Testimonials from alumni of Harold’s Light Painting Workshops:
  “The workshop with Harold taught me so much more than I thought was going to be discussed. The 1 on 1 was priceless. One of my biggest problems with using Photoshop for was organization. Harold taught me to be organized from setting up the composition, shooting properly, labeling each shot, to exporting and organizing images in Bridge (which I have never used in the past). And the most important part for me was the organized process from beginning to print using Photoshop. 
What I learned in the workshop will help me compose and shoot things for what they can be, and not just for what they currently are. The use of the light painting techniques will help me bring out the textures, colors, and lighting that I could never produce in any other techniques I’ve ever heard of before. I’ve also learned print master techniques that will help print in a whole new level.
Harold was precise and organized with the entire light painting process. He took his teaching very seriously, but would also laugh about some of the mistakes we both made along the way. I can tell he has been a professional photographer for a long time by the amount of knowledge he has about all aspects of photography. This is not an easy class and there is a lot to learn, but despite that, he put me on a path that allowed me to learn this complex process as long as I put in the hard work.
In conclusion, the information gained about light painting, being organized, and really understanding the craft was invaluable. This is not information you can pickup in a book or magazine, it can only be gained by a teacher that has thought outside the box and has perfected his craft with years of trial and error. He then put much of that information in a well organized process that is easy to understand but is still very challenging. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone that wants to experience a photographic process that is transformative and that allows you to produce intriguing and high quality images in a whole new light.”
– Steve Jimenez, North Carolina, Remote Online 1-on-1 Workshop

  Hi Harold, I wanted to drop you an email and express my thanks to you for the wonderful gift of your time, expertise and encouragement in the art of Light Painting. To me, it was so much more than just the light painting. It solidified so many of those basic concepts that you learn in theory but don’t really ever think about using in a practical way. Sort of like algebra and physics. In algebra you learn the formulas and how to solve equations but in physics you learn the practical ways to use them. I have to admit I was thoroughly intimidated most of the time and found myself babbling like an idiot but you didn’t seem to mind. You were so gracious… Believe it or not those Harold-isms keep popping up in my mind as I’m working through issues. So much so I think I could play Harold Ross Bingo…. At any rate I didn’t want too much time to get by before letting you know what an honor and pleasure it was to be one of your students. I want to do another one in the next year or so if you’re available as I’m certain I’ll have developed some habits that may need reigning in and perhaps some good ones that need refining.”
– Mark Hutto, Louisiana, Remote Online 1-on-1 Commercial Workshop

  “Upon seeing Harold Ross’s work in Medium Format Magazine I was mesmerized. After searching the internet and reading everything I could find about him and his technique I was inspired. So when I discovered that he was now teaching his light-painting technique online I was determined to learn from him.
  With over thirty years experience at his craft, it is evident from his work that Harold is a real master. But what is not immediately obvious are the years of experimentation and refining of his technique, together with the codification and formation of his entire system into a coherent methodology. Imagine Rembrandt had deconstructed his artistic process and created a blueprint so precise and accurate that his students could use it to create their very own individual Rembrandts. Well that is exactly what Harold has done. He has created an entire system, with its own terminology and nomenclature that takes his student through every step. In addition to this, Harold is an inspiring and patient teacher who explains and communicates every stage of the process.
  It is hard to put a price on the acquisition of knowledge, but even more so when that knowledge is not widely available. To say that Harold’s course is value for money would be an understatement. I did not anticipate the large amount of written information together with the excellent video tutorials that I received with the course. The Zoom sessions were fun, informative, sometimes ‘mind-blowing’, and always extremely focused. Harold made himself available between sessions and responded to my many emails. His dedication was evident by his ridiculously fast response time across all waking hours! 
  This course is precisely organized, and ingeniously constructed, and I would absolutely recommend it. If you were to ask me if there is any way the course could be improved – I honestly couldn’t think of any way.”
-Daniel RemerIsrael, Remote Online 1-on-1 Workshop

“As a painter I have always been interested in still life painting and as a photographer have followed Harold Ross for years.  I have meant to go to a workshop but have not had the time to travel.  When I found out an online option was available, I jumped on it.  An understatement would be to say the experience was amazing.  Not only is Mr. Ross a great photographer, but is an outstanding teacher.  I was worried about the online forum, but it turned out to be great.  Not only did I learn about the basics, and not so basic, techniques involved with light painting, but also learned and reinforced basics of photography (that I thought I knew) as well as extensive Photoshop review and learning.  As is evident from the class, the structure of the workshop is outstanding.  Mr. Ross is exceptionally organized and proceeded in a manner that goes from basic to advanced.  The value of the workshop is phenomenal!  I got to sit with the premier light painting photographer and learn and Mr. Ross was always willing to get on to a Zoom call at anytime to help with even the littlest detail.  I know that I have merely scratched the surface and look forward to taking another workshop in the near future!”
-David Kovaleski, South Dakota, Remote Online 1-on-1 Workshop

“I just wanted to thankyou for the Master Class Workshop. Despite the potential limitations of virtual learning by Zoom, the course provided a ‘nuts and bolts’ review of my workflow, not only ironing out various glitches, but an introduction to a tool kit of advanced and exciting techniques! Thanks!”
– Bas Montgomery, UK, Remote Master Class Workshop

“They’re a few moments in the life as a photographer when you see the light. Even when you think you see it you realize there is more to explore. The light of inspiration dawned on me when I saw Harold’s magic pictures in a publication. Checking his website he offered a workshop where he would share his working method! Harold has a rigid workflow and well thought methodology to teach his process. If you take his workshop, be prepared to take in a lot! His material and assignments are the best in class. Which also means that you will want to do your best. It is almost a miracle that you can learn and share work across an ocean, but Harold takes the role of a conductor with patience and firm guidance.After the workshop, I’m still learning and exploring on my own, I also look at light and shapes with different eyes.Thanks!”
– Staffan Ehde, Sweden, Remote Online 1-on-1 Workshop

“Most photographers are familiar with the famous quote of George Eastman:   “Light makes photography. Embrace light. Admire it. Love it. But above all, know light. Know it for all you are worth, and you will know the key to photography.”  What Harold Ross teaches makes this quote a reality.  Take this course—you will not regret it.  Harold Ross is a master teacher who has that rare ability to make the ordinary extraordinary—an exceptional gift!”
– John Gerber, NY, Remote Online 1-on-1 Workshop

“Just a quick note to thank you again for being such a good teacher.  I feel by taking your class, my photography will make a quantum leap forward.  Now, the hard work begins by putting everything you’ve taught into practice where the results will really shine.  I look forward to seeing you again and showing you some of my work that include all the steps you’ve taught. Thank you again!”
– Ella Schreiber, Arizona, Remote Online 1-on-1 Workshop

“I used to dream about learning Harold’s method, but now I am living that dream. I really enjoyed and learned a lot from my remote workshop with him, the downside was I didn’t get to meet you both in person and didn’t taste Harold’s famous Cafe Americano, lol. Hopefully I can take an actual workshop/refresher course with Harold in the future, possibly a 2-on-1 with my nephew from the Philippines.
I felt really fortunate to learn Harold’s method. It’s really hard to put a price tag on the things that I learned from him, and on top of that, we had valuable conversations about art and about life. I would always consider him as generous, genuine and a genius! Harold not only placed me on the path of precision, but also perfection and mastery, well that’s the short version of my review. I’m gonna have to start finishing the long version soon.”
– Allan Mendez, California, Remote Online 1-on-1 Commercial Workshop

“Harold Ross’s “Sculpting With Light” 1-on-1 workshop was an intensive event that exceeded expectations in every way from the hospitality (including wife Vera), to the setting (rural Lancaster County), to the food, the techniques, the post-processing, the humility, the gentle coaching and the patience he had with a fairly new user of Photoshop and complete novice at the use of Capture One software and the Wacom tablet. While I had done some amateurish light painting of abandoned vehicles and things I came across while scouting my area, I have to admit I had absolutely zero concept for “skimming” the light, appropriate distance from light to subject and angle to use. I learned how to highlight areas that would never show up in my shot due to light incidence and camera placement. I learned what “registration” means and how the tiniest movement of the set or the camera can cause one to totally abort the shoot and start over again. I learned how to enhance highlights in photoshop with masking practice, and a more detailed way of using layers to bring in parts of the shoot. Again, something I had never done before. Harold taught me several keyboard shortcuts to enhance my efficiency and smooth my workflow. I cannot list all the benefits gained from this workshop because, frankly, I was a bit overwhelmed. However, as part of the workshop, you are given the step-by-step instructions so you can recreate what you learned a little at a time by continually referring back to the teaching aids he sends along in a workbook and on a thumb drive. He also provides links to key equipment you can purchase, materials to buy to create your own light wands if need be, etc. The one thing that impressed me most, however, was that I had requested a customized workshop to meet my needs for the things I planned to photograph. All-in-all this was an over the top experience and one for which the value exceeds the cost of tuition.”
– Charles Marley, 1-on-1 Workshop

“I just wanted to send you my thoughts regarding the recent one-on-one workshop that I spent with you learning your Light Painting photographic techniques. I wanted to take the workshop ever since I heard you speak at our local Photography club a number of months ago, as I was impressed with your presentation and teaching style – clear, clean, methodical and informative. It became obvious to me that you were a master of the technique and a perfectionist in its application. The workshop itself was extremely helpful and intense. As a now serious amateur photographer in my retirement, I appreciated the degree of exacting steps in the image acquisition, and the post-processing steps in Photoshop. I also better appreciated the nature of “light” that you illuminated for me. The manual and thumb drive with instructions and references that you provided are invaluable. As a surgical oncologist, in addition to patient care, I had spent nearly my entire professional career educating and training colleagues. Therefore, I believe I can truly recognize and appreciate a master teacher and communicator. And, you are certainly in the top tier of that category. Again, thank you for a most rewarding experience.
– Mark Gittleman, 1-on-1 Workshop

“In Harold Ross’s three-day workshop, he graciously, and succinctly, shares with you the science behind the art of light painting.  The technical lessons on setting proper white balance, choosing precise focus, and achieving maximum sharpness can be applied universally across all genres of photography.  In addition, Harold shares with you his approach to breathing life into a still group of objects to render a uniquely balanced composition with smooth transitions from shadow to perfectly placed light. Expect to work hard, boggle your brain a bit, and have a load of fun inside Harold’s studio.”
– Susan Oberreither, PA, Group Workshop

“After I confirmed my workshop dates with Harold, I questioned my ability to jump into parts unknown. I edit on a PC not a Mac, my Wacom Tablet has been in the closet for 15 years, and I’m 79 years old. Now, in retrospect, I have only bravos to share. Harold is truly a professional in every aspect of the word. The quality of his work speaks for itself. His organization and workflow was so methodical and organized from beginning to end. My advance fear of understanding the technical aspects was for naught, as not only does he verbally explain every detail, but every step is outlined in front of you as well. I have taken many Photography Workshops in the past 15 years, but Harold Ross stands at the top of the class, far above all the others. I had played with Light Painting in the past, but soon realized I did almost everything wrong from the Composition placement, to the simple painting tools, and the lighting technique in general. Now, I have a clear understanding of how it works. I know this will take practice and patience, and now I have a booklet of information that mirrors our painting and editing in step by step detail. His generosity in compiling this backup information eliminated the need to takes notes during the learning experience. Harold expected greatness from me based on my ability. He is a perfectionist, and that shows so beautifully in his work. He instilled that determined goal in me, and I will work toward it. I will make mistakes. However, I will not accept mediocrity in my work. I will strive to get it right…just as Harold demanded of my overall Composition, and Workflow. As I think about my Light Painting Experience, I appreciate being invited into his and Vera’s beautiful home. I appreciate his patience and gifted teaching abilities. I appreciate him sharing his (30) years of learning, perfecting what I learned in 2 ½ days. I will review his work over and over for inspiration and ideas. For all of this..I am thankful.”
– Barbara Pennington, Ohio, Group Workshop

“Harold Ross is a world-class artist who has been developing his unique skills for over 30 years. Looking at his work is a testament to his creative and technical talent. The good news is he provides workshops to share his  knowledge. Even better, he’s also an excellent instructor. In the 3-day, 2-student workshop he covered every detail in creating a still-lift composition, light-painting each part with different lights, then post-processing the images to produce the final result.  This workshop is hands-on, intense and informative, and you will learn how to create your own light-painted works-of-art.  It exceeded all expectations and I’m grateful to both Harold and Vera for their warm and generous hospitality and for enlightening me to the art of light-painting.”
– Mike Whalen, Virginia, Group Workshop

“I wanted to attend Harold’s workshop for several years and I wasn’t disappointed by the experience. Vera and he were genuine in their hospitality and my fellow student was funny and gracious. Harold’s commitment to our learning was evident from the beginning. He spent time getting to know us before we began and continued to ask questions and draw analogies from our backgrounds and experiences in order to better communicate his light sculpting process. He covered principles, theory, application and practice. It was an intense experience because there is so much to cover in a relatively short amount of time but the results are beyond gratifying. He was generous with materials and resources both within the class and for us to use when we returned home. What I learned and experienced has changed all my photography for the better, no question. Using what I learned and what he shared, I hope to continue to grow.”
– Rodney Steele, Arkansas, Group Workshop

