Two-on-One Workshops – Light Painting the Still Life

Learn Light Painting from the definitive source.

Learn to see and to feel light.

Photograph by workshop student Ken Shepard

For over 30 years, Harold has been using light painting as his only method of creating images. When digital photography arrived, he adapted and developed a process allowing greater creative control. As the originator of this process, which he thinks of as “sculpting” using light, Harold knows the nuances like no one else.

Harold has a comprehensive understanding of light, composition and post production methods which allows him to effectively impart this powerful and transformative process to his students.

Class Size: Limited to 2 attendees

***Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, we have temporarily suspended in-person workshops. We are, however, teaching the entire workshop online. Please Click HERE for more information!***

***If you are interested in taking a workshop in person with a friend/spouse, but the dates we have listed don’t work with your schedule, you can set up your own personalized dates for a 2-on-1 workshop (at the same price listed here) by either calling us at 717-923-0269 or sending us an email at  

We are happy to accommodate!

To check availability and to register:  717-923-0269  or

Due to the amount of information that Harold conveys in this hand’s-on intensive workshop, we limit the seats to 2 people.

2022 Workshop Dates: To be announced

Don’t want to wait? Check out our Remote Workshop HERE.

Instructor:      Harold Ross ~ Photographer
Location:        Pequea, PA  HERE is a map with local B&B’s, campgrounds and hotels.
Tuition:          $2495 USD  per person ($400 deposit required to hold your spot)

Schedule:      See dates above, or you can set up your own personalized dates with a friend/spouse.

Photographer Harold Ross' Light Painted Image

Photograph by Harold Ross

Please scroll down the page to see the full schedule.

(This workshop is designed to teach Light Painting the Still Life in a fine art setting. If you are interested in applying Harold’s process in a commercial environment (commercial product photography or food photography) then you must let us know ahead of time, and this must be done in a 1-on-1 workshop environment. Please contact us for pricing and information at if you are interested in a Commercial Workshop.)

If you’re interested in a 1-on-1 workshop, please click HERE.

Address: 204 Lakewood Drive, Pequea, PA 17565
CLICK HERE for a map with local B&B’s, hotels, and campgrounds.

**NOTE**:  In order to keep things running smoothly and efficiently in the workshop, we will be supplying all students with Macintosh computers with current tethering and post processing software. If you are a Windows user, don’t worry… the software interfaces are virtually identical! 

You can see my students’ images in my Student Workshop Images page.

Please join us for what promises to be a weekend filled with invaluable light painting training, post production… and fun!

Learn Sculpting with Light from the definitive source. 

As a full time professional photographer for 39 years, Harold is an experienced night and still life photographer and educator. His approach to light painting is a subtle and naturalistic one. This isn’t light painting with streaks and light trails, but rather a more contemplative approach, which is focused on revealing that which is beyond the eye’s normal scope. These workshops involve real teaching of the methods that Harold created, and this is a technical and intensive workshop… you will be given the training needed to produce work at a very high level. You will be receiving personal, detailed hands-on (literally!) instruction on proper light painting (not light pointing), and Harold’s post production process. You will actually learn the nuances of lighting, and the nuances of using masking to create beautiful images. The subtle nuances of lighting and post production you will be learning (including methods that I developed) are simply not taught anywhere else.

“As a photographer in business and workshop attendee for over 40 years, and having also been an instructor to thousands of photographers for over 30 years, I found Harold’s workshop to be completely off the charts in terms of its organization, content and presentation. What he promises, he delivers in spades. Light painting is a very specialized niche, and Harold is the consummate master of his craft. If you’re looking to enhance your photographic and processing skills, Harold’s workshop will help you get to the next level.”
– John R. Hartman, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, EA-ASP, Wisconsin

This intensive studio light painting workshop will answer all of your questions and give you the hands-on training that you need to create your own images using this powerful technique. You will also learn about various light sources, their properties and uses, in-depth use of layers and masking in Photoshop, as well as advanced post production image enhancement techniques. Don’t worry… extensive experience with Photoshop is not needed (basic navigation in the program is recommended… see below), and by the end of the workshop you will be quite comfortable in the use of layers and masking. The masking techniques involve a nuanced use of brush techniques… more akin to painting than to photography.

NOTE***  I am now offering a REMOTE “pre-workshop” for students who feel that they need to get up and running with basic navigation in Photoshop layers and masking. This session will take place several days before the normal workshop, and will be done remotely over the internet with screen sharing. It will require 1.5 to 2 hours of time. We will install the actions needed in the workshop, create a custom workspace on your computer, and teach you basic navigation in Photoshop, including the layers window, and the creation of masks and adjustment layers. The cost for this remote session is $200. Check out the “Pre-Workshop” offering HERE. Just call 717-923-0269 or email to arrange it!

