Medium Format Magazine – December 2020 Edition!

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I’m delighted to be featured again in  Medium Format Magazine!

The magazine is a beautifully designed publication dedicated to many genres of photography, with a focus on medium and large format. I urge you to take a look at the website, and consider subscribing!

And please visit their BLOG for articles and lots of great information on photographic vision and gear.

Medium Format Magazine December 2020 Issue with an article by Light Painting Photographer Harold Ross

Cover photograph by Richard Thomson III

The magazine is full of beautiful and inspirational photographic work and also has some great educational articles.

The December issue was just recently published and I wanted to share the news with everyone. Although focused on medium and large format, the articles and features will be of interest to any photographer. It is mainly subscriber supported, and so, there are very few ads, and there are over 100 pages of photographic content.


Medium Format Magazine December 2020 Issue Table of Contents with an article by Light Painting Photographer Harold Ross

My article is called “The Sculptural Nature of Light”, and focuses on the body of work that I call “STILL”.


Medium Format Magazine December 2020 Issue Preview of an article by Light Painting Photographer Harold Ross



In addition to the magazine, the website, has free articles on gear, photographic vision, and other news. Make sure to go to the menu on the upper right of the page to navigate the BLOG.

From their website: “If you are a medium format photographer or planning to become one, you are in the right place. You will find exclusive content from the best medium format photographers in the world such as Nick Brandt, Ming Thein, Cooper & Gorfer, Marc Koegel, Michael E. Gordon, Harold Ross, Jonas Rask and many more. This is the place where visual ideas are thriving and prompting new ways of seeing and creating imagery. Make sure to subscribe and join us on this exciting medium format journey!”


To see more of my work, please visit my website HERE.

For my workshop information please click HERE .

All images from my students over the years are HERE.


~ by Harold Ross on December 7, 2020.

8 Responses to “Medium Format Magazine – December 2020 Edition!”

  1. Congratulations and Happy Holidays!

  2. Congrats!!!


  3. Well deserved. Your work is spectacular.

  4. Congratulations Harold… I know that pic! I am not sure if you knew that Scott and I just moved to Sarasota Florida or as I like to call it “Trumptown”. Hope you and Vera are doing well!



    • Hi Jay! Thank you!
      We are jealous of you being in Florida, as it is about 30° this morning!
      Enjoy the nice weather and congratulations on your new home!
      Please say hi to Scott for us!


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