“I signed up for a 2 to 1 workshop as well as the Photoshop preworkshop. I was definitely a bit nervous, as I didn’t have a lot of experience with Photoshop, nor with still life. However, I signed up for the workshop because I was captivated by the light and the painterly quality of Harold’s images- and just as much with those of his students. Hedging my bets, I guessed that at least some of Harold’s past students would have been similar to me in terms of minimal Photoshop and still life experience. And if they could create images like that from one weekend, I decided to take my chances that I could, too! I’m so glad I did. I learned a lot about still life light painting, and enough about Photoshop to be able to process the image I created- which, actually, was fairly difficult to work with due to all the metal, glass, and reflections. The processing day was particularly intensive, but I look at my completed image and I am so proud to have made it. Harold is an exacting teacher; he will push you to do better and better, which will accelerate your skills rapidly. I’m so captivated by what I learned, in fact, that I have been setting up a still life studio at home. I am looking forward to shooting my own images and to working with Harold further to develop my photography and processing skills. If you have ever wanted to create a beautiful photograph in Harold’s style, I strongly recommend his workshop. You’ll be able to create a beautiful image in three days and be proud that you did.”
– Rachna Jain, Maryland, Group Workshop

“My name is Wai from Hong Kong.  I attended the one to one workshop.
The course started with basic principles of light painting and photography.  Then Harold showed me the entire process in producing a light painting image.  After that Harold assisted me in shooting and editing my own image.  His step by step instructions were valuable and very helpful.  
Harold is patient in coaching and teaching.  He is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic in sharing all his light painting techniques and passion for art.  
It was a very intensive workshop.  I felt exhausted by the end of the course.  On my way back home, I was evaluating the whole experience and I told myself that it was all worth it.  And I am truly grateful for this opportunity to learn from Harold.  I am hoping to return in the future to learn much more from him.
Special thanks to Vera, who gave wonderful support and assistance along the way.  Her kindness and thoughtfulness has made the whole journey much easier.”
– Wai Chong, Hong Kong, 1-on-1 Workshop

“Harold, I wanted to say a very special thank you to you and Vera for your warmth and generosity. I had such a lovely time at the workshop learning a whole lot of new approaches for my photography. I left feeling very inspired by the creative possibilities with your light sculpting approach.”
– Lloyd Pereira, Australia, Group Workshop plus an Extra Day 1-on-1

“I have attended many workshops over the past several years. This was by far one of the best I have ever attended. Harold is an excellent instructor. He is very capable of taking a very complex process and breaking it down into understandable and manageable steps. Further, Harold will follow up and assist you after the formal workshop.  I had trouble with some of his actions once I was home.  Harold took the time to Skype with me to resolve this issue. He was and is responsive to emails and very easy to work with. Not only is Harold a Master of his craft and inspirational, he and his wife, Vera, are genuinely nice people. They are welcoming, take the time to get to know you, and are gracious hosts.  Not only did I come away with a great deal of knowledge, I came away feeling good about just meeting Harold and Vera. Overall, this was a very worthwhile experience.”
– Laura Russomano, New Jersey, Group Workshop

“Attending Harold Ross’s Light Painting workshop was a bucket list item for me for almost 3 years. Finally getting to the class did not disappoint. Harold and his wife Vera take the time to get to know you and take great care of you while attending. If you sign up for a class with him, which you absolutely should, be prepared to learn a lot and to push your knowledge. Harold is meticulous, precise and extremely knowledgeable. His love of photography is apparent in everything he shares. Everything I learned will carry forward into all of my photography going forward. I am so grateful to have been able to attend and I hold great respect for Harold and Vera’s generosity and willingness to share his lifetime of work.”
– Carol Rioux, Canada, Group Workshop

“This was my second experience with Harold’s light paint workshop.  After the first I realized that I couldn’t get enough of the material.  I wanted more.  I knew, coming back, that I was in a safe learning environment and that I would be the beneficiary of another dose of intensive teaching.  But I had complete faith in the teacher and the outcome.  I knew I would learn a lot and that I would have an image that I would be proud of.  Harold is the ideal teacher.  He is warm and caring.  He is focused on and supportive of the learner.  He is patient.  His knowledge of the craft is world class.  Yet he is one of those rare stars who can break the information down into understandable bites for the rest of us.  He is a unique combination of an artist and an engineer.  His ability to create imaginative and pleasing subject matter is the first step.  His ability to command and teach post processing of the image is the icing on the cake.  One could not ask for more. Thanks to you Harold, and Vera. You are both treasures.”
-Bob Hawkins, Ohio, Group Workshop

“The workshop exceeded our expectations, and we both love the images made during the workshop. Harold is a very knowledgeable, skilled teacher and incredibly thorough. The workshop was entirely hands on, beginning with the treasure hunt through Harold’s interesting collection of beautiful objects! Receiving a complete set of notes, freed us to concentrate totally on learning by doing, not note taking. Shooting and Photoshop post processing was broken down into easily digestible steps, and we left with a feeling we could do this at home. Harold’s workshop is highly recommended! Many thanks to Vera and Harold for their hospitality!”
– Ella and Knapp Hudson, Maine, Custom Dates Group Workshop

“I took the one-on-one session and it help reinforced what I learned from the Group Workshop.   I learned many Photoshop tips and tricks that will definitely speed up my workflow. That alone was worth the money. Harold was very attentive and makes sure that you understand and can apply the techniques correctly. He is a great teacher! We went through the whole light sculpting process from choosing the subject matter, composition, light painting and post processing. I really felt that it was a collaborative effort.  You can spend a lot of money on online classes, but it is no comparison to having a teacher with you in person and “real-time” to help you learn. It was a wonderful experience! One that I definitely will do again in the future.”
– Michael “Bobby” Izquierdo, North Carolina, 1-on-1 Workshop

   “This was the best workshop I have ever attended, and the most intense. I mentioned that my wife is a musician and so am I. In describing the workshop to her I used a comparison to a music lesson. In music school you typically meet one-on-one with your teacher once a week for an hour. It is an intense time where you play what you have been working on and get corrections, then new material, play duets, do technical work, hear critiques, etc. Then you are off for a week of practice, ensembles, theory, history, composition, etc. The workshop was like having a music lesson for 12 hours straight for two days and a half day theory class – fantastic!
   Independent of your artistic and technical talent, you are an incredible teacher. Your energy, enthusiasm, and expertise was what kept both Tony and I going when we were flagging. Truly inspirational. The comprehensive material provided on the USB drive and your website is a much appreciated bonus. 
   Additionally, you and Vera are gracious hosts. You provided a comfortable, supportive environment, with music, humor, and food. I could not have asked for more.”
– Michael Lightner, Colorado, Group Workshop

“Thanks for the fantastic lessons. I learned a lot and love that fact. Please give Vera my Thanks. You two are the best.(The following week…) Harold & Vera – I’m sitting in my car and it dawned on me that I’m still excited about the workshop and all I learned. So, I wanted to thank you two again for an exciting and educational experience.”
– Tony Beverley, Virginia, Group Workshop

“Harold’s Light Painting workshop is like no other workshop I have ever attended.  It is an immersive, personal, and direct instruction experience.  The workshop is hands on vs other workshops where you primarily listen and take notes.  Harold is thorough, patient and also has a great sense of humor which is important as you sometimes struggle through the techniques.  I received more value from this workshop in terms of learning new skills than I had imagined.  Extremely worthwhile and worth every penny!”
– Mark V’Soske, North Carolina, Group Workshop

“You are a superb artist and photographer.  But you have more gifts.  You are a great teacher!  Your ability to break down complicated material into understandable and digestible bites is as amazing as it is rare.  You have the gift of being able to look into the mind of your student and see the material from their perspective, which allows you to anticipate and address stumbling blocks even before they happen.  We probably didn’t ask you a question this last weekend that you hadn’t heard many times before, and you knew how respond on our level to provide us with the answer.  You told us, and you demonstrated, that you had high expectations for our performance.  But you matched that with empathy and support and encouragement as we struggled to learn the material.  There were many times when you could have taken over and just performed the task that you were assigning us.  The urge must have been enormous.  You never succumbed.  You showed how to do it, saved it, then demanded that we do it.  You were honest in your feedback, but you were gentle in that instruction.  You never belittled us.  You were enthusiastic and supportive and happy for our successes.  You provided instructional material for us to take home.  You helped us make an image we could be proud of.
You also provided a warm and hospitable place of learning.  Your home is gorgeous, and you and Vera pampered us in every way.  You are lovely people, and I will treasure knowing both of you.  Have you ever thought about a Bed and Breakfast?  (Just kidding, but you would be great).
I learned a lot this weekend.  Even if I hadn’t, it would have been a wonderful experience.”
– Bob Hawkins, Ohio, Group Workshop

“Harold’s workshop was an amazing, information packed experience.  I learned so many things – how to see light like a painter, compose a still life, myriad light painting techniques, advanced tether capture, advanced photoshop skills and a unique approach to printing.  All in 2 1/2 days.  Harold has spent a lifetime perfecting his techniques; he is incredibly generous to share it with others.  His class materials are very helpful, including pre-reading and videos to help better prepare prior to the workshop, and a very detailed workbook that has everything you need to replicate what you did at his studio.  There are few workshop experiences I’ve had that deliver so much value.”
– Lita Sands, New Jersey, Group Workshop

“I had the privilege to attend Harold’s two pupil, three-day workshop at his and Vera’s beautiful home studio in March 2019. I enjoy playing with still life photography, although I am still quite the novice at it. When I saw all the images in Harold’s website that reminded me of Old World Masters oil paintings, I had to sign up for the workshop. It did not disappoint. Harold teaches a wealth of information in a three-day workshop that is very intense, but he is a patient teacher for all skill levels. I came away with new knowledge, enthusiasm, and a beautiful image that I will frame and hang proudly in my home. I have gradually been collecting materials needed to set up my own still life studio and am about ready to try my newly learned techniques. Thank you, Harold, for a wonderful learning experience. Thank you, Vera, for your very kind and welcoming hospitality.”
– Terri Schaffer, Maryland, Custom Dates Group Workshop

“As soon as I saw the first image taken by fellow photographers at Harold’s workshops I had to find out how it was done. 
I do limited light painting in my night photography but nothing as intricate. I learned a lot and hope to try it on my own soon before I forget. 
I personally struggled on the post processing day because I’m a PC user and all processing was done using Harold’s Macs. I was behind somewhat because I wasn’t sure of the Mac commands. It can be very intimidating. I was also new to masking. *Harold’s added note: The Photoshop interface on a Mac is really no different than that on a PC. With just a key or two being different, this is not really an important factor. I believe that you were reacting to the newness of the specialized brush techniques (on the mask) that are at the core of the post production work. :-) Sculptural painting on the mask, not the keystrokes, represents 95% of the time and effort spent in post production.*
I attended with a friend and I was happy we each got to choose what we wanted to shoot and had our own personal image to sculpt. I loved that we went home with a completed image. 
Harold is very knowledgeable and I would take his workshop again in the future.”
– Carol Ward, Maryland, Custom Dates Group Workshop

“It was a privilege to spend time with Harold learning his unique techniques of manipulating and applying light to an image. It seems to very much emulate the way an artist works with light in a painting and it opens for me a whole new way of approaching my photography and creating images. The ‘light sculpting’ technique is going to be invaluable to me because it allows me to use light in an image in ways that are not even possible using conventional lighting. It will give me the artistic freedom to create an image that reflects more of my my inner vision of the interplay of light and shadow. Harold was an extraordinary teacher. His teaching was at a high level, but quite accessible through his carefully prepared materials and carefully organized lessons. I was especially impressed that besides teaching me his special skills and knowledge, he has been willingly available, via email and telephone, to help me set things up on my own computer and to give advice on purchases I needed to make.”
– Charles Batchelder, Connecticut, Group Workshop

“I really, really enjoyed this unique workshop.  It was intense, and Harold has a well-planned class with lots of personal attention.  I learned so much, including a much better understanding of the importance and quality of light, as well as numerous techniques, both behind the camera and on the computer. I got all of the information that I need to continue to practice this special style of photography, and the motivation to create new images.  This workshop is thorough, supplemented with plenty of reference materials.  Harold’s studio provides the perfect learning environment, and his teaching approach includes patience with a bit of humor, resulting in a fun and memorable experience. And, the inspiration is priceless!”
– Betsy Wilson, Pennsylvania, Group Workshop

“I was fortunate to be able to do the one-on-one workshop with Harold. Somewhere near the beginning of the first day, he used the term “transformative” to refer to the process of light painting. In the same sense that “transformative” describes his photography, I feel that the term can equally be applied to the three-day workshop. In fact, I find it hard to believe that a person could spend this highly-focused, one-on-one time with Harold and come away feeling that her or his approach to photography has not been truly transformed. This workshop is amazing. Harold presents you with information taken from 30 years of developing his art in a manner that is well thought-out, and in manageable amounts. When you leave the workshop, Harold presents you with a detailed workbook that describes every step you have taken over the past several days. You also receive a flash drive with a considerable amount of information to help you once you get home and are ready to begin trying things out on your own. This includes several how-to videos and Photoshop exercises to help you build your brush skills in post-production. These proficiencies are essential to creating the quality of image you’re hoping to attain on your own, and having the videos to guide you is comforting. In addition, when you leave the workshop Harold makes the point of telling you that he is available through email for those times when you have the inevitable questions. Finally, I would not forgive myself if I didn’t mention Vera, Harold’s wife and partner in seemingly everything. Vera was amazing. From the email exchanges in the month or so leading up to the workshop, right through the final planning and execution, Vera played an indispensible role. Helpful does not begin to describe how attentive she is. In summary, I cannot recommend this experience highly enough. Harold is an accomplished artist, but he is also a terrific teacher. He possesses the skills necessary to pass his knowledge on to you. He breaks information into workable amounts, gently corrects you when necessary, lets you know when you’re doing things right, and makes you enthusiastic to learn more. As an educator myself, I know that this is what makes for a successful teacher. Harold and Vera, thanks so much!”
– Brian Ardan, Pennsylavania, 1-on-1 Workshop

