**Master Class Workshop** – Light Painting the Still Life (for returning students)

Light Painted Image "Still Life with Copper Vessel" by Photographer Harold Ross

 Photograph by Harold Ross

Instructor:      Harold Ross ~ Photographer
Location:         In the comfort of your home
Tuition:           $2850 USD (Alumni discount applied) You’ll be saving on airfare, hotels, meals and rental cars!
Registration:  717-923-0269  or harold@rossstudio.com
Schedule:       Completely flexible, as this will be taught remotely.

Master Class – for my Alumni


One-on-one, remote light painting Master Class workshops are now available for individual learning from your home! (In person workshops still available)

The Master Class is designed for students who have already taken my basic workshop, and who wish to further refine their techniques in lighting and post production in Photoshop. 

I have been teaching my workshop online for several years now, but I never really advertised it because my work schedule was already pretty full, and so, it was reserved for people abroad who couldn’t travel here for various reasons.

That said, we feel very fortunate that we have had many students who were able to travel here from other countries such as India, Switzerland, Australia, England, Ireland, Hong Kong, Mexico, Brazil, and Canada!  :-)

Due to the Coronavirus situation, however, I’ve been teaching online to several students that were originally signed up for in-person workshops, but were unable to attend due to the Covid-19 travel restrictions in place. The remote teaching has worked out so welI that I’ve decided to offer this Master Class to any previous student!

“I just wanted to thank you for the Master Class Workshop. Despite the potential limitations of virtual learning by Zoom, the course provided a ‘nuts and bolts’ review of my workflow, not only ironing out various glitches, but an introduction to a tool kit of advanced and exciting techniques! Thanks!”
-Bas Montgomery, UK, Remote Master Class Workshop

Light Painted Image "Still Life with Olive Oil" by Photographer Harold Ross

 Photograph by Harold Ross

(This workshop is designed to teach Light Painting the Still Life in a fine art setting. If you are interested in applying my process in a commercial environment (commercial product photography or food photography) then you will have to let us know ahead of time, as that demands a longer and more intensive workshop. Please contact us for pricing and information at harold@rossstudio.com if you are interested in a Commercial Workshop.)

It is taught using the free ZOOM platform, which allows us to share screens easily, and has a very good video feed. 

Some people actually like the spread-out nature of the Remote Workshop (some people have trouble with the enormous amount of information conveyed in 3 days!). It certainly is more flexible, with sessions that can be any length of time, and therefore the number of sessions can also vary.

Light Painted Image "Still Life with Pitcher" by Photographer Harold Ross
Photograph by Harold Ross

Course Outline:

Please contact me at: harold@rossstudio.com for a complete outline, syllabus, and list of training topics covered in the Master Class workshop!

Light Painted Image "Craftsman Sabre Saw, circa 1960" by Photographer Harold Ross

Photograph by Harold Ross

**** Very important***: In addition to the training, you will be provided with lots of backup information; an updated and comprehensive set of actions, updated written step-by-step directions for every phase, links for needed (minimal) equipment, updated sharpening (my own method) instructions, some private tutorial videos which you’ll be able to refer to after the workshop, and much more.

Light Painted Image "Japanese Brush no.3" by Photographer Harold Ross

 Photograph by Harold Ross

The cost for a Remote One-on-One Still Life Workshop Master Class for my Alumni is: $2850. 

One might think that a remote workshop means less work for me, and therefore would cost less, but in truth, the remote workshop actually requires more work (and time) for me. There is preparation that I have to do ahead of time before I work online with a student, and there is a lot of time involved providing the plethora of follow-up material, both in written form, and in the form of custom videos that I have created specifically for my students. In some cases, I’ll actually create custom videos for individual students if needed. 

Keep in mind that this learning can be stretched out over time if that suits you, or it can be done in a more accelerated manner. In fact, it can be done at any pace that you prefer!

Initially the workshop may sound like a lot of money to invest, but the knowledge you’ll learn from it will stay with you for your lifetime. :-)  Many people are willing to spend many thousands of dollars on a new lens or a new camera, and often, these are considered obsolete after a few years.

I firmly believe that learning is much more valuable than a piece of equipment. And keep in mind that you’ll be saving on airfare, hotels, meals, and rental cars, which is very helpful.

Light Painted Image "Blood Orange and Grapes" by Photographer Harold Ross

 Photograph by Harold Ross

If you think this is something that would interest you, just please contact us with the information given at the top of this page.


Full tuition for the Master Class workshop is $2850 (includes an Alumni discount).

***Attendees must make payment in full prior to beginning of workshop. If you have problems with this, please contact us to discuss alternate plans.

We accept payments by check (preferred), credit/debit cards or Paypal.


Send checks to:

Harold Ross, 204 Lakewood Drive -Pequea, PA 17565


Because this is a remote workshop, the cancellation policy is quite flexible. If you need to cancel any time prior to a month before the agreed first online meeting, there is only a $75 cancellation fee.

If you must cancel within 30 days, we cannot issue a refund due to the amount of proprietary workshop information that we will be sharing with you during that time. We do realize that emergencies occur, so if you need to cancel within 30 days, we will hold your tuition for a year so that you can reschedule your workshop.

Cancellations cannot be accepted after the workshop starts, as you will be provided with lots of proprietary information at that time.


Thank you for visiting! To learn more about my image making process, please see the Tutorials page of this blog, or consider taking a workshop!

For workshop information please click HERE .

All images from students over the years are HERE.


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