!”
- Susan Fleck, Indiana, One-on-One Workshop

“Thank you so much for the wonderful workshop. I fell in love with your work the first time I saw it. I was thrilled when my friend told me you were offering a workshop. The workshop was well paced and I appreciate how you and John were there to help us every step of the way.
I learned so many new techniques and can’t wait to try them on my own at home. I particularly appreciate all the written instructions you sent us home with, and of course your great cappuccinos.”
- Beamie Young, Maryland, Group Workshop

“I just finished my first light painting workshop and enjoyed every minute. It was well thought out and perfectly executed. When we got to the “hands-on” portion it had to be challenging for Harold and John to help students who were using different platforms, different equipment and different programs. Everything went smoothly and everyone created an impressive light painted image on their first try. Shooting tethered and using a tablet is definitely the best way to go when using the techniques that are needed. I am so glad that I made the trip and learned from the “master”. It would have taken a long, long time to figure everything out on my own. Now that I know the process, I am up and running. Thanks, Harold and John. You made it a very worthwhile experience.”
- Dave Wood, Florida, Group Workshop

“Harold’s workshop was both informative and fun. Light painting is new to me and I was enthralled to see the process. Harold has a wonderful way of teaching and making concepts clear to an amateur photographer. He showed every step from the beginning with a discussion of light theory, to the set-up, image capture, post-processing and printing. Nothing was left out. Harold was more than willing to share the wealth of his knowledge. I highly recommend Harold’s workshop.”
- Lori, Pennsylvania, Two-on-One Workshop

“I’m an amateur photographer who has had no previous light painting experience and only limited experience with Adobe Photoshop.  I was very happy with what I learned from Harold’s workshop.  He taught techniques that simply cannot be learned by reading a book or watching a video tutorial.  The results of Harold’s light painting workflow are amazing.  Highly recommended”.
- Glenn Friedenreich, Delaware, Two-on-One Workshop

“My positive feeling turned into a positive experience during the one-on-one workshop with Harold. You don’t find many workshop photographers who are willing to give you as much information as possible like Harold does. My biggest challenge was the post production in Photoshop, but at the end of the workshop I felt pretty comfortable. Light painting offers a lot of opportunity in my photography. That means that I will be visiting Harold and his flashlights again!”
- Pavel Kolman, Toronto, Canada, One-on-One Workshop

“Harold and Roman are excellent teachers and guides, and I will sign up for the next light painting workshop no matter when it is or where it is!!!”
- Wendy Belkin, Georgia, Group Workshop

“The One-on-One workshop was one of the best creative experiences I have ever had. Light painting done the way you teach it gives the most extraordinary results. I learned so much and had a lot of fun doing it. I can’t thank you enough.”
- Ruth Feldman
, Boston, One-on-One Workshop

“The overall experience of the workshop was excellent. Harold’s methods of teaching and the structure of the workshop made for a great learning experience. The workshop has made me see lighting from a fresh perspective, and I have no doubt the technique used in this workshop will apply well to cinematography as well. The Photoshop knowledge that I gained from this workshop is priceless, and I recommend the workshop to anyone who wants to take their photos to the next level!”
- Marc Forand, Toronto, One-on-One Workshop

“Harold, thank you very much for sharing the process of how you create such amazing images.  I gained much knowledge and insight and I plan on using these techniques to take my own images to another level.
- Steve DePalma, Colorado, One-on-One Workshop

“WOW… Harold Ross is truly a master of his craft! His still life workshop has forever transformed the way I look at and apply light to my images. It was totally worth the trip from Australia!!!
-  Sonia Nunez, Australia, One-on-One Workshop

“What a great weekend.  Thanks to you both for a fine job of hosting the group and making the whole workshop so seamless.  Harold, you did a masterful job of presenting a sophisticated technique and making it appear so easy.  The whole group seemed to pick up the basics very quickly and apply them at a level that I personally didn’t think possible.  It speaks to you patience as a teacher and your easy going style.  I will be attending another of your workshops when my schedule allows and I can’t wait!
-  Jim Elting, Connecticut, Group Workshop

“Many thanks for a great weekend. Your studio provided the perfect environment for a quantum learning experience. Both you and Roman were so well prepared to share your expertise. All the really good photographers I’ve had the privilege of knowing have been extremely generous people. You both fit that description, generous in spirit, great teachers, good humored. What a team.