“I have admired Harold’s light painting photographs since I first saw his images in LensWork magazine and was pleased to discover he also taught workshops. So, I decided to take his one-on-one, “Light Painting the Still Life” workshop.  This workshop was very thorough in its scope.  Harold begins by teaching his approach to setting up and composing a still life.  He then moves on to teach light painting, including the all important physical hand-motion skills involved in light painting specific textures, shapes, and materials.  The final day dealt with the important post-production methods needed to take advantage of a light painted still life.  Make no mistake – this is a very intensive workshop and Harold truly delivers.  However, he has tremendous patience and a thorough style of teaching (with a touch of humor here and there) but at no time did I feel rushed nor intimidated by my lack of knowledge in many areas.  I was amazed at how much information Harold was able to transmit to my feeble brain in such a short period of time.  I can confidently say that what I learned in those 3 days was far more than what I learned in more than a week in other photographic workshops I’ve taken.  The one-on-one version of this workshop was ideal for me as I could selfishly pick Harold’s brain to my heart’s content.  Harold did a great job correcting my mistakes and was very perceptive in detecting where my troubles were and correcting them.  His many years of teaching and his experience with light painting clearly shows!  His wife, Vera, also provides ample support and hospitality for the workshop.  Very highly recommended!  Thanks so much, Harold and Vera, for a most wonderful experience!”<
– Robert Fukura, Washington State, 1-on-1 Workshop

“Harold, Vera, a workshop in Lancaster, and a dream. This was a workshop that I gifted myself. What an absolutely wonderful experience. Harold attended to teaching his mastered art with finesse and humor. Light painting is Harold’s breathe and you can see that when you spend three days in their home. Vera provided a welcoming experience to the studio and their home. There were only two students and the hours were endless and tasking. The learning curve was immense for me. Harold met every challenge I created. He is a fine mastered artist with no fears of sharing all of his knowledge. Camera, computer, composing and tasking every second driven and every challenge met before departure. I left with my own masterpiece and a lifetime challenge. Thank you Harold and Vera. You have provided a challenge for my retirement that will always bring me back to your home. Integrity, honor, skill and kindness are traits not found often in our new society but I walked into three days of just that. Thank you, I plan to honor your art for a lifetime.”
– Ruth Dennison, Pennsylvania, Group Workshop

“Harold Ross’s Sculpting with Light workshop is rich in detail: From theory and equipment to practical experience and post-processing, Harold will patiently (and with a sense of humor) teach you his process of painting with light. Thoroughly enjoyable, this experience will definitely prepare you to forge ahead on your own artistic adventures with light painting!”
– Christy Pybus, Texas, Group Workshop

   “I recently travelled from Australia to Lancaster, PA, where Harold and his wife Vera live and have their studio, to do a four day one-on-one workshop. I think, no matter where one is creatively or professionally, it’s always beneficial to add skills or try something entirely new. 
   He keeps his workshops quite small (only one or two students at a time), which is understandable considering how detailed he needs to be in his teaching.
   It’s an advantage to have a photographic background and some grounding in Photoshop; however, Harold is a patient teacher and I imagine he can accommodate a wide range of skills. The important thing is to have personal motivation and drive; like anything in photography, after the initial hurdle of technical considerations, most of the further development comes from practise and application. In some ways, ironically, it may be a benefit to come with a clean slate or little knowledge of lighting in the studio as I found myself having to abandon earlier training and experience.
  Much of his technique (while still bound by the laws of physics!) allows for counter-intuitive and mind bending results that can’t otherwise be obtained by ‘normal’ photography.
   It’s all still within the realm of ‘real’, it’s just that one has a slightly uncanny sense of -presence, is the word that comes to mind. He manages to differentiate both from what is simply skillfully placed lighting and the sundry gimmicks that pass for fine art photography online (e.g. cranked up HDR). That’s not always an easy balance to keep as the tendency is to overcompensate with the powerful tools we have available.
   With Harold’s technique, the path onward leads to subtlety rather than an image that shouts “Look, I did something unusual!”
   Harold was wonderful to work with and learn from. I’ve been fortunate to have a series of good workshop experiences in the past, but also know that photographic skill and mastery doesn’t automatically translate into an ability to teach others. There are things I do every day I’d struggle to pass on to someone else.
   This is a powerful technique with a lot of variables; yet, Harold has managed to distill years of experience into a succinct package that, while not simple, is comprehensible.
   He also has the most important of teaching skills, a humble spirit and good humour! With Harold, I always had the sense he was there as a fellow learner sharing his experiences.
   I work in a large public school teachers union and know what makes for good curriculum and professional development materials. Harold has put together a comprehensive package that one can take home and continue to expand upon; I made minimal notes during the workshop but don’t feel like there is anything missed in the workbook and files he’s provided.
   This is the value of small intensives like this; anything larger and the student can’t be as hands on.
   I did all the lighting and post production under Harold’s supervision rather than just watching him do it whilst sitting in a classroom.
   There is a significant difference as I can now do it myself rather than coming back with a pile of potentially jumbled and unconnected techniques just out of reach.
   Though the workshop was quite full-on as far as information flow, Harold and Vera have created a lovely relaxed atmosphere in their rural home which made for a great learning environment.
   All told, though such workshops are no small expense, I feel this kind of immersion allows for both a renewed creative energy and, if nothing else, an expansion on my understanding of what’s possible. I’m looking forward to delving deeper into those possibilities with my own work and already roughing out how I can return for a follow up workshop sometime in the future.”
-Jason Nicholas, Australia, 1-on-1 Workshop (+ Extra Day)

“I had been introduced to light painting and certain techniques a few short months before learning that Harold Ross lived and taught in the same state as me. I immediately jumped on the opportunity to learn from him after following his blog pages.
I wasn’t quite sure what to expect prior to arriving in Pequea but I was excited nonetheless. Upon arrival, I met my classmate and we started talking, soon realizing that we shared a similar enthusiasm.
We were very warmly greeting by Harold and Vera and it was clear from the outset that the tone of the weekend would be friendly and welcoming. Vera did an amazing job before the weekend keeping in communication and informing us of what we needed. Emails were promptly responded to and always sent in a positive and personal manner.
Harold took the time to get to know each of us a little before explaining the roadmap of the weekend which was jam-packed with information.
Each of the three days was well planned and organized in a way that allowed Harold’s methods to unfold in a clear and well directed way. I was prepared to talk copious notes but information was presented in a comprehensive way which was supported by the workbook allowing us to focus less on note-taking and more on listening and putting the techniques into practice.
I think that despite Harold referring to Day Two as “bootcamp” with constant reminders of safe ways to navigate our sets without destroying them (:- )), his patience as a teacher was evident. There is a good deal of information to take in and it takes a willingness and passion to teach those with varying degrees of experience.
Vera is well organized, warm and supportive partner who ushers the weekend along with a generous kindness and hospitality. When I became unexpectedly ill on Day Three, she helped keep me as comfortable as possible to make it through the day’s offerings.
Having returned home and putting Harold’s methods into practice, I feel that I have the tools and resources necessary to continue light painting on my own (though it will take concerted effort and practice to hone those skills!). I know that continuing support will be provided as necessary.
A friend who had been taking the class remotely strongly encouraged me to register for the workshop stating that “you will learn so much” and it is “well worth it”. I couldn’t agree more. :- )”
-Jennifer Gershon, Pennsylvania, Group Workshop

“Fitting a full introduction to Harold’s working methods of light painting into a long weekend makes for a challenging, intensive learning experience. My initial worries returning home to the UK was to do with how much I’d be able to retain, but with the materials supplied and some follow-up support, the clarity and logic of Harold’s workflow makes for a consolidated learning experience and practising his methods have led to, certainly in my case, a significant improvement in my photographic practice. Certainly hard work, but Harold and Vera offer a very hospitable, welcoming learning environment.” 
– Bas Montgomery, United Kingdom, Group Workshop

I would like to Thank Harold & Vera for the wonderful workshop I attended on Light Sculpting! The way in which they communicate preparation details prior to the workshop was very professional and appreciated.  Harold covers light sculpting theory and practice with extraordinary skill and patience. He goes far beyond what I learned in previous workshops. It was well structured, and the knowledge I learned on masking, textures, lighting (raking), organization of files and much more has given me a great foundation to build on for my own light sculpting. Additionally, Vera did an outstanding job in making sure we always had a great breakfast and refreshments throughout the day. It was truly a first-class workshop like no other I have attended.” 
-Brian Larson, Minnesota, Group Workshop

“Dear Harold.  I thought waiting till I was 75 to take your class on “Light Painting/Sculpting”, with zero experience in using Capture One, Photoshop, or a Wacom Tablet, was a disaster waiting to happen. Thank you for simplifying 28 years of experience into laymen terms, and not letting that happen. Thank you for a beautiful finished product. Your take home materials, your on-line tutorals for your students, allow us to continue our own journey with this very special process. If you want to take, not only your photography, but your understanding of light in your photography to a very special place, this seminar is a must. Respectfully,”
-Tom Hughes, Pennsylvania, Group Workshop

“I have loved Harold’s work for a long time and was finally able to take a workshop with him.  I can’t speak highly enough about his hospitality, organization, and knowledge.  He and his wife were warm and welcoming.  It is obvious that Harold loves light painting and incredible that he is willing to share his knowledge with others.  
    Harold’s attention to detail and the way the workshop is organized made it the best workshop I have attended.  Light painting isn’t easy, but Harold took us step by step through the process from start to finish and included materials to help continue on after the workshop.  The process he has developed for light painting is structured in such a way that the knowledge can be used to create beautiful art.  In every moment of the workshop Harold wanted you to succeed – he really cares!
    Everything about the workshop made sense and Harold taught me not only how to light paint, but theories behind light and how to process afterward in a way that gives me confidence to go out and create my own light paintings.  
    Working with Harold is the most fun I’ve had at a workshop, was the highest of quality and most well organized. The knowledge gained will change not only the way I photograph, but the way I see the world. I now see light in the world differently – and it’s much more beautiful.”
-Jodi Fredericksen, Colorado, Group Workshop

 “I have the greatest respect for Harold and all of his hard work.  I’ve seen other people trying to copy Harold’s work, but in my opinion, no one comes close.
     While the course was intense and challenging, Harold’s enthusiasm for his work was inspiring, and his dedication for us to get the most out of the course speaks to his integrity and was greatly appreciated. 
     Harold is well organized and enjoys sharing his knowledge and wants you to succeed.  This application is a unique type of photography that I’ve never seen anywhere else. I look forward to applying his techniques, of which I am sure will be rewarding.”
-Patrice Zinck, Pennsylvania, Group Workshop

“For me, this workshop opened up a whole new world of photographic possibilities and I am so excited to put to use what I learned.  Harold, your prints are masterpieces to me.  I love the lights and shadows and that is what drew me to your workshop.  My expectations of the workshop were more than exceeded!!!!!  I would warn first timers to be prepared….its a lot of information.  I wish that the workshop was spread over three days, instead of 2.5 days to allow time to really process all of the information.  What was such a pleasant surprise was getting over my fear of using the Wacom tablet.  That intimidated me and after spending the time with this tool…..I feel ready to take on light painting.  I will continue practicing with the thumb tack and working with composing subjects to light sculpt with.  This workshop is money well spent for serious photographers!  I want to do a second workshop because I want to constantly improve!  Thank you Harold for sharing your passion and your home with us and also to Vera for your warm hospitality.”
-Anita Sedberry, Arkansas, Group Workshop

“When I discovered Harold Ross’ works of art some time ago, I marveled at how he seemingly rendered  objects in 3 dimensions with inviting (the viewer’s eye) richness, depth of color, compositional excellence and tasteful sharpness. Having searched in depth and not finding another light painter as clearly talented, I signed up for his workshop. I had to learn how this work is created. Long before the workshop, Harold communicated with me several times to help him make the most of our upcoming time together, individualized for me.  I have 45 years of photography experience and typically go to two high-end photography workshops annually. In terms of knowledge gained/time, Harold’s Workshop is focused, intense, yet unsurpassed in excellence from any I have experienced. The individual attention is unsurpassed. I am a physician, a teacher of doctoral students, addicted to depth, quality and detail in my teaching. I found Harold to be extremely gifted as an artist, but also unusually energetic, humble, personable, caring, eager and skillful as a teacher. He quickly determined my experience level (image capture and post-processing) and my ability to learn, then pushed me toward excellence with gentle prodding to make sure I was going to take home and own these new skills. His desire to impart to his students what has taken decades of trial and error/discovery to develop, he readily shares like a master sharing with disciples he’d like to carry on the art. While I learned many new skills, I was a bit surprised, as a veteran photoshop user, at his vast knowledge of PS and how much I learned that will help me in my post-processing work in non-light-painting. It was like getting a PS educational bonus. He is a PS Master. The one-on-one workshop seems ideal to me. The value is exceptional – hours and hours working individually with a true master of the art. Extremely high quality bargain. I highly recommend Harold’s workshop to any and all who truly desire to broaden their art of photography and post-processing.”
– Kirby Turnage, Florida, 1-on-1 Workshop