We will supply all computers and light sources for your use; you just need to bring your DSLR camera, a shutter release cable (cable preferred over wireless remotes, which can be finicky), and the USB connection cable that came with your camera (an extension is highly recommended, and for a link to the recommended one, see my tools and equipment page HERE). ***Important*** you must also bring a spare camera battery and your battery charger*** Contact us if you have any questions about these items. We will be supplying you with a USB3 thumb drive for you to take home your images as well as all of the important files that Harold will be supplying. Please scroll to see the Equipment section for more detailed information.

If you forget your battery charger, don’t worry – you will just have to use one of Harold’s cameras… this is not an issue, as the camera doesn’t matter; it’s the light and the post production that gives us the look we want.

You will have access to Harold’s extensive collection of props and vintage objects for your image composition. Additionally, we will also have fruits, vegetables and other organic subjects for use in your photograph.

NOTE: If you wish, you may bring your own subject(s). Just let us know ahead of time what you would like to bring, as some subjects may be too challenging for a beginning workshop.

“I have attended several photography workshops over the past few years; some as long as 7 days.  I have no hesitation in saying that I learned way more photography, lighting and photoshop skills in 3 days with Harold than I have in all of the other workshops combined. The structure and timing of the sessions were perfect.  The new iMac computers streamlined the tethered captures and the CaptureOne and Photoshop software set-up helped us spend more time on learning and less time on solving technical issues.  All in all a great weekend and well worth every dime.”
– Mike McGinnis, Colorado

“My Father’s Tools”

Here is our typical daily schedule for the workshop dates listed above (please note, if you would like to schedule a personalized 2-on-1 workshop with a friend, these workshops can be scheduled both weekdays or weekends at your convenience):

Friday – Day 1 – Approximately 6-7 Hours of instruction.

1:30PM Start time.

The following is a very basic timeline: Meet and greet followed by:

Harold will photograph a still life, using light painting, to demonstrate the technique and to discuss lighting angles and movement. He will also discuss the best order in which to shoot an image.
Post production of Harold’s image follows. Introduction to sculptural masking techniques. At some point, there will be a 30 minute snack break with cheese and crackers, fruit, drinks, etc.
If time allows, students will begin selecting their still life subjects, and possibly begin setting up the Still Life set.

Saturday  – Day 2 – 9:00 AM Start Time – 8-9 hours (can run later)

9:00am:    A short talk on visual adaptation, and then the students compose and Light Paints their own still life image.
12:00pm:   Lunch Break (lunch included)
12:30pm:   Continuation of students composing and light painting their own still life image.
5:30pm:    Wrap-up

Sunday – Day 3 – 9:00 AM Start Time – 8-9 hours (can run later)

9:00am:     Hands-on Post-production of your image, learning Harold’s specialized masking techniques
12:00pm:   Lunch Break (lunch included)
12:30pm:   Hands-on Post-production of your image, continued…
4:30pm:    Creation of a “Print Master” or print-ready version of your image, and a Master Jpeg
5:30pm:     Wrap-up and Review of student images

Still Life #2

Course Outline:

Please contact me at: for a complete outline, syllabus, and list of training topics covered in the workshop!


Space is limited to 2 attendees on a first come first served basis, secured by deposit.

Full tuition for the workshop is $2495, with a required deposit of $400 to reserve your place in the workshop. Your reservation is not confirmed until we receive your deposit.

***Attendees must make payment in full 45 days prior to beginning of workshop.

We accept payments by check (preferred), credit/debit cards or Paypal.

Space is limited to 2 attendees and will fill up quickly, so please contact the studio by phone or email to register for the workshop.

TECHNICAL and EQUIPMENT REQUIREMENTS: This will be a Digital Capture ONLY workshop. While you may not be an experienced light painter, it is expected that you can operate your DSLR camera in manual mode with longer time exposures, and have a basic understanding of the relationship between f-stop’s and shutter speeds.

CAMERA: You are required to bring a DSLR or camera with Digital Back with a WIRED shutter release (wireless shutter releases are somewhat unreliable, and we need to minimize technical troubleshooting), all necessary cables/cords to shoot tethered (shutter release, USB camera cable, and USB extension) and CHARGED batteries, as well as your battery charger. , tripod (We can provide a tripod (at no charge) if you wish to travel without one.)