Your focused instruction on the simple yet unlimited power of layers was perfect. And most importantly your demonstration and explanation of your lighting methods will be a game changer for me. I left the workshop knowing that I understood what I’d been taught.  And, that I will be able to incorporate that knowledge, in a number of ways, into what I consider to be an already evolved vision and work flow. I am grateful.”
Don Ross, Vermont, Group Workshop

“Harold’s workshop on painting with light was a real eye opener.  Participants got to take a close look at the process by observation and trial-and-error.  Harold and his assistant, Roman, couldn’t have been more helpful and patient.  They had a great way of making sure everyone understood the process and kept up with the exercises.  I strongly recommend this workshop to anyone who wishes to see photography from another standpoint.  It was a side-step adventure into the study of light and the creative process of piecing together component images to make a unique still life image.  I see things a little differently now.  Thanks again for providing a great workshop.” 
Frank Robbins, West Virginia, Group Workshop

“My three-day light painting workshop with Harold Ross was outstanding! Not only is Harold unbelievably talented, but he is also incredibly patient and an excellent teacher. I also greatly enjoyed his hospitality, including delicious cappuccinos and nightly excursions to a local art galleria. I was having so much fun that I did not want to leave on the third day. This experience advanced my skill set more than any other seminar I have attended. I could not wait to get home and incorporate the skills I learned into my commercial and architectural photography work. I will definitely take another seminar with Harold in the future and cannot recommend him enough.
-  Marcel Page, Chicago, One-on-One Commercial Workshop

“The first time I saw one of Harold’s light sculpted images I was completely taken by it.  The beauty, artistry and quality of his work are something special.  After looking at much of his work and visiting with him I decided to take a one on one workshop.  His passion for the work carries through in his teaching and it was truly a special weekend for me.  Harold’s approach to teaching is straight forward and easy to understand.  I came away totally confident that I can put into practice what I learned and I’ll never look at light and its capabilities the same way again.  He also makes a terrific espresso !!!”
Bill Earl, Pennsylvania, Group Workshop

“I’ve played with light-painting a few times over the years, but taking Harold’s workshop has opened a whole new realm of photography for me. His skills were shared with patience, humor, and great cappuccinos. Thanks Harold, and Roman, for an inspirational weekend”.
-  Larry Lefever, Pennsylvania, Group Workshop

“Smashing workshop! I can’t say enough good stuff about it. I loved everything from the relaxed atmosphere, the artsy studio, the yummy food, the knowledgeable instruction, the fabulous technique and the dreamy painterly images. Harold and Roman are lighting gurus and are kindhearted, patient, insightful instructors. Good stuff all around. Thank you, thank you!”
Kerry Harrison, Delaware, Group Workshop

“Harold and Roman managed to teach us all a very complex technique, which Harold made look extremely easy. Both of them managed to juggle their time and energy between five people. They are extremely patient and excellent teachers. I enjoyed this experience and came away with new skills.”
Monika Lukens, Pennsylvania, Group Workshop

“This was my second workshop with Harold and Roman; the first was landscape, this one still life in the studio.
Harold’s studio provides an inspiring museum-like atmosphere where everything that isn’t nailed down is available for a still life composition.
Harold’s experience as an artist and Photoshop guru help the students to get the best use out of their time in the workshop.
Great demos were provided on using LAB, channel swapping and masking techniques.
Additionally, Roman was indispensable with answering questions, and assisting the students with image capture and Photoshop.
I highly recommend this workshop… although I’m trying not to tell anyone as I want to keep this technique for myself.”
Mickey Freed, Delaware, Group Workshop

“Before attending Harold’s workshop, I had only a very rudimentary knowledge of the light painting process.  With the guidance of Harold and Roman, I created three photos which I love…..I went from a novice photographer to a photographer with the confidence that I can do this and do it well.”
Jane Koester, Delaware, Group Workshop

“The class was small and we all had ample time to work and learn from either Harold or his equally knowledgeable and nice assistant Roman Coia. Hands on post production methods were also taught and understood by all. If you’d like to learn about light painting, this is the workshop.”
Stefan Heinich, New York, One-on-One Commercial Workshop

“Harold’s workshop was a real “game changer” for me.  I’m thinking differently now about the way I want to take and compose photos, having seen what is possible for myself and other participants during his workshop.  This alone made his workshop well worthwhile.  The group was small, so everyone had time for one on one questions with the instructors.  In addition, Harold and Roman were extremely patient with the class.  They really hung in there with us during the learning process and made sure that we “got it” enough to begin this new exploration on our own.”

“I enjoyed the hands on approach of the workshop; using different types of lighting equipment gave me a better understanding for what I will need for my own use and how the different lighting behaves with the subjects.”

“Harold’s workshop was a great value for the money and I would highly recommend it to other photographers.”
Mickey Freed, Delaware, Group Workshop

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