” 1. Our weekend workshop experience was more like spending time with old friends.
2. Harold and Vera are so well organized, the attention to details was so refreshing, and their hospitality gracious.
3.  Harold’s teaching style is very linear and easy to follow, though it is intense and it is hard work.
4.  Harold’s workshop was one of the most inspiring, well organized, intense, and fun workshops we have ever been on.”
– Michele McCain & Alan Haynes, California, Custom Group Workshop

“I want to tell everyone how amazing the Harold Ross Light Painting Workshop was for me. This was my first workshop experience and had no idea what to expect.  Now, all workshops for the rest of my life will have to live up to Harold’s workshop. From the time I was greeted at the door by Harold’s lovely wife, Vera, until the time we said our good-bye’s more than two days later, it was wonderful.  
The weekend was jam-packed with tons of information, not only regarding light painting, but regarding photoshop, Capture One, and art in general.  Nothing was left to chance and everything was structured well.   Even breakfast and lunch was terrific!   I cannot tell you how much I have learned from this experience.  And it also taught me how much I still have to learn about photography in general.  Harold is a true professional, in every sense of the word.  
If you decide to take Harold’s workshop, you will not regret it for a single moment.  You will get your money’s worth, and then some.”
– Melanie Kern-Favilla, New York, Group Workshop

“I loved this workshop! Harold presented a huge volume of information and practice. His personal experience formed the basis of the workshop and that is really what I was looking for. I also really like the depth with which Harold explains his techniques and processes of lighting, shooting and editing.
The structure of the workshop, together with provided teaching material and pleasant personable approach, make it worth every dollar I spent.
I got a lot out of this workshop and would highly recommend it.”
– Tomas Capek, Switzerland, Group Workshop

“One day, almost 2 years ago, while browsing a forum, I found a piece of photographic work that completely caught my attention.  Simply put, it was a photograph that looked like a painting.  I had been on a mission for a couple years before that to figure out a way to do the exact same thing and here it was!  When I inquired as to how it was created, the name Harold Ross came up.  I found out he had workshops teaching people how to do this and so I decided I would save up to be able to go to one.  The wait was well worth it!  I have tried to teach myself a little via books and YouTube videos, but the hands-on approach was indescribably better and so in-depth and thorough.  I had tried several different subjects at home and the struggles I had lighting things like glass and creating realistic shadows were all answered.  I hope to use the knowledge to light paint small family heirloom items and also tractors and cars outdoors.  I feel I now have the technical knowledge to pursue that dream!  Harold is a great teacher, patient even when I made the same mistake 3 times in a row. ;-)  Very good workshop and it was a wonderful to add another tool to my photographic toolbox!  Would definitely recommend.”
– Naomi Johnson, Minnesota, Group Workshop

     “I recently had the privilege of attending Harold’s (and wife Vera’s!) Sculpting with Light workshop at his home in Pennsylvania.  I am a Colorado-based professional photographer, earning most of my living running a variety of field workshops throughout the west. It’s always interesting to see how others run their workshops.
     This was the most intense, information-packed event I’ve ever attended.  The 8-10 hour days flew by.  I was fortunate to have attended with a friend, so it was one instructor with two students.  He also runs them as one-on-one sessions, but I believe my friend and I both learned more by working together than we would have otherwise.
     He teaches at the highest level, without compromise, and expects your best effort. If there were a ratio for comparing the cost of a workshop to the amount of useable knowledge gained, the value of this one would be very high!”
– Bob Maynard – Colorado, Group Workshop

“I had no experience with light painting, but I have participated in a number of workshops by well known photographers on a variety of photographic topics.  What separates Harold’s workshop experience from every other workshop I have ever attended is Harold’s organized approach to learning a completely new approach to capturing light. There is no question that Harold is a master at light painting, but his ability to focus the workshop participant on the key elements of this photographic technique is unique and inspiring.   Not only did I learn a new technical approach to lighting a subject, I walked away from this workshop with a greater appreciation of perceiving light and its affect on a subject.  This workshop was a great experience for me.  It came with the bonus that it is held in a beautiful place in one of the most interesting parts of our country.” 
– Steve Hicks, New Mexico, Group Workshop

“I knew the moment I found out Harold did workshops, I would be attending one. And I did. I walked away exhausted but filled with insightful knowledge on Harold’s techniques, both with photographing images and working with them in post production. The workshop is well developed, planned out and executed. Harold walks participants through each step at their pace, ensuring they have a good understanding of the process. He not only teaches you but educates you on the whys. If you are considering taking his workshop, ask yourself, am I ready to be challenged? Because you will be! And it is well worth the time and money you invest.”
– Patricia Isbell, Texas, Group Workshop

“An Outstanding Workshop!  Both my wife and I, while being fairly well experienced photographers, learned so much more about using light (both in image capture and PS) in a special way that brings out the hidden beauty of any subject.  Harold perfectly tailored the workshop to our experience level and Vera is the epitome of hospitality.  While both Laura and I had done some light painting before, Harold took us to a higher and more artistic level.  All the techniques we learned will certainly influence the way we approach our shooting and processing in the future — even for the traditional landscape scenes we typically shoot.  The facility is perfect for learning.  A great workshop experience in every way.”
– Doug and Laura Bennett, Colorado, Custom Group Workshop

“It was definitely worth the effort to go to Harold’s studio and take his workshop on sculpting still life with light. Harold has not only a vast knowledge and experience with the techniques used, but also the required skills to pass these on to the attendees. His collection of props/objects is amazing and I loved it!
The hands on experience of controlling light to sculpt objects, as well as learning to use layers and masks in post production will certainly improve my work.
In a more general perspective, I think the workshop promotes the development of new insights, of our photographic competence, it helps cultivate our artistic sense and expression.
Thank you Harold for everything you taught me! And thank you Vera, for the great support!”
– Maria Carmen Khnychala Cunha, Brazil, 1-on-1 Workshop

“Harold Ross has a distinctive approach to light painting. He sculpts light to achieve terrific depth and color. If you like his style, his workshops are a must. That’s because the technique he has perfected is precise and hardly intuitive. The lighting is done in many sections as opposed to the traditional single sweep. To compose a complete image the post processing in Photoshop involves many layers and masks arranged in a precise manner.
Harold is a master and a wonderful, patient teacher. The quality of his workshop is excellent and he will give you a greater knowledge of highlights and shadows to achieve stunning depth and color. The workshop proceeds in a logical sequence with explanations of every step in lighting and post processing so that one gains the information to try the technique on his own.”
– Morris Liss, Maryland, 1-on-1 Workshop

“The weekend was amazing! Friday’s complete walkthrough from Harold was a terrific way to see the process start to finish, first hand, with the ability to ask questions along the way, before getting into it the next day for myself. This, for me, was invaluable! I said Friday night that if the workshop would have ended then, it would have been worth the price; and I meant it. But then actually doing it myself, with plenty of handholding along the way, I was able to create what I think is an amazing image. I can’t wait to gather up some old things and start to create my own “works of art! Thank you both again for a great weekend and for giving me a firm foundation of which to build!”
– John “Muggs” Ferguson, Pennsylvania, Group Workshop

“If you are considering a light painting workshop from Harold Ross, just do it. Working with Harold is a rare opportunity, and I am sure you will be greatly rewarded. Just read the other testimonials! Harold and Vera’s warm hospitality made the entire weekend such an enriching experience. My own workflow and Still Lifes have improved “light years” beyond where they were, and the value of the workshop for me has far exceeded any issue of cost. Harold has structured his workshops for success, following a step-by-step workflow for the technical and the creative. It is intense and engaging and very supportive. Back in my studio, the materials and electronic Photoshop files are an invaluable resource.”
– Chandler Barrett, North Carolina, 1-on-1 Workshop

“Harold! Your Light Painting workshop was both inspiring and intense. I truly got my money’s worth. I can see why many people come back to you for more training. You taught us much more than just “superlative” light painting. You also taught us how to be more intentional in our creative process and to look more closely at how we compose our art. From day one you led us down the path of looking at light and composition in a deeper manner. Your workshop sets the bar for all other light painting workshops. Everything was hands-on and you made sure everyone was successful and understood everything from start to finish. Course materials were top notch. Photoshop training was excellent. Food and company was great! I hope to come back soon for more light painting inspiration and knowledge! Thanks!”
-Wes Taylor, Minnesota, Group Workshop

“Dear Prospective Students: If you are interested in light sculpturing or light painting or any other name you may want to call it, look no farther. Harold Ross understands light; he understands how to apply and capture light with a camera; and most importantly, he understands how to convey this understanding to his students. In my seven years of serious photography this is the best class I’ve taken.  After three days I departed knowing and believing that I can do this. No mention of the class would be complete without mentioning Harold’s wife, Vera. I was welcomed into her home and made comfortable. But I knew that this would be the case as she made the business end of the class both pleasant and efficient.
– Larry Bouterie, Virginia, Group Workshop

“Extremely well organized and enjoyable weekend learning to creatively paint with light.  Harold and Vera were excellent hosts and instructors keeping us on track but not rushed through the somewhat complicated process.  Well worth the investment.”
– John Hulburt, Virginia, Group Workshop

“I have been a professional photographer for over 40 years. I have seen almost every technique that has ever been done and every photoshop trick. However, I must say that my experience with Harold’s Light Painting Workshop was simply mind blowing! His simple, yet practical training techniques was exactly what I was looking for. And just when you think you know everything about Photoshop, Harold will bring you back to reality with tips, tricks, and Actions that will make you say, WOW! I am so happy that I went to this workshop. I am very pleased that I attended and I can see that the things I learned will help me become a better photographer and what I learned will help me be more efficient. If you are considering attending, stop thinking and go!”
– Kirk Voclain, Louisiana, Group Workshop

“The workshop was the just the kind of total immersion experience I needed. Harold, you are a paragon of patience. I can’t imagine having taken such a detailed workshop without your clear and thoughtful guidance. And the enthusiasm you show for each student’s progress? That’s totally inspirational. What I never thought I could create on my own now seems completely within reach. The good humour, natural camaraderie, and genuine hospitality (not to mention the card tricks) made it a pure pleasure to be a part of. Thanks again to you both, and of course to Vera who is one of those people who holds everything together and makes it all look easy. What a great team you all make!”
– Guy Ridgway, ON, Canada, Group Workshop

“The way the workshop is organized is perfect! Day 1 Harold tells and shows us what we’re going to do, Day 2, we did the studio work, Day 3 we did the back shop and wrap up. I learned there are many, many ways to do things in the studio and Photoshop to achieve similar affects, but the order you do them in makes for a very fine recipe similar to the difference between my cheesecake recipe and momma’s secret cheesecake recipe. I highly recommend this class. It not only taught me about photography but art in general. It will help me in all my artistic endeavors. Thank you Harold, John and Vera.”
– PK Donson, North Carolina, Group Workshop

One of the best workshops I have attended.The class was very well structured and always started on time.I really liked that there were only four students. Harold and John were great, they were able to give plenty of individual instruction. Thanks Harold, Vera and John for the great  time!”
– Ken Shepard, Washington, Group Workshop

“I had an amazing time at Harold’s workshop.  Vera and Harold are very warm and welcoming.  I learned so much about light, photography and Photoshop.  I would highly recommend this class when you are ready to take your photography and light sculpting skills to the next level.”
– Joshua Ardoin, Louisiana, Group Workshop

“The weekend workshop was an invaluable experience. Harold’s work is unique and beautiful. From a production standpoint, I learned a great deal about lighting techniques, the theory of which could be applied even to my photography of landscapes and nudes.  Because I am not versed in Photoshop, the post-processing work was essential and exciting.  It is not often one finds a person who is an excellent photographer and an equally good teacher. Harold is both and quite patient with those of us on a learning curve. It opened up all sorts of new artistic avenues. “
– Brook Hedge, Delaware, Group Workshop

My one-on-one workshop with Harold was superb.  His flow and organization of information was stellar. Harold presented theory, demonstrated the light painting technique and then a led me through the composition, lighting and processing.  I really appreciated how he paid attention to how I learned best and worked to find ways to explain things in ways that registered for me. The very well written workshop booklet that documents everything allowed me to focus on the information, ask questions and never worry about taking notes.  It will be an invaluable reference as I incorporate light painting into my work. I have been home for only a few days and already the painterly post-processing brush techniques I learned are a game changer for me.  Hands down, this was the best photography workshop I have been too.”
– Deb Ehrens, Massachusettes, 1-on-1 Workshop

“Thank you for an amazing experience. I feel like I received more knowledge and training than I paid for, and a masterpiece.  I had no idea how detailed the work would be. When you search the internet on “light painting” you see images of people playing in the dark with flashlights. Your art is truly in a different category and I feel honored to have experienced it. Your passion for the “magic” that came to life on the screen was admirable in that this is nothing new for you, however I sensed you enjoyed bringing this to life as much as I did, as someone seeing it for the first time. Additional thanks to Vera for making the trip an easy one and for her hospitality. Thank you both for listening to my story that drives me to channel my passion in positive self-healing directions.”
– Debbie Harris, Maryland, 1-on-1 Workshop