COMPUTER AND SOFTWARE: In order to keep things running smoothly and efficiently, we will be supplying all computers and software needed for the workshop. It reduces the number of variables that we have to deal with, such as different monitors,  different OS’s and different versions of Photoshop.  You will be using our computers and software as your tethered capture workstation on Saturday, as well as on Sunday for the Photoshop classroom part of the workshop.

NOTE: Attendees need only have a very basic knowledge of Photoshop tools, menus and navigation. We will be teaching you the advanced use of blending layers, masking and other advanced image enhancement techniques as they apply to the image(s) you will be shooting at the workshop, so knowledge of layers and masking is NOT needed prior to the workshop. If you would like some “brushing up” on Photoshop, or would like to gain a deeper understanding of layers and masking prior to the workshop, please check out the “Pre-Workshop” offering HERE.

**SHOOTING TETHERED:  You will be shooting tethered (if your camera supports it) to our computer, as opposed to shooting to a memory card. Shooting tethered gives you much greater control in evaluating your image and lighting while shooting.

LIGHTING: For use during the workshop, we will supply each attendee with a soft light source and LED hand held flashlight with accessory attachments for detail work.


CLICK HERE  for a map with local B&B’s, campgrounds and hotels.

If you like, there are also places to stay for via AirBnB. Click HERE and type in Pequea, PA or Lancaster, PA to find locations.

MEALS: Lunch will be provided each day.


In the very small likelihood that the workshop needs to be canceled by us (this has never happened), your tuition/deposit will be refunded in full if you paid by check, or less a $25 processing fee if paid by credit card or Paypal.

Should you have to cancel 91 days or more from the 1st day of the workshop, refunds will be given on the following basis:

-If you have only paid the deposit, there will be a $50 cancellation fee.

-If you have paid the entire tuition, there will be a $100 cancellation fee.

Should you have to cancel 90 to 31 days from the 1st day of the workshop, we cannot give you a refund unless we can fill your spot, and then on the following basis:

-If you have only paid the deposit, there will be a $75 cancellation fee.

-If you have paid the entire tuition, there will be a $150 cancellation fee.

Should you have to cancel 30 days or less from the 1st day of the workshop, no refunds will be given. This is due to the fact that we will be sharing a great deal of proprietary workshop information with you during that time. We understand that sometimes emergencies arise, and although you would not be getting a refund, we will hold your tuition for a year so that you can reschedule your workshop.

After the workshop begins, no refunds will be granted should you need to withdraw.

We cannot be responsible for any cancellation due to medical or other reasons, but we do try to work with these unforeseen circumstances when we are able to.

*** NOTE: Due to the large number of occurrences of students requesting to switch from one workshop to another after registration, we will be charging a $75 fee per scheduling change initiated by a student.***

We highly recommend that you purchase refundable tickets and/or trip insurance to protect yourself in the event of an emergency that prevents you from attending.

TRAVEL: The studio address for Google Maps or GPS units is:

Harold Ross Studio
204 Lakewood Drive
Pequea, PA 17565

There is ample parking for all attendees. The workshop is in the beautiful countryside of Southern Lancaster County, PA. Please watch for Amish buggies as you drive to the workshop!

If you need detailed directions, please contact us.

Please contact the studio or sign up for our blog to be notified of future light painting workshops:

“Harold! Your Light Painting workshop was both inspiring and intense. I truly got my money’s worth. I can see why many people come back to you for more training. You taught us much more than just “superlative” light painting. You also taught us how to be more intentional in our creative process and to look more closely at how we compose our art. From day one you led us down the path of looking at light and composition in a deeper manner. Your workshop sets the bar for all other light painting workshops. Everything was hands-on and you made sure everyone was successful and understood everything from start to finish. Course materials were top notch. Photoshop training was excellent. Food and company was great! I hope to come back soon for more light painting inspiration and knowledge! Thanks!”
-Wes Taylor, Minnesota. Group Workshop

“Dear Prospective Students: If you are interested in light sculpturing or light painting or any other name you may want to call it, look no farther. Harold Ross understands light; he understands how to apply and capture light with a camera; and most importantly, he understands how to convey this understanding to his students. In my seven years of serious photography this is the best class I’ve taken.  After three days I departed knowing and believing that I can do this. No mention of the class would be complete without mentioning Harold’s wife, Vera. I was welcomed into her home and made comfortable. But I knew that this would be the case as she made the business end of the class both pleasant and efficient.”
– Larry Bouterie, Virginia, Group Workshop

