Video – Light Painting Tips and Techniques: Gradating a Highlight Using the Inverse Square Law
Video – By Popular Demand…Introducing Light Wand! 
Video – Animation of light painted still life, photo by Wendy Belkin
Video – Animation of light painted landscape
Post – Light Painting Tips and Techniques: The Shape of Things
Post – Light Painting in the Landscape Workshop in Lubec, Maine 2011
Post – Light Painting Tools and Equipment
Video – Video of 2010 Maine Workshop

8 Responses to “*** TUTORIALS ***”

  1. […] Website findet man viele Tipps sowohl zu Lightpainting als auch zu Photoshop. Interessant: https://haroldrossfineart.wordpress.com/video-tips-and-techniques/ […]

  2. Excellent video tutorials I will share this with my camera club friends

  3. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your videos Harold, thank you so much for sharing them. I’m intrigued to know how you achieve the beautiful smoothness though in your post production .. I’m a LR and PS user. Thank you in advance, Kirsty.

    • Hi Kirsty, thank you for your comments :-) FYI, I use capture one and Photoshop for my work. The look that you see is mainly due to the combination of good, directional lighting and special yet simple masking techniques that are simply applying paint on the mask in a smooth way. These are techniques that I teach in my workshop and they are more akin to painting than Photography ;-)

  4. Obrigado,
    estou em 2019 no Brasil,
    e muito agradecido por compartilhar seus tutoriais.

  5. Great work Harold…thanks for sharing your tutorials …Greeting from Crete.

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