Just a note to let you know how much I enjoyed (and learned from) the workshop on Light Painting the Still Life Image. The virtually one-on-one instruction provided by you was a great help, and providing the equipment (computer, software, tripods, & lights) really made things go smoothly. And the range of subjects you’ve collected over the years was amazing and impressive – not to mention all the fresh produce Vera provided for subjects and for treats. I’m pretty familiar with Photoshop and the Masks, Modes, and Layers functions, but there is always so much to learn by just watching how others use the same tools. I’ve got several more new tips and tricks that I can now use in my teaching, as well. The techniques and processes you shared with us on light painting are absolutely amazing. I think the one thing I’m really starting to understand and appreciate is the ability to sculpt the subject with light by using the pen and tablet. You techniques for shaping/lighting a circle, cylinder, or flat object to create depth and texture is absolutely a painter’s touch. Thanks to you and Vera for your hospitality and for making the weekend so enjoyable. I look forward to practicing the light sculpting techniques and what a blessing are your notes on the process.”
– Chuck Almarez, Virginia

“I just recently completed a painting with light class and I had a great time. This class exceeded all my expectations of what I thought the class would be like. What was important to me, as a student, was the availability of equipment, that there was a one-to-one teacher student ratio, that there wasn’t an instructor standing in front of a class just lecturing to you. If you want to take your photography up to the next level, this workshop is a must. In my opinion the price of the class was a small investment that will pay off dividends in the future. So, if you’re thinking about attending this workshop “DO IT.” This is a hands on workshop, be prepared to do work with an instructor guiding you.”
– Juan Alvarez, Texas

“Having discovered the work of Harold Ross about two years before I attended his workshop, I had taught myself quite a bit about his process of Sculpting with Light based on the excellent information and videos he had posted on-line. And because his online materials were so generous and so well put together, I expected that the workshop would be of similar excellence and it certainly was! Harold is an excellent teacher, well organized and very involved with each student. He made sure each student understood and was able to execute each step in the process. I came away from the workshop knowing and understanding ever-so-much-more about Sculpting with Light and I love the process even more.”
– Barbara Hodgdon, California

“Anyone who ever gave you confidence, you owe them a lot.” And such is Harold Ross and his Sculpting with Light course. Through patient guided instruction, latitude enough for personal interpretation, over three days, before my eyes an interpretative image developed. The small class were each amazed at their own and each other’s work. Amazing, stimulating, excitement inside and out. My Muse has returned!”
– Donald Crais, Louisiana

“In my journey to take my photography to a high level, I came across Harold Ross’ images, which I found to be unique and very pleasing to the eye.  I recently attended Harold’s workshop and was taught how to take a concept from idea through post processing to produce work similar to Harold’s.  The workshop is intense but well organized, and Harold guided my fellow participants and myself through the entire process.  I highly recommend Harold’s workshop to anyone interested in Light Painting.”
– Greg Waldron, Utah

“I have been a professional photographer for the last 38 years, working in Los Angeles and for the last 15 years in Santa Barbara California.  I have always wanted to learn light sculpting but never seemed to have the time.  Well, I’m glad I waited to find Harold Ross!  His expertise and quality instruction has opened my eyes to a new and wonderful way to express my creativity in photography.  My expertise is lighting and I have met very few photographers I admire more than Harold for lighting, amazing.  His quality and attention to every detail is second to none.  The personal attention I got from such a small class gave me a deep understanding of the ideas behind the procedures.  It enabled me to have a fuller experience and benefit from Harold’s personal touch and guidance.  I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to take their photography in a very different direction than the rest of the photographic crowd.  Harold Ross is a craftsman which there are very few left in our profession.”
– Richard Salas, California

“I enrolled in the workshop just to see what light painting is and how it is done. I was intrigued by how the images appeared as if oil paintings. I was pleased by Harold’s preparation for the workshop, his ability to teach and demonstrate his workflow, and then showing us how to practice his method. I also realized how little I know about Photoshop and the importance such knowledge plays in successful post production of assembling an image. Thankfully, Harold has devised some Actions that he shared which help set-up Photoshop for his workflow. Additionally, I was especially pleased to have a final light painted image of my own to take away at the end of the session.”
– Bryce Boothby, Massachusetts

“I thought the workshop was vigorous, exciting, and fabulously exhausting.  We all worked hard, learned so much during and had equally as much fun.  I was surprised at how much skill is required for the strived for quality that Harold demonstrates and appreciated the time he took to teach them properly. Light painting and Capture One are difficult and there was much to remember and practice.  I wish the many things that I learned stayed in my memory and because they didn’t, I greatly appreciate the flash drive full of reminding information.  That was a real gift and most thoughtful of Harold. The workshop was my birthday present and I was excited to go, excited while there, and excited at what I learned.  And I am very proud of what I accomplished and the image I created.  Thanks so much to you Harold.I will always remember this fabulous workshop.”
– Mary Ann Setton, Virginia

“A Harold Ross Workshop is a brief immersion into a special world.  The work space is tailor made for hands-on learning with a dedicated creative environment equipped with the tools, technology and inspiration we needed. His experience, preparation and enthusiasm resonated at each phase of our workshop. Yet it was clear, he was not there to simply lecture – we were there to Do The Work. Each of us took a different creative direction which he supported and encouraged. To me there was an unexpected benefit to a group workshop. We were able to observe how other compositions and surfaces, different from our own, were best sculpted with light and handled in post-processing. For me, this was not simply a workshop. It was a unique view into a world so few get to see up close. And I truly respect the tremendous effort Harold made to make this workshop effective for each one of us.  He was extraordinarily generous in the time he spent, the equipment we could use and the materials we provided for us to use after the workshop. I traveled to Pequea and was welcomed to another universe. This is an experience I will never forget.”
– Pauline Chiarelli, New York

“I recently had the mind blowing pleasure of attending a Harold Ross Light Painting Workshop. Those three days in Harold’s studio will stand out as one of the best learning experiences of my life.  Harold not only is a Master of Light Painting, he is a Master Instructor, and he and his wife Vera are definitely, Masters of Detail and Organization. And if that’s not enough, they are also lovely and gracious hosts. Right from the beginning it’s made very clear that Harold wants his students to succeed and that the days ahead were going to be packed with the instruction and activities to ensure that success. One of the details I really appreciated about Harold is his focus on teaching us how to create the best possible photo using his specialized lighting technique and the camera, and not how to “fix” the photo later using software. So, if the shot wasn’t right, I’d do it over until it was! It was the same in post-processing, the software tools were only used to compile and bring out the best of an already beautiful shot. Harold has an awesome teaching style that is patient, thoughtful and for me, very effective. I am amazed at how generous he is with sharing his knowledge and skills with his students.  The end result for me was a stunningly gorgeous photo and a passion to practice, learn, and create more painted light. The quality and value of a Harold Ross workshop far exceeds the cost, hands down.”
-Linda Flicker, Oregon

Coming into the workshop as a self taught Still Life Light Painting Photographer with basically zero use or patience for Photoshop I can say I honesty left somewhat dazed and definitely amazed. I now look forward to making a new image as much as possible. Harold’s workshop definitely helped give my work that punch it needed. I liked my work, even more so now. Well worth it. I highly recommend taking this workshop, and you will be amazed at your work. But keep in mind, you will also learn a lot about how to “Paint” with light onto your subject(s) in this class. To me, this was very important.  This is after all, where your artwork begins. With arrangement and lighting. Harold, Vera and John are very, very nice folks. They were welcoming, helpful and very friendly. I certainly hope to maintain a friendship with all of them. And I would certainly entertain the idea of meeting up with them if ever in the area again. Go for it. You won’t regret it. As a hobbyist or Professional.”
– Tim Thurman, Michigan

“Many, many times I looked at the absolutely stunning pictures Harold created. For me, this is what iI was looking for in my photography. Now, after taking Harold’s workshop, you guys have give me the confidence, the tools to do it the right way. And what a privilege to learn it from the master himself! Very informative and inspirational, exceptional high level, this is the ultimate light painting workshop! Can’t thank you enough for everything that has been passed on!”
– Colin Wessels, British Columbia

“I was very happy with the entire workshop experience. The atmosphere was both intense and informal, in that a tremendous amount of material was covered in the three days without it ever becoming overwhelming. Both Harold and John kept things very open and friendly, and the team-teaching meant that someone was always available to guide, make suggestions, and help out with problems. Two instructors and four students was a perfect ratio, so that I never felt abandoned in the push to get finished. [It was very] useful to have us work in partners during the capture stage. Not only was it extremely helpful to have someone else take care of opening and closing the shutter, but we also got to see and learn from two projects in progress, instead of just our own.I highly recommend the Light Sculpting workshop to anyone who already has a solid background in the basics of photography and using Photoshop, and wishes to expand their skills in a whole new way of lighting.”
– Dale Leifeste, New York

“The experience of Harold’s workshop has completely warped my mind. I used to be content strolling around our property, looking for beautiful things to photograph–either in situ or in my studio. Now, all I can think about is light painting! I wander around our house, picking up and fondling objects that we’ve lived with for years, thinking about how they might work in some sort of exotic still life. After 45 years of doing photography, I feel born again! The devotion, skill, and tireless energy that Harold brought to the workshop was truly extraordinary, providing me with one of the most enjoyable and inspirational experiences of my photographic life. True. ”
– Gerry Bishop, Virginia

“I learned about Harold’s website a few years ago from a fellow photographer.  For several years I attempted to justify spending the money for Harold’s workshop.  The cost of the 3 day workshop deterred me at first however I realized that no other photographer’s works compared to Harold’s light painted images. I was hesitant too about signing up for the workshop as I’ve sat through some really poorly designed workshops and was afraid to invest the money and sit through another bad workshop.  I was pleasantly surprised at how well Harold organized all the information needed to learn to light paint.  Harold and John were more than willing to impart valuable tips and assistance in learning the process.  I would highly recommend Harold’s course to anyone that is interested in learning how Harold creates such amazing images.  The workshop was well worth every penny spent!”
– Karen Warkany, Ohio

I would like to thank Harold, John and Vera for a genuinely exceptional three-day workshop experience. The workshop was structured to encourage us to explore, invent, and push boundaries both creatively and technically. It was everything I was looking for in a workshop. I was also genuinely impressed by the openness, energy, and attention that Harold and John gave to each and every person. This was by far the best workshop I have ever attended. Thank you Vera for making us feel so welcome in your home.”
– Marilyn Cook, Florida

“I would recommend to anyone who is serious about light painting take Harold’s workshop. I can’t wait to get home and start looking for a [subject]. Thank you for your wonderful hospitality.” 
– Ronald Cox, Florida

“This was my second workshop with Harold and it was even better than the first!   The light painting techniques taught by Harold are invaluable – it is much more than simply waiving a flashlight over a subject.  The Photoshop post production methodologies are quite versatile and can be easily applied to enhance even your non-light painting photographs.  Harold is a great (and patient!) teacher, creating a comfortable collaborative environment for the workshop.  Highly recommended!”
-Mike Davidowsky, New York

“The instruction is organized, well thought out and complete, and is executed to the same standard. In the end, each participant had a beautiful high quality image. A very rewarding feeling. Harold delivers a very information packed, engaging and challenging learning experience.  I found it to be a fantastic value!”
– Robert Keirstead, Massachusetts

“I’ve taken a lot of photo workshops over the years, but this was by far the best, the most intensive, and delivered the most content of any of them.  And it was fun in the process.  Not a day has gone by that I didn’t wish I could go back in time and start the experience all over again.  The three-day immersion in light painting and post production was unbelievably exhilarating and intense.  I truly enjoyed every minute! Thanks a lot!”
– Bob Egan, Pennsylvania, 1-0n-1 Workshop

“Whether you take the class as a 1-on-1 or in a group, light painting is fun and well worth the investment of learning “how to do it.” The knowledge you gain is invaluable. Harold (and his pal John) are very good at what they do and they are very good at teaching others the processes they employ.  They will quickly instill in you the knowledge that (with practice) you can be good too. You will be amazed with the final results of your personal light painting project that you do right there in the workshop. Your photograph will be worth a thousand words (pardon the cliché). So, are there really a number of ways to tackle light painting?  Bottom Line:  After taking this workshop, I don’t think so.  There is the Harold Ross way…period (and his really is the Right Way!). But, it is more than that.  You see, by carefully following the step-by-step process that Harold and John provide, a process honed by years of experience and refined, proven methodology, one’s own level of experience and understanding of photography and light; one’s own technological abilities with both camera and lens as well as image processing software; and finally and just as importantly, one’s own overall appreciation of photography as an art, will be vastly and dynamically influenced and enriched in every photograph that you create from then on, whether in-studio or out-of-doors.  For me, this workshop experience (arguably) has been the best thing I have done since retiring.”
– Chris Jewett, Maryland

“Looking to expand my opportunities by branching out into the realm of product photography, I was searching for a way to differentiate my work from the multitude of other photographers in the field. I stumbled upon Harold’s website and some of his images. I found his work to be strikingly beautiful and unlike most everything else I had ever seen. I quickly became enthralled by his technique of “light sculpting.”
I spent three full, productive days under Harold’s tutelage. His mentoring style is nurturing, patient and very hands-on. And Harold’s artistic vision melds seamlessly with his proprietary techniques to produce stunning images. I was astounded at how “transformational” (borrowing from Harold’s lexicon) light sculpting can be. The finished product is very emotive and stands apart from the usual fare. A hybrid between a stunning photograph and a beautiful painting. No other technique can create this look. I definitely received much more than my money’s worth from the course. 