“I have been a professional photographer for over 40 years. I have seen almost every technique that has ever been done and every photoshop trick. However, I must say that my experience with Harold’s Light Painting Workshop was simply mind blowing! His simple, yet practical training techniques was exactly what I was looking for. And just when you think you know everything about Photoshop, Harold will bring you back to reality with tips, tricks, and Actions that will make you say, WOW! I am so happy that I went to this workshop. I am very pleased that I attended and I can see that the things I learned will help me become a better photographer and what I learned will help me be more efficient. If you are considering attending, stop thinking and go!”
– Kirk Voclain, Louisiana, Group Workshop

“The light painting workshop with Harold was a very rich and enjoyable learning experience! The small group size along with constant hands-on guidance was like no other workshop I have attended. Harold is an expert in the field, and he conveyed his knowledge effectively and efficiently. I hope to be repeat attendee!”
– Beth Ruggiero, Arizona

“I had been wanting to take one of Harold’s workshops for several years, and when it all came together, I was not disappointed! Harold is an organized, passionate, gifted teacher as well as photographer. This is a difficult area of photography to master, but I feel I now have some great tools and skills and can’t wait to get started on my own. The setup, the many choices for our own still-life subjects, the close personalized attention to every detail as we worked, and the equally important post-production instruction were unbeatable. Harold and Vera are friendly, made us feel like family, and fed us well, too. They all shared and gave so much, creating an enriching experience all around. It gets a 10 out of 10 in my book! “
– Sara Goodnick, Arizona

“As a photographer who was fairly new to the idea of light painting, I heard about Harold’s workshop from a friend and decided to sign up.  I couldn’t be happier that I did!  Harold is a true master of light.  He is able to precisely light a scene with some very basic tools in such a sophisticated way.  He also has a simple and effective teaching method to help you achieve the same kind of results.  And for how expensive lighting equipment can get it’s amazing to think with just some simple and cost effective tools you have finer control and can produce some incredible results!  I also enjoyed constructing from Harold’s amazing selection of interesting and inspiring objects. By no means am I a master light sculpture, but I came a long way in two days and feel with years of practice I could potentially get there.  If you are thinking about taking a workshop with Harold, do it!”
– Andrew Johnson, Delaware

I have taken many workshops but this is the best one I’ve ever taken. The concepts and techniques I learned from Harold will extend well beyond the workshop and help me in many other areas of photography. This was not a “mass” workshop but very individual. When’s the last time you had a student/participant ratio of 2:1? And for the price? What a bargain! I felt like I had quality personal attention. It won’t be my last workshop. I felt Harold was every bit or more interested in me personally than he was collecting my money. Everyone in my workshop produced a masterpiece (no exaggeration) by the end of the course! Thanks again Vera for all of your hard work behind the scene. It was very much appreciated.”
– Bill Watson, Kansas

“Harold is a very dedicated teacher who takes a great interest in the work of his students and does everything possible to insure that the student’s experience is successful and rewarding. He’s an expert artist and has the ability to convey his ideas clearly and patiently. Harold’s studio is equipped with a vast number of resources to use in the students’ compositions, and his ideas for improving a composition are always right on the money. It was a real pleasure to attend this workshop and walk away with a polished image, and the techniques learned apply not only to light painting but also to working with light in general. A great experience all around.”
– Dennis Miller, Massachusetts

“The workshop was fantastic. It was more than just the technique; it was the foundation, and the post processing that made a quick weekend a complete education in light-painting. Frankly what I learned in photoshop technique alone made the course worth the money. Highly recommend.”
– Scott Hartzell, MD, Pennsylvania

“Extremely well organized and enjoyable weekend learning to creatively paint with light.  Harold and Vera were excellent hosts and instructors keeping us on track but not rushed through the somewhat complicated process.  Well worth the investment.”
– John Hulburt, Virginia, Group Workshop

“A weekend of action packed instruction (actually three days worth) where one gets fully introduced to the world of Light painting, Capture One Pro (live camera capture) and Photoshop processing along with “art” instructions. These days I no longer have the time for endless experimentation so I took Ross’s course. My Photoshop time is now more productive with my new well-organized approach to layers. The hardest part was choosing a combination of props from Harold’s vast collection. I think all of the class pictures looked great, which surprised me since we were all continuously learning new methods and not knowing how the process would end. Thanks goes to Harold for his continuous ongoing efforts and the detailed pre-planning. Best of all, at home I find the booklet {Harold’s printed material} a great memory aid in keeping my time productive.”  
– John Tichenor, Virginia

