A Love Of Teapots…

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My wife Vera and I have a collection of Japanese teapots, and I have, over time, been making a series of photographs of them.

Many of the subjects I’ve photographed over the years have been very generous gifts, given to me by friends and family. The three images below are no exception… the teapot in the first image was given to me by my friend Fadi Acra. I was so immediately in love with this teapot; the design, the materials and that patina!

Photographer Harold Ross' light painted image "Japanese Teapot and Vase"

“Japanese Teapot and Vase”


The ceramic teapot below was given to me by my friend Wayne Cozzolino. I struggled with working out a composition with this particular subject. It occurred to me that I had another wonderful object, an industrial factory pattern (from my friend Steve Silveria) that I also didn’t quite know how to approach. I decided that it would be interesting to photograph them together.

I often consider combining subjects that might be considered to be incompatible. I am always surprised at how often these subjects work well together in a composition.

Photographer Harold Ross' light painted image "Wayne's Teapot"

“Wayne’s Teapot”


The teapot in the photograph below belonged to my mother, and it’s a special remembrance of her. It, too, was a gift (from my sister, after my mother’s passing).

Something that I love about still life photography is that one can make images of personally meaningful subjects, and those images can then be shared with others in a way that the actual subjects cannot be.

I believe that an object can sometimes carry the spirit of the person that owned it, and my goal is to, in some small way, capture that spirit in a photograph.

Photographer Harold Ross' light painted image "My Mother's Teapot"

“My Mother’s Teapot”


Photographs by Harold Ross

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~ by Harold Ross on March 20, 2023.

15 Responses to “A Love Of Teapots…”

  1. A real Master of light sculpting. *****++

  2. As always Harold, your images are striking and beautiful. The timing of this post couldn’t be better, as I am in the midst of a teapot series!

    Thank you for Your inspirational work!


  3. Beautiful pictures, and regarding what you wrote: “I believe that an object can sometimes carry the spirit of the person that owned it”. Interestingly this idea is quite commonly found in Kabbalistic thought where the subject is discussed in depth.

  4. Harold, wonderful pictures! You are the master, Im still learning but enjoying light sculpting. Here are some pictures from 2 different time-capsules. All the best! Staffan Ehde

    metafor media AB Strandvägen 6 761 40 Norrtälje Sweden +46 (0)8 684 18 350 +46 73 650 3212 skype: metaformedia http://www.ehde.se http://www.ehde.se/

  5. Fabulous compositions, as ever and wonderful lighting

  6. Wonderful as always, Harold!

  7. As always I enjoy your still life photography.
    These teapot pictures are really great.
    Thank you.

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