Harold Ross is so much more advanced and accomplished than anyone else doing “light sculpting” on this planet! Not only in the “light painting” phase where every detail of the lighting is carefully planned and executed, but also in the post processing phase of the “sculpting” of the final image.
I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone who seeks to transform his or her photographic lighting and post processing skills into something that will help to create images of an almost surrealistic beauty. Thank you again Harold and Vera for such a great experience!”
– Dave Goldberg, Michigan, 1-on-1 Workshop

“I know as a flight instructor that there is a big difference between being able to do something well and being able to teach that thing well. You are a very very good teacher, and I can’t complement you enough on your workshop’s organization, thoroughness and attention to detail, as well as your own clarity of explanation, patience, and attentiveness to your students’ level of understanding and need for support. Your workshop was an absolutely wonderful experience, and I will risk some hyperbole by saying that for me personally as a photographer, it was trans-formative. Furthermore, you and Vera are outstanding hosts and made me feel exceptionally welcome in your home. Vera provided seamless support and way too much candy. John was an excellent co-instructor, and I hope you will convey my complements to him – he also has great bedside manner and a really effective, low-key manner. He was great to work with. Thank you.”
Henry “Fax” Ayres, Virginia

“I enrolled in Harold Ross’s workshop after reading an interview on Photigy.com. They called him, “Master of Light Painting.”  A Google search of his still life images left no doubt.  Harold’s work is high Art!  However, what convinced me to take his workshop were the student examples on Harold’s blog. Simply amazing! The possibility of achieving similar results was irresistible. I found the 3-day experience intense, long, fun, frustrating, exciting, and in the end, hugely satisfying. The instruction is well organized with plenty of examples and demonstrations. With only four students in the workshop, we received constant attention. I left with the best photo of my life; confident I can continue my own light painting.  The workshop exceeded all expectations.  Oh yes, Harold’s wife Vera was the perfect host keeping us supplied with snacks, drinks, sandwiches, and lots of coffee.”
– Jerry Starbuck, Virginia

“Harold Ross is a master at light painting. In this amazing workshop, the lines between photography and painting are blurred. This is an intense and information packed hands-on workshop but made easy with Harold’s and co-instructor John Corcoran’s relaxed and pleasant style. Their attention to detail is evident in all aspects from beginning to end. To top it off the hospitality of Vera Ross makes one feel quite welcome. I am grateful to have had this experience.”
– Max Acra, Pennsylvania

“The workshop was absolutely fantastic.  The unique and artistic techniques we were taught enabled us to make stunning, one of a kind images.  Learning to think, see and create differently was value far beyond the cost of the workshop.  I can’t imagine a more exciting and rewarding experience.”
– Butch Welch, Michigan

“Your class Rocked… Your attention to detail and the quality of your product/art is so far above the average that it places your work in a higher realm.  It was a real pleasure being in your studio, seeing you work and being able to see light in a different way.”
Joe Carr, South Carolina

“I have to say, that you folks put on a stellar workshop. It was well organized, and we as students were well taken care of. The information was tremendous! I feel like I now have a set of tools that I can use to pursue my craft well into the future and actually achieve the results that I’m after. Harold and John’s teaching style worked very well for me. I now have to live up to the standard that has been set! I think the thing that excites me the most about learning this technique is that it will allow me to be a painter and a photographer at the same time. It was so worth the cost!”
– Kirk Deese, Virginia

   “I first saw Harold Ross’s work in Lenswork magazine several years ago.  I subsequently purchased his Special Edition Folio, “Shopcraft”.  At that time I made a commitment to myself to contact Harold and take his light painting workshop.  Finally after four years of dreaming, I took Harold’s workshop.  I was not disappointed! The structure of the workshop was very effective. The learning environment was also excellent. During the introductory session, Harold was able to discern the level of expertise of his students.  He then tailored the instruction around that expertise.  Students were able to get direct hands-on training by Harold as well as gain additional information by watching Harold work with other students.  It was a very intense hands-on interactive workshop.  The photo studio, selection of props, and the processing computer equipment and software were all superb. Harold was able to translate his years of experience into a very understandable instructional methodology.  He took subtle but complex techniques and made them simple and workable for the students. My overall objective for the class was to get a good understanding of Harold’s light painting technique.  I received much more.  I walked away confident that I could continue to experiment and learn the technique.  I came away with many ideas to explore.  And exceeding my expectations, I also had an image that I am proud to exhibit. Thank you Harold and Vera for a great workshop and a start of a new learning experience.”
– Karl Graf,  Pennsylvania

“Harold’s Light Painting workshop was a five star experience. The workshop is professional A to Z and Harold shares his knowledge on any aspect of pre- and post processing photography and beyond. A true 360 experience. Harold ignited in me a very important new level towards professional photo working, thinking, and processing as artist and engineer. I am delighted that I made the decision to participate and feel like a different photographer post-workshop. This was my first real experience with light painting and will help me in practicing these techniques beyond a studio setup. This is THE light painting workshop you will ever need to take, seriously. 
Harold is a great teacher in both theoretical and hands-on teachings. He is very open and sensitive to a situation to guide a student, but also to allow for failure so that teacher and student gain insights together and discuss their experience. This is golden.”
– Frank Schneider, Pennsylvania

   “I just returned from a light painting workshop with Harold, tired but full of ideas and inspiration. Harold and John run a very organized and fast-paced workshop that is technically and artistically challenging. They manage to keep all of the students on track by providing constant individual assistance and advice.
   Harold’s knowledge of light painting and post-processing techniques is very impressive, but in addition to that he has a keenly developed artistic sense that I believe sets him apart from many other workshop leaders.
   Anyone deciding to attend one his workshops should be prepared for a very busy and challenging weekend, but the results should satisfy the most demanding student. In addition to the workshop time, Harold and his wife Vera provide a comfortable and welcoming home that helps to make the entire experience most enjoyable.”
– Brian Graham, Ottawa, Canada

“I’ve enjoyed and found Harold Ross Still Life Light Painting workshop educational and helpful for my future efforts in this area as well as photography in general. Harold is a recognized expert in this field and along with his assistant and friend John, they’ve conducted an intense but very a high quality weekend workshop in Harold’s home studio. The workshop was well organized in going from light painting theory and approach to hands on composition of individual still life scenes and light painting photography and then processing the captured images into a well done final product using individual computer stations. Throughout the process, we were guided by Harold and John. They didn’t do the work for us but provided us with their expert advice as needed and held us to their high standards. I feel that I’ve learned a lot in the workshop and found it to be a worthwhile experience. “
– Izet M. Kapetanovic, Ph.D., Maryland

“The three-day workshop was very thorough and of superior quality. Learning tethered shooting using Capture One software was new to me and will prove invaluable in future efforts at light sculpting.
I also gained a better insight into using layers and masking in Photoshop CC 2015. Harold and John are excellent teachers and each of the four participants was given adequate one and one instruction time. Both instructors were patient and thorough.
The course is very well organized and follows a logical step-by-stem procedure. The intricacies of light sculpting, and there are many, are well explained. The workshop is of great value to anyone contemplating trying to master this skill.”
– Ray Doyle, PA

“The workshop is well organized and paced just right. One day is spent on theory, the next on practice and the last on post processing. Even though there is a great amount of information to cover, Harold is always patient and good humored.  Both he and John are wonderful artists and they expect a high level of performance from their students. The booklet provided is all inconclusive and is easy to follow along at home. I’ve already recommended the workshop to several of my photography friends.”
– Jane Kicks, New Jersey

“I just completed my second one-on-one training session with Harold Ross in four months. Harold is off the charts brilliant and gifted in his mastery of light: 1) seeing light, 2) the techniques of lighting and 3) and the art of painting with light in Photoshop to create a final image. When training with Harold, be prepared to work. He has taken years to develop the knowledge and skills that he imparts to his students in a few short days. Expect your experience to be rigorous. I’m a medical doctor and have photographed for National Geographic, The New York Times and The Associated Press. Yet I was humbled by the depth and breadth of Harold’s knowledge.  I believe that he is the best in the world at what he does. Look upon time with Harold as a gift. It is worth much more than what he charges for his classes. And when you are at Harold and Vera’s lovely home in the heart of Pennsylvania’s Amish country, they devote their entire focus to you and your learning experience. They are gracious, unselfish and really care about the student. But that said, expect a learning experience that will challenge you to your core, instill knowledge that you will not be able to acquire without Harold’s guidance and leave you with skills that will influence you for the rest of your life. Students regularly travel from across the globe to train with Harold. If you are lucky enough to train with Harold Ross, you will find out why.”
– Jeff Gusky, MD, Texas, 1-on-1 Workshop

“I wanted to take a moment to say thanks to both of you for an awesome and truly remarkable weekend. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed meeting you both and having the opportunity to share your world a bit. The workshop was over-the-top and so full of rich, relevant, targeted content, and your one-on-one guidance made it so much more valuable. It was truly transformative on so many levels and I can honestly say that it seriously exceeded my expectations, and trust me, they were already very high.”
– Mark Hogan, Ontario, Canada

“The workshop with Harold and John was one of the most intense and one of the most craft altering workshop experiences I’ve ever had!! And I’ve worked with some very good masterful photographers at both Maine Media Workshops and Santa Fe Workshops. Because the workshop included both a shooting skill and computer techniques, the value of the instruction was exceptional.  As far as information gained, I enhanced my Photoshop skills and learned Capture One (sort of!), and also learned the light sculpting technique which I believe will totally change how I look at my own work and how I approach it–that is upgrading a known skill and learning two new ones in three days!!!”
– Carol Peachee, Kentucky

“I have been a professional photographer in some form or another since 1986.  I currently shoot high volume e-commerce photographs for major online retailers.  I took Harold Ross’s workshop as a lark, for fun not really anticipating learning too much.  Boy, was I wrong!  Harold Ross’s vast experience both as a commercial photographer and artist will benefit the amateur and professional alike.  There isn’t ANYONE who can’t learn something  and benefit greatly from this workshop!  I went, and as a result have had my desire to create beautiful images totally energized.  I couldn’t wait to get home to start practicing what was gleaned from the workshop!  I plan on going back again soon!!”
– Curtis Hustace, Indiana, 1-on-1 Workshop

“As a photographer in business and workshop attendee for over 40 years, and having also been an instructor to thousands of photographers for over 30 years, I found Harold’s workshop to be completely off the charts in terms of its organization, content and presentation. What he promises, he delivers in spades. Light painting is a very specialized niche, and Harold is the consummate master of his craft. I’ve spent the past decade of my career searching for new ideas and techniques I can bring into my own business, and the concepts I learned at the workshop will provide yet another tool in my toolbox to separate me from my competitors and keep my photography unique, fresh and creative. If you’re looking to enhance your photographic and processing skills, Harold’s workshop will help you get to the next level.”
John R. Hartman, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, EA-ASP, Wisconsin

“Thank you for a GREAT couple of days sculpting light!  I have taught around the globe and have sat in on many a programs, I have to say Harold, you are one of the best teachers I have ever had.  Your knowledge of light and photoshop methods is among the very intellectual few. Thanks for a great experience.”
Ralph Romaguera Sr., M.Photog., Hon M. Photog.,Cr.,CPP, API, F-ASP, PPA Chairman of the Board 2014-15, Louisiana

“Some time ago I came across the work of Harold Ross.When I learned  that he conducted light painting workshops and saw all the positive reviews from previous workshop participants, I decided to enroll. Having just returned from the workshop I can only say that all the positive comments really are 100% genuine. Harold is a true professional, as a photographer and a teacher. His knowledge and insight into lightpainting and photography is astounding, but the thing that really impressed me most was Harold’s ability to break down the components of lightpainting into a simple and understandable process. Harold’s instructions were very detailed throughout the whole process, and his workbook made the process easy to follow when I returned home from the workshop. I emailed Harold whenever I was unsure of something and he always managed to provide a solution to my problem. Harold’s studio is located in a beautiful rural setting and the food and hospitality provided by Vera completed a truly remarkable and rewarding experience. I have no doubt I will participate in a future workshop conducted by Harold.Thank you Harold and Vera for your kindness and hospitality. You have certainly set a very high standard for others to follow.”
Canice Dunphy, Ireland, 1-on-1 Workshop

“I first discovered the work of Harold Ross about 2 years ago by complete accident. As a newbie to photography and hungry to learn, I spent hours on the internet trawling tutorials etc., and then I came across a picture of some grapes hanging from an old goblet with a pear beside it. I was totally drawn to this image and couldn’t decide whether it was a photo or an oil painting. On discovering it was the work of Harold Ross, and actually a light painted photograph, I had to learn how to do this. I spent a bit of time trying to work it out for myself, and then after failing miserably, made contact with the man himself. I then decided to go over for a one to one course. WOW what an experience. First class hospitality from Harold and his lovely wife Vera. I was made to feel incredibly welcome as soon as I got there. The course itself, albeit intense, was fantastic, and Harold I applaud the patience you showed whilst teaching me!! I came away with prints of my work and I still shake my head in disbelief that I actually did them!!! The only regret I have is not doing the course a whole lot sooner. Thanks again Harold ……”
Simon Boddy, United Kingdom, 1-on-1 Workshop