“Harold is an excellent instructor, and understands light thoroughly. Our class was small so that we all received individual instruction and assistance. We learned a process with precision and close supervision so that by Sunday afternoon our images reflected what we had learned over the weekend regarding light, direction of light, intensity of light, sculptural attributes of light, exposure and precision, in addition to newly discovered {use of} channels in PhotoShop. It was a richly textured weekend from all directions.”
– Julie Stauffer, Connecticut

“Harold Ross is an excellent instructor:  personable, knowledgeable, and, even more important, blessed with the ability to clearly explain the principles and techniques involved in light painting. The workshop flowed very smoothly from abstract concepts such as lighting theory and composition to the hands-on techniques for capture, and finally post-processing to completed images. I am not a Photoshop “power user,” but Harold’s workflow is logical, straightforward and actually fun!  This workshop reinvigorated my interest in photography, and I would highly recommend it to any photographer wanting to rekindle their creativity.  Harold:  Thank you again – I have enough (light painting) projects lined up to keep busy for some time.”
– Dan Gerth, New Mexico

“This workshop is the best I’ve ever attended, and a HUGE value!  Harold is a fantastic instructor.  He shows you the best way to capture the images, and then how to easily put them back together in photoshop, which is where all the magic happens.  I would highly recommend this seminar to anyone interested in learning how to paint with light.”
– Sean Hoover, Utah

“When I take a workshop, whether I have a great image at the end of the workshop isn’t as important to me as whether I have learned the techniques and skills to take better images in the future. Your light painting workshop didn’t disappoint and far exceeded my expectations. From the first hour to the last, you delivered more information in an hour than many workshops deliver in an entire weekend, and that information was explained in simple terms that made the concepts easy to grasp. Moreover, your patience in guiding me through the process, particularly in lighting my still life, was exemplary. Thank you for the new tool set for creating beautiful light painted images.”
– Brian Zwit, Virginia

Thanks Harold for giving us your time and energy.  The workshop was a success for me, and I look forward to trying out what you showed us and gaining a bit of experience.”
– Rob Goldsborough, Massachusetts

“What an amazing experience it was to work with Harold! He has remarkable command of light painting techniques and is thoroughly committed to the success of each and every student in the class. There was lots of friendly teamwork. We all worked hard and had fun. The results were just amazing.  Everyone’s project was unique and interesting. And, due to the vigilance of the instructor, by the end of the weekend, every participant demonstrated command of the techniques. It was a truly exciting, inspiring, rewarding and outright amazing weekend. Highly recommended!”
– Steven Maxx, New Jersey

“I would recommend this workshop to anyone who is interested in the art of Light Painting.  Harold is an excellent instructor, he is patient beyond words, a great communicator and very willing to share his knowledge.  The workshop covered all aspects of Light Painting, from lighting concepts, composition, camera settings, image capture and post processing. 
After taking Harold’s Light Painting Workshop, I have found that both the handout material and the Photoshop actions we received have been invaluable tools in my photography. 
In short, the Workshop exceeded my expectations, I had a great time, learned a tremendous amount, the cappuccinos were excellent and I hope to take another workshop with Harold in the near future. Thanks again.”
  Ron Studebaker, Colorado

“Thank you for a great workshop! I learned a lot, about light painting, about highlights, and about post-processing. I appreciate that you went the extra mile for us, I can tell that you put your all into everything that you do! I will definitely recommend your workshop to other people! People with little photoshop masking experience and people more familiar with Photoshop alike will get a lot out of it. I will definitely be using many of the tips that I learned from you in all of my post-processing. Some of those small tips were icing on the cake! I know that what I learned this weekend will affect everything that I see in the future. I will see everyday objects in a new light. You are a wealth of knowledge and it is refreshing that you share what you know so readily. I have been on some workshops where the leader left out so many of the important parts that it was like getting their cake recipe with the amounts and ingredients changed. “
– Lisa Cuchara, Connecticut

“The workshop was everything I hoped for and more. Harold is an excellent teacher and goes above and beyond to help. He is so patient! He explained light painting in a way that I can understand. I felt “right at home” the minute I walked thru the door. The attention I received before the workshop helped me to prepare for the class and the knowledge I gained from the workshop is priceless.”  
–  Pam Bredin, South Carolina


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  1. Wonderful photo!

  2. Sir, your work is truly inspiring. Look forward to learning from you at the earliest.

  3. Love your work! Do you have a 2016 workshop schedule at this time?

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