“I have attended several photography workshops over the past few years; some as long as 7 days.  I have no hesitation in saying that I learned way more photography, lighting and photoshop skills in 3 days with Harold and John than I have in all of the other workshops combined. The structure and timing of the sessions were perfect.  The new iMac computers streamlined the tethered captures and the CaptureOne and Photoshop software set-up helped us spend more time on learning and less time on solving technical issues.  All in all a great weekend and well worth every dime.”
Mike McGinnis, Colorado

“This was an incredible workshop. It wasn’t easy, but it exposed us to an aspect of photography that we never knew. The experience was enhanced by the expertise and patience that Harold and John showed to each of the participants. That patience and expertise was incredible. The image that we left the workshop with was something I couldn’t have imagined before the workshop. A great addition for me was that I was able to get a much improved understanding of layers and masks in Photoshop and I feel much more comfortable with these features than I have before. A final note. I can’t imagine a more caring, kind and welcoming hostess than Vera. She was beyond anything I can describe.”
Jack Tierney, Maryland

“Harold and John are fantastic educators, patient, highly qualified and dedicated to every student’s needs. The learning process of light painting may be daunting at first, but it is well worth the effort as the quality of the imagery produced stands out from the crowd. I highly recommend learning from Harold, he is a goldmine of information and truly values teaching his students.”
Jose Robertson, Pennsylvania

“I have taken many workshops but this is the best one I’ve ever taken. The concepts and techniques I learned from Harold and John will extend well beyond the workshop and help me in many other areas of photography. This was not a “mass” workshop but very individual. When’s the last time you had a student/participant ratio of 2:1? And for the price? What a bargain! I felt like I had quality personal attention. It won’t be my last workshop. I felt Harold and John were every bit or more interested in me personally than they were collecting my money. Everyone in my workshop produced a masterpiece (no exaggeration) by the end of the course! Thanks again Vera for all of your hard work behind the scene. It was very much appreciated.”
Bill Watson, Kansas

“My experience in the Light Painting workshop was fun and educational. Now I feel that I have a much better understanding of light and how to better control it to improve my photography. The “hands on” approach was a great way to learn and retain the information. It was so exciting to create such a beautiful photograph.” 
Beth Larsen, Ohio

“Observing Harold sculpt with light was an invaluable experience, and not something I could learn by written word. This was an intense three days of learning, and I definitely got my money’s worth.Thank you so much for everything.”
Donna Meade, Ohio

“I came away from the workshop with a better understanding how light works in all photos, not limited to light painting. I felt Harold and John were the perfect compliment for the workshop. The intensity of instruction and desire to have me succeed was amazing and I left feeling empowered to work on my own and utilize the plethora of information.
On an aside, I felt, even before your invite, that you guys were approachable in the future with questions and input. Vera, your attention before the workshop set me up for a positive experience and it exceeded my expectations.”

Jan Bollinger, Ohio

“I had high hopes for this workshop and it exceeded all of my expectations. The process itself is not like any photography I had ever done before but, as his images attest, the methods yield spectacular results. The detail of his instruction included still life set-up, light painting techniques and then the capture and photoshop workflow. The instruction was detailed, cogent, and comprehensive. I have never attended a workshop that provided such in-depth and usable information. The fact that he had great help from John Corcoran, and Vera Ross provided good food and a very comfortable environment, and it was located in a beautiful part of rural Pennsylvania, was icing on the cake. I will be a return student in the not too distant future.”
– Bill Davison, Massachusetts

“Harold and his colleague John are very dedicated teachers who take a great interest in the work of their students and do everything possible to insure that the student’s experience is successful and rewarding. Both are expert artists and both have the ability to convey their ideas clearly and patiently. Harold’s studio is equipped with a vast number of resources to use in the students’ compositions, and his ideas for improving a composition are always right on the money. It was a real pleasure to attend this workshop and walk away with a polished image, and the techniques learned apply not only to light painting but also to working with light in general. A great experience all around.”
– Dennis Miller, Massachusetts

“Having attended a couple of outdoor workshops, the still-life workshop was a whole new experience. I was able to improve my lighting techniques on a smaller scale. There were also several photoshop techniques that made the process much easier. I now feel confident that I can shoot outside or inside with this technique. Harold and John each had lots to contribute to my efforts and did so with great patience.”
-Jane Koester, Delaware

“The workshop was fantastic.  It was more than just the technique; it was the foundation, and the post processing that made a quick weekend a complete education in light-painting.  Frankly what I learned in photoshop technique alone made the course worth the money.  Highly recommend.”
– Scott Hartzell, MD, Pennsylvania

“A weekend of action packed instruction (actually three days worth) where one gets fully introduced to the world of Light painting, Capture One Pro (live camera capture) and Photoshop processing along with “art” instructions. These days I no longer have the time for endless experimentation so I took Ross’s course. My Photoshop time is now more productive with my new well-organized approach to layers. The hardest part was choosing a combination of props from Harold’s vast collection. I think all of the class pictures looked great, which surprised me since we were all continuously learning new methods and not knowing how the process would end. Thanks goes to Harold and John Corcoran for their continuous ongoing efforts and the detailed pre-planning. Best of all, at home I find the booklet {Harold’s printed material} a great memory aid in keeping my time productive.”  
– John Tichenor, Virginia

“Harold and John are both excellent instructors, understand light thoroughly and have similar yet subtly different styles.  Our class was small so that we all received individual instruction and assistance from either teacher. We learned a process with precision and close supervision so that by Sunday afternoon our images reflected what we had learned over the weekend regarding light, direction of light, intensity of light, sculptural attributes of light, exposure and precision, in addition to newly discovered {use of} channels in PhotoShop. It was a richly textured weekend from all directions.”
– Julie Stauffer, Connecticut

“I traveled from the UK to learn more about Harold’s amazing light sculpting process and have just completed a one-to-one workshop. For me personally it was the best possible training experience ever. Harold is not only a true master of this unique art, he’s a great trainer and coach. He puts you at ease straight away and tailors the course content to suit your competence, then develop your skills. I was over the moon with the support, and hospitality I received, nothing was too much trouble. I finally left with a great image, stacks of information and all of my objectives fulfilled. I would score the course 11/10 for content, hospitality, facility and satisfaction. Thanks Harold.”
– Will Rose, United Kingdom, 1-on-1 Workshop

“Harold’s light painting workshop was knowledgeable, insightful and filled with fun. His passion to ensure that the participants leave with everything needed to create fine art is evident in the images produced by the end of the workshop.The additional tips provided by John and the hospitality by Vera was the cherry on top. Thanks to all for an unforgettable weekend.”
– Sujinder Pothula, Maryland

“Both Harold and John are very knowledgeable about light painting, Capture One and Photoshop layers. I found the whole experience informative and expansive. My only regret was that it ended too soon and my only suggestion is that the class be extended from 2.5 to 3 days (Editor’s note: We have added on several hours to the workshop.) On the final day I felt that I had learned so much but realized I had only seen the top of the iceberg called “light painting.” 
George Riling, Virginia

“When I take a workshop, whether I have a great image at the end of the workshop isn’t as important to me as whether I have learned the techniques and skills to take better images in the future. Your light painting workshop didn’t disappoint and far exceeded my expectations. From the first hour to the last, you and John Corcoran delivered more information in an hour than many workshops deliver in an entire weekend and that information was explained in simple terms that made the concepts easy to grasp. Moreover, your and John’s patience in guiding me through the process, particularly in lighting my still life, was exemplary. Thank you for the new tool set for creating beautiful light painted images.”
– Brian Zwit, Virginia

“I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who understands light as well as Harold does and in the course of the 2+ days I spent with him, I began to notice properties of light and shade that had previously been too subtle for me.  He has a great appreciation for the richness of detail.  If you are looking to expand your expressive capacity, I don’t think you could do better than Harold’s workshop.  He is by turns passionate and disciplined and always generous.  He and Vera are wonderful hosts.  Highly recommended.”
– Robert Jacobsen, New York, 1-on-1 Workshop

“Writing a testimonial has never been easier. What an amazing workshop … not a moment wasted … not a moment without a learning experience. How great the reward – the experience – leaving with an image I had in my mind the day I registered. This workshop taught me all that light painting can and should be … and what to do to create astonishing images. Thanks.
And the Americano was pretty terrific. Great barista.”
Jack Schachner, Ontario

“Harold, just a quick note to say thank you for a great workshop. Hospitality, hands on teaching and learning style (I know, I know, you working on my image to show me what we’re trying to achieve and then deleting {the modifications} is for my own good!!!) all brilliant. I wasn’t sure that I had it in me to get those results and at the end of the day, the sense of satisfaction at pushing new creative limits was wonderful. The trouble is, I’m now having dinner with my wife and seeing light painting opportunities in the restaurant!”
Gareth Callaway, Ontario

“I wanted to take a moment to reach out to you and thank you for what was a most enjoyable light painting workshop in Lancaster. I thoroughly enjoyed it for many reasons. Having experimented with light painting over 30 years ago, it was most instructive to see how the discipline had progressed into the digital age. It was a great educational experience to see the possibilities of light painting through you and John, as your combined knowledge and patience as instructors made the weekend very accessible to all of the students. Specifically, the clever application of different light sources ad the way that masking was used in Photoshop was a great highlight of the workshop for me. A good spirit of creativity and camaraderie was alive and well at this workshop, and you had much to do with fostering it.”
Manouchehr Shirzad, New Jersey

“This workshop is the best I’ve ever attended, and a HUGE value!  Harold and John are fantastic instructors.  They show you the best way to capture the images, and then how to easily put them back together in photoshop, which is where all the magic happens.  I would highly recommend this seminar to anyone interested in learning how to paint with light.”
Sean Hoover, Utah

“Harold Ross and John Corcoran are excellent instructors and make a great team:  personable, knowledgeable, and, even more important, blessed with the ability to clearly explain the principles and techniques involved in light painting. The workshop flowed very smoothly from abstract concepts such as lighting theory and composition to the hands-on techniques for capture, and finally post-processing to completed images. I am not a Photoshop “power user,” but Harold’s workflow is logical, straightforward and actually fun!  This workshop reinvigorated my interest in photography, and I would highly recommend it to any photographer wanting to rekindle their creativity.  Harold and John:  Thank you both again – I have enough (light painting) projects lined up to keep busy for some time.”
Dan Gerth, New Mexico

“You and John made a good team, specifically because you both approached the methods and processes of light painting from different directions. For me this added dimension to the presentation, creating a realm of possibility and exploration, realizing that there are many ways to accomplish the final product, and that over time I will develop my own style.  I liked that.
 Thanks Harold for giving us your time and energy.  The workshop was a success for me, and I look forward to trying out what you showed us and gaining a bit of experience.”
Rob Goldsborough, Massachusetts

“What an amazing experience it was to work with Harold and John! They have remarkable command of light painting techniques and both of them are thoroughly committed to the success of each and every student in the class. There was lots of friendly teamwork. We all worked hard and had fun. The results were just amazing.  Everyone’s project was unique and interesting. And, due to the vigilance of the instructors, by the end of the weekend, every participant demonstrated command of the techniques. It was a truly exciting, inspiring, rewarding and outright amazing weekend. Highly recommended!”
Steven Maxx, New Jersey

“I made some attempts at light painting and ran into a variety of problems on my own. I learned everything I needed to know from Harold. He’s very patient but exacting in the lighting session, and has a very easy-to-follow system to put the images together in Photoshop. My friends are amazed at what I brought home!”
Will Doak, Pennsylvania, 1-on-1 Workshop

“Thank you for the wonderful experience at your workshop.  The teaching was superb and the vast selection of objects to photograph was amazing.  Your knowledge of Photoshop and the post-production work was also great.  Another item that stands out from other workshops I have attended is your acceptance of follow up questions and help, long after the workshop ends.  Vera and you were very hospitable.   I would highly recommend the workshop to anyone interested in light painting.  Thank you again.  Happy New Year.”
Tim Hacker, Ohio

“Harold, I want to thank you for your recent two-on-one workshop. The organization was top notch and the content will have an ongoing large impact on my photography both in composition and an improved understanding of Photoshop.
We especially enjoyed the low key approach that  made the experience fun. We also appreciate how you’ve made yourself available since the workshop for some trouble shooting. Finally thanks to both you and Vera for your wonderful hospitality. We really felt welcomed to your home.”
Fred Shiple, Ohio

“In today’s world, given the number of photographers who claim to be professional, it’s not surprising that there are far more workshops than there are quality workshops taught by truly experienced and capable instructors.  Harold Ross is several cuts above 95% of the other photographers whose workshops I have attended.  In my opinion, Harold does several things that distinguish him as a photographer and teacher.  He transmits a true excitement and love of his work, and instills the same feeling in his student.  He focuses on the student, not on his own ego.  Time with Harold is not about him showing endless slides of his portfolio to a script of self-serving euphemisms.  It is about not only giving to a student who wants to learn the tools…hands on…but demanding that those tools be used to a level that Harold demands of himself.  And end of the day, the student, not just Harold, produces an end product that is tremendously rewarding.  I have never spent time with any photographer that was as productive for me, from conceptualization of an image and process, through shooting and post production, to execution of a final product that took me to a new level.

None of this happens by accident.  Every detail is planned, structured and executed by the adept team of Vera and Harold (in that order). The combination of hospitality, grace, and professionalism is unique.  Essential tools and information are codified to make learning easier. The sequence in which Harold presented information, applied it, reinforced it, and then reiterated its effect on the final product were truly unique in my experience.  I walked away confident that I “get” the concepts, can’t wait to try to apply Harold’s techniques to my own work, and am grateful for the experience.  That hasn’t ever happened to me to the same level in any other time with a photographer/teacher.

The value?   For the first time from a workshop, I came home with new tools and processes that produced an end product–an image and print of that image that is truly unique, of a quality that sets new benchmarks for me, and one of very few images I have ever shot that I look forward to looking at again and again.  That’s high value for me.”
– John Tebbetts
, Texas, 1-on-1 Workshop

“Thank you for a great workshop! I learned a lot, about light painting, about highlights, and about post-processing. I appreciate that you went the extra mile for us, I can tell that you put your all into everything that you do! I will definitely recommend your workshop to other people! People with little photoshop masking experience and people more familiar with Photoshop alike will get a lot out of it. I will definitely be using many of the tips that I learned from you in all of my post-processing. Some of those small tips were icing on the cake! I know that what I learned this weekend will affect everything that I see in the future. I will see everyday objects in a new light. You are a wealth of knowledge and it is refreshing that you share what you know so readily. I have been on some workshops where the leader left out so many of the important parts that it was like getting their cake recipe with the amounts and ingredients changed. “
– Lisa Cuchara, Connecticut

“The workshop was everything I hoped for and more. Harold is an excellent teacher and goes above and beyond to help. He is so patient! He explained light painting in a way that I can understand. I felt “right at home” the minute I walked thru the door. The attention I received before the workshop helped me to prepare for the class and the knowledge I gained from the workshop is priceless.”
– Pam Bredin, South Carolina

“I would recommend this workshop to anyone who is interested in the art of Light Painting.  Both Harold and John are excellent instructors, they are patient beyond words, great communicators and very willing to share their knowledge.  The workshop covered all aspects of Light Painting, from lighting concepts, composition, camera settings, image capture and post processing.
After taking Harold’s Light Painting Workshop, I have found that both the handout material and the Photoshop actions we received have been invaluable tools in my photography.
In short, the Workshop exceeded my expectations, I had a great time, learned a tremendous amount, the cappuccinos were excellent and I hope to take another workshop with Harold in the near future. Thanks again.”
Ron Studebaker, Colorado

“Absolutely loved the workshop…it opened a new door to release the vision I have always had in my head. All in all, I loved the workshop and would recommend it to anyone.”
– Lynn Cromer, Texas

“It’s impossible in a brief testimonial to say enough good about the one-on-one workshop I attended. Obviously Harold is an excellent photographer and a master at light painting, but what really sets this workshop apart from others is Harold’s ability to teach. Not every talented photographer is a good teacher. He is relaxed, fun, patient and more than willing to share everything he knows. I was very impressed with the way he tailored the workshop to me and what I knew and wanted to learn. I hope this workshop is the first of many with Harold. PS-The cappuccinos alone are worth the price of admission!”
– Susan Fleck, Indiana, 1-on-1 Workshop

“Thank you so much for the wonderful workshop. I fell in love with your work the first time I saw it. I was thrilled when my friend told me you were offering a workshop. The workshop was well paced and I appreciate how you and John were there to help us every step of the way.
I learned so many new techniques and can’t wait to try them on my own at home. I particularly appreciate all the written instructions you sent us home with, and of course your great cappuccinos.”
– Beamie Young, Maryland

“I just finished my first light painting workshop and enjoyed every minute. It was well thought out and perfectly executed. When we got to the “hands-on” portion it had to be challenging for Harold and John to help students who were using different platforms, different equipment and different programs. Everything went smoothly and everyone created an impressive light painted image on their first try. Shooting tethered and using a tablet is definitely the best way to go when using the techniques that are needed. I am so glad that I made the trip and learned from the “master”. It would have taken a long, long time to figure everything out on my own. Now that I know the process, I am up and running. Thanks, Harold and John. You made it a very worthwhile experience.”
– Dave Wood, Florida

“Harold’s workshop was both informative and fun. Light painting is new to me and I was enthralled to see the process. Harold has a wonderful way of teaching and making concepts clear to an amateur photographer. He showed every step from the beginning with a discussion of light theory, to the set-up, image capture, post-processing and printing. Nothing was left out. Harold was more than willing to share the wealth of his knowledge. I highly recommend Harold’s workshop.”
– Lori, Pennsylvania

“I’m an amateur photographer who has had no previous light painting experience and only limited experience with Adobe Photoshop.  I was very happy with what I learned from Harold’s workshop.  He taught techniques that simply cannot be learned by reading a book or watching a video tutorial.  The results of Harold’s light painting workflow are amazing.  Highly recommended”.
– Glenn Friedenreich, Delaware

“My positive feeling turned into a positive experience during the one-on-one workshop with Harold. You don’t find many workshop photographers who are willing to give you as much information as possible like Harold does. My biggest challenge was the post production in Photoshop, but at the end of the workshop I felt pretty comfortable. Light painting offers a lot of opportunity in my photography. That means that I will be visiting Harold and his flashlights again!”
Pavel Kolman, Toronto, Canada, 1-on-1 Workshop

“Harold and Roman are excellent teachers and guides, and I will sign up for the next light painting workshop no matter when it is or where it is!!!”
Wendy Belkin, Georgia

“The One-on-One workshop was one of the best creative experiences I have ever had. Light painting done the way you teach it gives the most extraordinary results. I learned so much and had a lot of fun doing it. I can’t thank you enough.”
– Ruth Feldman
, Massachusetts, 1-on-1 Workshop

“The overall experience of the workshop was excellent. Harold’s methods of teaching and the structure of the workshop made for a great learning experience. The workshop has made me see lighting from a fresh perspective, and I have no doubt the technique used in this workshop will apply well to cinematography as well. The Photoshop knowledge that I gained from this workshop is priceless, and I recommend the workshop to anyone who wants to take their photos to the next level!”
Marc Forand, Toronto, 1-on-1 Workshop

“Harold, thank you very much for sharing the process of how you create such amazing images.  I gained much knowledge and insight and I plan on using these techniques to take my own images to another level.
Steve DePalma, Colorado, 1-on-1 Workshop

“WOW… Harold Ross is truly a master of his craft! His still life workshop has forever transformed the way I look at and apply light to my images. It was totally worth the trip from Australia!!!
  Sonia Nunez, Australia, 1-on-1 Workshop

“What a great weekend.  Thanks to you both for a fine job of hosting the group and making the whole workshop so seamless.  Harold, you did a masterful job of presenting a sophisticated technique and making it appear so easy.  The whole group seemed to pick up the basics very quickly and apply them at a level that I personally didn’t think possible.  It speaks to you patience as a teacher and your easy going style.  I will be attending another of your workshops when my schedule allows and I can’t wait!
  Jim Elting, Connecticut

“Many thanks for a great weekend. Your studio provided the perfect environment for a quantum learning experience. Both you and Roman were so well prepared to share your expertise. All the really good photographers I’ve had the privilege of knowing have been extremely generous people. You both fit that description, generous in spirit, great teachers, good humored. What a team.

Your focused instruction on the simple yet unlimited power of layers was perfect. And most importantly your demonstration and explanation of your lighting methods will be a game changer for me. I left the workshop knowing that I understood what I’d been taught.  And, that I will be able to incorporate that knowledge, in a number of ways, into what I consider to be an already evolved vision and work flow. I am grateful.”
–  Don Ross, Vermont

“Harold’s workshop on painting with light was a real eye opener.  Participants got to take a close look at the process by observation and trial-and-error.  Harold and his assistant, Roman, couldn’t have been more helpful and patient.  They had a great way of making sure everyone understood the process and kept up with the exercises.  I strongly recommend this workshop to anyone who wishes to see photography from another standpoint.  It was a side-step adventure into the study of light and the creative process of piecing together component images to make a unique still life image.  I see things a little differently now.  Thanks again for providing a great workshop.” 
–  Frank Robbins, West Virginia

“My three-day light painting workshop with Harold Ross was outstanding! Not only is Harold unbelievably talented, but he is also incredibly patient and an excellent teacher. I also greatly enjoyed his hospitality, including delicious cappuccinos and nightly excursions to a local art galleria. I was having so much fun that I did not want to leave on the third day. This experience advanced my skill set more than any other seminar I have attended. I could not wait to get home and incorporate the skills I learned into my commercial and architectural photography work. I will definitely take another seminar with Harold in the future and cannot recommend him enough.
  Marcel Page, Chicago, 1-on-1 Commercial Workshop

“The first time I saw one of Harold’s light sculpted images I was completely taken by it.  The beauty, artistry and quality of his work are something special.  After looking at much of his work and visiting with him I decided to take a one on one workshop.  His passion for the work carries through in his teaching and it was truly a special weekend for me.  Harold’s approach to teaching is straight forward and easy to understand.  I came away totally confident that I can put into practice what I learned and I’ll never look at light and its capabilities the same way again.  He also makes a terrific espresso !!!”
–  Bill Earl, Pennsylvania

“I’ve played with light-painting a few times over the years, but taking Harold’s workshop has opened a whole new realm of photography for me. His skills were shared with patience, humor, and great cappuccinos. Thanks Harold, and Roman, for an inspirational weekend”.
  Larry Lefever, Pennsylvania

“Smashing workshop! I can’t say enough good stuff about it. I loved everything from the relaxed atmosphere, the artsy studio, the yummy food, the knowledgeable instruction, the fabulous technique and the dreamy painterly images. Harold and Roman are lighting gurus and are kindhearted, patient, insightful instructors. Good stuff all around. Thank you, thank you!”
–  Kerry Harrison, Delaware

“Harold and Roman managed to teach us all a very complex technique, which Harold made look extremely easy. Both of them managed to juggle their time and energy between five people. They are extremely patient and excellent teachers. I enjoyed this experience and came away with new skills.”
–  Monika Lukens, Pennsylvania

“This was my second workshop with Harold and Roman; the first was landscape, this one still life in the studio.
Harold’s studio provides an inspiring museum-like atmosphere where everything that isn’t nailed down is available for a still life composition.
Harold’s experience as an artist and Photoshop guru help the students to get the best use out of their time in the workshop.
Great demos were provided on using LAB, channel swapping and masking techniques.
Additionally, Roman was indispensable with answering questions, and assisting the students with image capture and Photoshop.
I highly recommend this workshop… although I’m trying not to tell anyone as I want to keep this technique for myself.”
–  Mickey Freed, Delaware

“Before attending Harold’s workshop, I had only a very rudimentary knowledge of the light painting process.  With the guidance of Harold and Roman, I created three photos which I love…..I went from a novice photographer to a photographer with the confidence that I can do this and do it well.”
–  Jane Koester, Delaware

“The class was small and we all had ample time to work and learn from either Harold or his equally knowledgeable and nice assistant Roman Coia. Hands on post production methods were also taught and understood by all. If you’d like to learn about light painting, this is the workshop.”
–  Stefan Heinich, New York, 1-on-1 Commercial Workshop

“Harold’s workshop was a real “game changer” for me.  I’m thinking differently now about the way I want to take and compose photos, having seen what is possible for myself and other participants during his workshop.  This alone made his workshop well worthwhile.  The group was small, so everyone had time for one on one questions with the instructors.  In addition, Harold and Roman were extremely patient with the class.  They really hung in there with us during the learning process and made sure that we “got it” enough to begin this new exploration on our own.”

“I enjoyed the hands on approach of the workshop; using different types of lighting equipment gave me a better understanding for what I will need for my own use and how the different lighting behaves with the subjects.”

“Harold’s workshop was a great value for the money and I would highly recommend it to other photographers.”
–  Mickey Freed, Delaware

4 Responses to “Testimonials”

  1. I have all my respect for Harold and his wife for what they have done with me when I was passing from a difficult time due to an accident on work. They imminently helped me to improve my photography. Mr. Harold Ross is a master on this kind of photography.

    I recommend all those who would like to learn from the hands of this master to do it. I can guaranty that you will be satisfied for what you pay.

    Mario Mifsud

  2. Harold,Vera, a workshop in Lancaster and a dream. This was a workshop that I gifted myself. What an absolutely wonderful experience. Harold attended to teaching his mastered art with finesse and humor. Light painting is Harold’s breathe and you can see that when you spend three days in their home. Vera provided a welcoming experience to the studio and their home. There were only two students and the hours were endless and tasking. The learning curve was immense for me. Harold met every challenge I created. He is a fine mastered artist with no fears of sharing all of his knowledge. Camera, computer, composing and tasking every second driven and every challenge met before departure. I left with my own masterpiece and a lifetime challenge. Thank you Harold and Vera. You have provided a challenge for my retirement that will always bring me back to your home. Integrity, honor, skill and kindness are traits not found often in our new society but I walked into three days of just that. Thank you, I plan to honor your art for a lifetime.

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